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How do I beat isabella?

every time I kill her I die as well

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ninjadoughnut2 answered:

You mgiht be taking too long,but if you are talking about HOW to beat her,just get the big machine gun on the convicts' truck,wait till she stops her motorcycle,and fire on her till shes dead
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UncleWesker answered:

You aren't dying. You waited too long to perform her case. So now you immediately fail the next case after defeating her. You can still continue the game. You simply can't perform any more cases (though you can still play side missions). Because of this you can't achieve the best ending.
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knivesX2004 answered:

You hit the gamebreaker bug.
You have to either wait the 3 days out or die and save.
You cannot complete the main story unless you start over.
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OPM216_BigL139 answered:

You are either taking too long to kill her or didn't leave yourself with enough time to defeat her. When you take too long to complete a case and it runs into the timeframe for another, you automatically fail. If you have less than five hours left until the next case you need to either start over or just continue and go for the B Ending.
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