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How do i recharge my battery for my camera?

Camera battery is dead cannot recharge

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Razgriz23 answered:

When you leave the storage place with the elevator there will be a store to the left. All you have to do is walk up to the counter and if you go the left side of the store there will be a rack of batterys you can get and they recharge your camera. If your wondering there are an unlimited amount of batterys.
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poly456 answered:

Look exactly to the right of the the part where you exit the security room and go to the left corner
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LouieDiesel answered:

You can recharge your camera at any camera store. Cam's Camera is right next to the door you use in Paradise Plaza to get back to the security room. There is also another camera store in North Plaza as soon as you enter from Leisure Park. In each store just go up to the rack that says "batteries" and a prompt will display to press "b" to change them.
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