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How do I beat the guys riding in the jeep with the machine gun in leisure park?

I try to look for survivors and have to go through leisure park to do it, but those guys in the jeep are always there and they shoot me down every time. I am in need of help.

redbulladdict asked for clarification:

Is there a way to get the guns from the hunt'n shack without having to fight the guy in there? Or do u have to go ther directly after u start the game? Because every time i try i end up dying because of him lol.

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dom01374 answered:

Head to Cletus' Gunshop (Huntin Shack) and stock up on shotguns and sniper rifles - Recommend one of each, also health in case of dying.

Find the convicts in Leisure Park at night, you can also hear them by theme music. Depending on distance, if they are far away and stuck against a tree or something, take out the Sniper Rifle and aim, first take out the gunner, he's the main threat on the jeep. After taking him out, kill either the driver or the passenger, either way, last convict will still have to drive the jeep.

Other way to kill them is allowing them to chase you, lure them into trees so they are stuck, after that, take out the shotgun and shoot the gunner on jeep, then shoot the driver and passenger till both are dead. then you can take over their jeep for the "Carjacker" Achievement.

Tip - For those with survivors including Sophie - Command them to group up on the side of the park where there aren't any zombies around, then face the convicts.

Hope this helped - don't shoot unless they are clearly stuck!
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commonenigma7 answered:

get the entertainment book (paradise plaza), construction book (paradise plaza), and edged weapons book (funland plaza) with space rider clown fight. Take the mini chainsaw after the fight and it will have nine times the attack life on it, this weapon can kill any boss but the gunshack guy. You can even destroy the convicts jeep and the convicts themselves with one chainsaw and have enough life in it to kill about 500 more zombies after the fact. Just hang around in food plaza until otis calls you about the ride in funland or whatever the place is called so you can access the weapon before you battle the convicts. Dont start mothers lament or barricaded pair until you get the chainsaw, it'll make it easier to transport those npcs as well.
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domo44 answered:

First, you should either stock up on weapons from "The Huntin' Shack" and get health, or get the mega man gun and get health. Next, go into liesure park.The easiest way to kill them is to stay far away and wait until they get stuck on a tree.Then, take them out in this order:
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ewwthatsmell answered:

its easier to get the car in the parking spot and go get the uzi from the storage underground and go back and hit the jeep full speed in the side with the car and it usualy kills the driver or the passenger. Then try to get them stuck on a corner of the building somewhere with your car on one wall and theirs on the wall right around the corner, stand behind the car as cover and youll be able to peak around and see the gunner and shoot him with the uzi and move back around the corner if he sees you, then go around and kill the last guy after you kill the gunner. i done it plenty of times, it works everytime.
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Acen1njaNZ answered:

If you don't have any of those guns wait till they crash into a pole or a tree use the pistol and kill the guy on the turret first and then
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kirbyrox619 answered:

Get at least one uzi (either from the food court, on top of the one itallian sign, or from the fountain in al fresca plaza) and a handgun, and a bottle of wine, and cap the gunner, and then either the passenger or the driver, and you should be good. I was able to do this with three survivors in tow, and they all survived. (albeit with one of them almost dead but still)
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Undriven answered:

If you are looking to get rid of them early in the game then you will be dissapointed as they are not important characters, therefore they respawn. Typicaly I would get a shotgun and hide in the woods as the driver is unintelligent and the gunner you can dodge every time by hiding by a tree or circle strafing. While dodging the turret then avoiding the car (I never worry about the guy with the baseball bat as I beat him to death and he never hit me.) I wait until they get stuck and take out the turret guy with potshots inbetween the pause after his three discharges. After that just make sure they are in sight and stuck and its pretty easy. If you are on a new game I would be at least lvl 6-10 and have some wine.
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the_dark_reaver answered:

i did it by going into the maitence geroge under north plaza were the drivable truck is and ramming the back at full speed that killed the gunner and i got lucky and got the jueep stuck between the truck and a tree so i got out and beat the driver to death then i beat the passenger when he changed seats hope it healped

oh and a few tips

1.Have the girl in the vehicle with you when you ram them to minimize her dieing chance
2.take a few of those queen bugs with you it after 7 pm on the first day or youll lose the machin gun at 7 if your not holding it

(and pleas excuse the spelling)
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trexx95 answered:

First you should exit out of Paradise Plaza and enter Leisure park, then after that head to the north plaza's entry and jump on the first wooden walk way after you enter ,then run all the way to the end and you will see adumpster and next to that you will see a narrow passage way go all the the down and you will get there before Cletus and inside should be three shotguns,and two sniper rifles and bam you will get the guns before he even gets there and he will be easy to defeat. :] GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
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