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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find matainance key)?

Where can I find matainance key)?

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From: CadderlySoaring 6 years ago

It's in the Maintenance Tunnel Warehouse.

At the beginning of the game (the key can be grabbed anytime during 72 hour mode)...go into Leisure Park.

Walk to the northwest corner of the park. You'll see some white pavillions and some flowerbeds. There will be a hole in the wall with a walkway leading to a parking lot that has a red convertible and a motorcycle.

There's also the entrance to the Maintenance Tunnels here.

Get into the red convertible and drive into the tunnels.

When the tunnels load...Take a right...then a left...then a right. That's where the Maintenance Tunnel Warehouse is located. Inside you'll see the Maintenance Tunnel Key and a SMG (respawnable Sub Machine Gun---one of seven around the mall).

If you look at your map, it's basically a big T underneath the center of Leisure Park.

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