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Dead Rising
Psychopath Guide
Created by: Mark_Static
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I apologize for lack of updates, and lack of response to emails. I wanted to
start updating again once the semister ended, but
I lost connection to the internet, and had no way of updating it because of
this problem. I still have no internet
and I don't know when i'll be getting it back...I was able to transfer this to
a friend's computer and just put this.
Just because of this...someone else will have to update this guide for now on,
because I cannot..i'm sorry if this caused anyone
any trouble.

Table of Contents
I.	Introduction		[1.0]
II.	Disclaimer			[2.0]
III.	Version History		[3.0]
IV.	What's Needed		[4.0]
V.	Contact Information	[5.0]
VI.	Psychopaths			[6.0]
VII.	Psychopathís Strategies	[7.0]
        A. Carlito 1-2		[7.1]
        B. Carlito 2-2		[7.2]
        C. Steven 2-3		[7.3]
        D. Isabella 4-2		[7.4]
        E. Carlito 7-2		[7.5]
        F. Larry 8-4		[7.6]
        G. Brock			[7.7]
        H. Kent day1		[7.8]
        I. Kent day2		[7.9]
        J. Kent day3		[7.10]
        K. Adam			[7.11]
        L. Jo Slade		[7.12]
        M. Sniper Family	[7.13]
        N. Cliff			[7.14]
        O. Cult			[7.15]
        P. Sean Keanan		[7.16]
        Q. Paul Carson		[7.17]
        R. Convicts		[7.18]
        S. Cletus			[7.19]
VIII. Special Thanks		[8.0]
IX. Credits				[9.0]

Just open up Find with CTRL+F, and type in the numbers on the right to quickly
find what you need.

Spoiler Warning
Just as a quick warning, my guide may contain a few spoilers of Dead Rising.
So, if you don't want to be spoiled about certain parts of the game, don't
bother with this guide. I may have mentioned some spoilers as an accident, or
on purpose. So, this is a warning.

I.  Introduction	[1.0]
You are Frank West a free-lancing photo journalist who gets a tip about
something that is going on in this town of Willamette, Colorado (a non-existent
town in real life). You head into Willamette by helicopter to find out what is
going on and you get dropped off in the Willamette shopping mall, but you have
no idea what is going on and think it's just a horrible riot. Will Frank find
out what is going on and get back to the chopper in three days? Well, this
guide will help you on some of the psychopaths that you encounter in this game
that you encounter along the way. This will help you in getting that good
ending.....or bad.....whatever you choose........I can't predict your

What's that? You ask what are Psychopaths?? defines a psychopath as a:
" psy∑cho∑path  (sk-pth) n.
A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive,
perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse."

But, Psychopaths are the mini bosses of Dead Rising the ones who love to give
Frank massive problems until defeated. Anyone who gives you a PP reward for the
message in the Top Left Corner of it saying "Psychopath Defeated" is in this
guide as a Psychopath.
(Why would Capcom give you the reward of it in the top left corner if they're
not a psychopath????)

I may refer to the Heavy Machine Gun, or the Gun Shop for a lot of these
strategies. To get the Heavy Machine Gun, you have to defeat the Convicts in
Leisure Park [7.18], and to get access to the Gun Shop for lots of Shotguns,
Sniper Rifiles and a massive amount of Handguns you have to defeate Cletus when
you get there [7.19]

My friend bought this game when it had first came out, and he started asking
everyone how it was. Next thing you know he buys the game, and invites me over
to his house so we both can play it. We are both playing it and getting our
turns on deaths, and each time we save and so on. Then we run into our first
psychopaths the convicts and totally get obliterated. We go online to see if we
can find anyway to beat these psychopaths and many other psychopaths so we
don't need to have to worry about them, and we find nothing. We's
a new game so we don't worry about it. The system and game were left at another
friend's house, and we end up sitting there playing the game for even longer
periods of time, and we still get stuck at certain points. So, I come to the
good ol' gamefaqs website and check the forums. All I see for many pages is a
lot of people complaining about many different psychopaths that they can't
beat. The psychopaths are very easy in my opinion, and you need to know a way
to defeat them. So, Iím here for the gamers who gave up and didnít want to go
on. Iím here to share the strategies of myself, my friends, and of people who
contributed to the lists of psychopaths, and more....psychopaths. If I donít
have a strategy of a particular boss it means I pretty much got it from someone
on the gamefaqs fourms, Iíll try and find the psychopath when I come in contact
with the game again to form my own strategy if I do fight that particular
psychopath. Otherwise, Iíll be keeping strategies from other people on this
guide and give them all the credit to it.

Every Psychopath and guide for them is in here. All that needs to be done is
just alternate strategies to different bosses.

Your Last Spoiler Warning
Iíll warn you one more time, my guide may contain a few spoilers that I didnít
mean to mention, or I mentioned on purpose. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

II. Disclaimer	[2.0]
This guide is for personal use, and may not be used for anything that makes a
profit off it. You cannot take any parts of this guide out and use it in your
own guide. Doing so will cause you to be guilty of plagiarism.

You can always find the most updated version of this guide at:

If you want to use this guide on your website, go ahead and do so. No need to
ask anymore....just tell me that you put it on the site, so that I know to put
you down in this list!
AND, as long as I get the credit for it!!

Other sites that I know of that host this guide:

III. Version History	[3.0]
Version 0.1
Created Guide

Version 0.2
Fixed little underscores that were suppose to be periods(Didnít notice till
after I submitted it for the first time. Stupid Word to Wordpad conversion.)
Added more to Special Thanks/Contribution
Fixed up a few strategies, and added alternate strategies.
Added what weapons each Psychopath uses.

Version 0.3
Fixed the three survivalists that are in the gun shop after you kill Cletus.
Corrected myself on where the Maintenance Tunnel key is.
Added my own guide for the Hall Family
Added Suggestions for Cliff
Added more to Jo's guide

Version 0.4
Fixed Convicts way of how to get rid of them.
Added more alternate strategies.

Version 0.5
I cannot update anymore...i'm sorry.

IV. What's Needed.	[4.0]
Fixing errors.
Alter a few strategies.
Add more strategies from other opinions. KEEP EM COMING!
My Own Strategy of Cliff, Paul, and Kent.

V. Contact Information	[5.0] (Please read the guidelines before you email me)
Okay, sorry for not responding to email address exploded and it's
not letting me read any of the mail i've gotten.
Not only that, I haven't been able to get on much to even fix the guide because
of school so i'll only be able to respond to questions when I get my email back

Here are some quick guidelines if you want to send an email on this guide. Iíll
add more to it later depending on how bad some emails get.
I check my mail as often as I can which isn't too often, so donít except me to
respond right away.

1. In the subject line, please put ďPsychopath GuideĒ then what you want or
need. So, Iíll know itís not junk mail and delete it without reading it.
2. If itís a question, make sure itís detailed, because if itís not I wont be
able to answer your question.
3. If itís a strategy to defeating a psychopath, please put in the subject that
itís a strategy for whatever psychopath. Then in it have your strategy where
you write your message. Please put your name on Gamefaqs, so I can give you
credit for your submission!! If you donít put your gamefaqís name, I wonít put
your strategy, because I donít want to take credit for something I donít know
4. If you're asking to use this guide for your website, you'll have to wait a
bit longer than others so I can have this guide more updated than it is now.
5. DO NOT send an attachment with it, because the email will be ignored and/or
6. DO NOT send me spam. That also includes chain letters. These will be deleted.
7. DONíT tell me that these strategies are wrong. I beat the specific
psychopath like they were nothing with the weapons I recommended. I am open to
suggestion, but don't tell me it's wrong...i'll just know how much of an
asshole you are and I wont respond.
If you have an alternate way of defeating a boss, send it to me. It maybe a
better strategy...but.....donít tell me mine is wrong or horrible. Like I said,
8. Stop trying to add me on MSN Messenger, I wont accept it!
In fact, i'll block you.

Thank You.

VI. Psychopaths	[6.0]

Here, Iíll have the list of all of the psychopaths in Dead Rising, so youíll
know if I have a strategy for them or not.

Adam the Clown
Larry the Butcher
Three Convicts in Leisure Park
Hall Family. Roger, Jack, Thomas

VII. Psychopathís Strategies	[7.0]

Set up of my strategies.

Name of Psychopath [Section Number]
Scoop: What scoop activates this psychopath.
Time Avaliable: The time this psychopath/scoop appears.
Location: Where this Psychopath is located
Weapon(s): What weapons the Psychopath uses.

((Fun disses))

Weapons I Recommend: May subject to change.

Iíll put what weapons I recommend for battling the psychopath, though you do
not need them to defeat these psychopaths, itís what I used and pwned with.
Then Iíll put the strategy that I used to defeat them, or the strategy of
someone else if I have not fought them yet. If there is an alternative strategy
to mine, Iíll put it under mine and give the person credit for it.
For most Psychopaths, I defeated them with the Shotgun. I donít get why people
keep telling me the Shotgun isnít good against Psychopaths, but I usually donít
even finish the whole shotgun off on the Psychopath when Iím done them.
If I do finish off the Shotgun, I just pull out a second shotgun I have in
reserve and finish off the Psychopath with that.
I can list each and every single boss that I beat with the shotgun, so please
donít tell me that the shotgun canít beat Psychopaths.
Some psychopaths wonít be activated by scoops, and youíll run into them without
a warning.

Name: Carlito	[7.1]
Scoop: Backup for Brad
Time Available: Case 1-2
Location: Food Court
Weapon(s): Sub-Machine Gun, Gernades

((What a pansy!))

Recommended Weapons: Two Handguns you get from Brad and Jessie, and you can use
the Katana if you want to fight him close up.
Or Mega Buster. (It kills him in one hit.)

What I did was I went down the stairs and came up behind him where you can see
through an opening to his head. So, do this, and head down the stairs and come
up behind him. Make sure you donít jump up on the boxes to fight him on the
same platform unless you want to get closer shot at him. Start taking shots at
his head, because he has a hard time hitting you while you're down there. After
you take about half of his health, he'll run off over the top of the
restaurants and start taking shots. Watch out for grenades he throws. You can
shoot at him while he is trying to reload because he isn't good at trying to
hide while he reloads. Keep blasting away at him and watch out for grenades.
You can also climb up where he is, but this is harder because if you get hit by
Carlito's gun it does a lot of damage and Frank doesn't move out of the way
well when he gets hit by it. (I believe it's the sub-machine gun that he has,
but you wont get If you're fast enough, or have Quickstep with you,
you can run up to him and start slashing the hell out of him with the Katana.
The Katana should only take about three hits to bring him down, but it's a lot
harder to beat him with it.
After you've beaten him, a cut scene will play, and Carlito will grab onto a
rope and be pulled to safety......pansy....

Alternate Strategy by: Delition.
ďPreferred method: Melee attacks.
Carlito's Moves:
-Shoot: He shoots at you, obviously.
-Kicks: Sometimes it's a combo, sometimes just one kick.  Regardless,
 he only does it when you are close, and the final blow knocks
 you into the air, only to fall to the ground.
Carlito is on the upper part of the food court.
He starts out in the middle, not above and stores, and after a while
he moves above the restaurants.  If you are a higher level while you
are fighting him, try and get to where he is and take his hits while
giving him some whacks with your melee weapon (Katana from orange
canopy outside Columbian Roastmasters preferred).
If you aren't a higher level, or wish to be more conservative, try using
guns on him.  The handguns you recieve from Brad and Jessie don't do a
whole lot of damage, especially since Carlito moves around a whole lot.
You should try and get the SMG from the blue canopy above Shoekin's.
If you don't know how to get it, when heading towards the second floor
of Paradise Plaza, there'll be the stairway leading upwards next to the
children's store.  Go halfway up, turn around, and jump towards the canopy.
Frank should grab on to the canopy and pull himself up.  Just follow the
Canopy to reach the SMG.
Anyways, back to the strategy.  Just hide behind stuff until Carlito decides
to reload.  Then pop out of your hiding spot, aim, and shoot.  I still prefer
the melee way to take him down, but to each his own, I suppose.Ē

Name: Carlito	[7.2]
Scoop: Rescue the Professor
Time Available: Case 2-2
Location: Entrance Plaza
Weapon(s): Sniper Rifle, Gernades

((What a pansy! 2.))

Recommended Weapons(If feeling dangerous): Katana, or any powerful edged weapon.
Recommended Weapons(If you want to stay ranged): HMG/Mega Buster

I don't know exactly what happened here, because Carlito was being dumb.
Before this battle I mixed up two batches of Quickstep, and I grabbed the
katana. So, I would advise you to make one or two easy batches of Quickstep.
They help, but they're not needed. When I went in to fight him I hid behind the
men's clothing store and waited for him to get closer to me. As he got closer I
drank the Quickstep and went all Kamikaze on him with the katana swinging like
mad. Make sure Brad doesn't do anything stupid and get himself killed here,
because the second he dies is the second you have to restart. Just bash away at
him and you've got to be careful of this because he'll use his sniper rifle to
bash the hell out of you. Also, he'll also shoulder charge you. So, be careful
of trying to fight him close range like this. The thing is though when I was
chasing him, I chased him into the women's shoe store ďKick's For HerĒ, and he
started running towards the back wall, and as he got there he just kept
running. In no way did he try and run back towards me or out of the store, so I
just did him in with the Katana. I know there is a better strategy to beat please.....just reply with one. Lol
Once you've beaten Carlito for the second time, a cut scene will play and he'll
get a shot on Brad. Then jumps to the first floor and flees......(I don't
remember if Brad gets a shot on him or not)
OMG!11!! WTF!!11!! what a pansy!!!

If you are low on time with this scoop, and you're trying to get to this place
quick. Making it so you can't get any weapons on the way, don't worry about not
having the weapons I recommended like i've said before. One thing you need to
know is that on the second floor on the west side, pretty much where Carlito
starts, there is an edged-weapon shop. It has a Battle Axe, and a Katana for
your choosing. To get over there, make sure you move left and right as much as
possible to dodge Carlito's bullets. Also, when you're in this shop, don't be
in there for too long. Brad maybe able to stand his ground for a while, but a
Handgun can't beat a Sniper Rifle in this game when they're on NPCs. When
you're trying to get close to Carlito, you need to dodge his bullets. So, make
sure you move left and right as much as possible while you're trying to get
close to him. Just moving in general will make him miss a lot, and the fact
that Brad is shooting at him will help your chances of him missing you. Make
sure you swing at him once or twice, then make a move away from him. So that he
wont swing his Sniper Rifle at you, or even hit you with the shoulder charge.
If you have any healing in general, make sure you use it when you get low on
health, and keep beating him down with your edged-weapons.

Name: Steven	[7.3]
Scoop: Medicine Run
Time Available: Case 2-3
Location: Supermarket, North Plaza
Weapon(s): Shopping Cart of Doom, Shotgun

((Stop yelling at me!!!))

Recommended Weapons: Katana, Shotgun
I beat him down with the Katana, and got the last few shots with the shotgun.

Steven isn't that hard, because you have an infinite supply of food all around
you. To beat Steven, it's pretty easy, all you need to do is use the aisle to
your advantage. As shields from his shotgun, and when he gets too close, jump
up on a shelf to the other side of the shelf to get away from him. (Make sure
you jump down from the shelf quickly, because his shotgun hurts.) If you're
fast enough when you jump down from the shelf, you can come up behind Steven
and slash him once or twice with your Katana. You can keep using the aisle and
keep coming up behind him, or you can stay near the ends of the aisle and come
down on the other side and take shots at him with your shotgun whenever you get
in range. Just make sure you remember where the Raw Meat is, because when I was
playing that gave back the most amount of health compared to most of the other
Just keep using the shelves to your advantage, and quickly come up behind him
for the quick shots at his back.
If you get too close to his cart, you'll go flying and he'll try to run you
over. He also has a shotgun, so be careful about that.
When you defeat him, you'll get his little death scene which is pretty funny.
While at this time, Isabella will run from you.

Name: Isabella	[7.4]
Scoop: Girl Hunting
Time Available: 4-2
Location: North Plaza
Weapon(s): Motorcycle, Handgun

(( chick on a motorcycle....yeah...))

Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, or Spitfire
I pwned her with the shotgun sitting in the middle of the room.
My friend pwned her with one bottle of Spitfire.

Remember, you have Ned's just right there for edge-weapons, and the gun shop
around the corner.
Watch out, her motorcycle can run your ass over! Also, she has a pistol that
does not miss often.
The second you regain control of Frank, I'd advise you to run into the middle
of that set of platforms in the middle where she cannot hit you with the
motorcycle, though she can shoot wont have to worry about the
cycle. Or you can get on the platform where you can jump to, and just jumped
down each time she rides off so she'll come back faster.
Now from here, if you're in that middle area just blast away with whatever you
have when ever she gets close to you. When you have clear shots at her, and a
lot of the times while you're down here she'll get stuck so you'll have a great
shot at her, though she wont be stuck for long, but it's a great opportunity to
layeth the smackethdown on her candyass. You can even mix up a few batches of
Spitfire and pwn her with Frank's saliva from down there. ^_^
Keep shooting at her whenever she gets close, and make sure you can get a good
shot at her when she stops to shoot at you, she rarely misses so don't take too
long to aim.
If you chose to climb up on the highest platform, this is what you do. Each
time she rides close to you, jump up on the platform take aim when she stops to
take aim at you, and just take shots at her with Spitfire or whatever weapon
you decide to have. If she rides away towards the gun shop, just jump down and
wait for her to come back, and jump back up on the platform and repeat.
Now that you've knocked her off her motorcycle, you'll have a free motorcycle
that respawns out near the market, near the little edged weapons shop. Nice to
have if you want to get from the market to the gun shop quickly, so you won't
burn down too much time on scoops.

Name: Carlito	[7.5]
Scoop: Bomb Collector
Time Available: 7-2
Location: Maintenance Tunnel
Weapon(s): Gernades

((Still a pansy, but with bombs!))

Recommended Weapons: You don't really need weapons for this, because I didn't.
But it might help to take along a Shotgun or two.

This isn't considered a psychopath fight, because you don't need to attack
Carlito, but I'll try and help in what way I can.
This part is where you have to grab all of the bombs, before they explode, and
Carlito is following chucking grenades at you. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOME TYPE OF
VEHICLE, because Carlito will run you down if you don't.
Also, FOLLOW THE MAP, anywhere there is a question mark in the maintenance
tunnel is where you have to go to find the next bomb!
To make it even easier on yourself, try and find the maintenance tunnel key
before you come in contact with this mission. Oh boy it helps.......
...I know I'm going to be asked the hell out of this, and I don't want to be an
asshole. So, to get the maintenance tunnel key: Go grab the either the red
convertible or the motorcycle in front of the maintenance tunnel. Drive into
the maintenance tunnel and take the first right, then drive down on the left
side and take your first left. Follow this and take the first right. This
should lead to a dead end with a door. (Make sure you don't do this around 7:00
PM on the first day, because you'll lose your vehicle from the cut scene.) Walk
into the door, and itís on the far right side of the room. On the left side of
this room should be a sub-machine gun.
Now, back to this guide.
It would also kind of help if you knew your way around the maintenance tunnel a
little bit so it will be easier for you to get out at the end and find the
shortest route to the next bomb.
I beat this on my first try, and Carlito was hot on my arse.
I came in from Paradise Plaza, and I took the silverish car from down there and
blasted off to the first bomb on the map.
What you should do is park your vehicle in front of the truck, but enough room
so you can quickly get out and run around to the other side and open the door
of the truck and quickly grab the bomb and jump back inside the car. I did not
even try to fight Carlito, because I was too busy trying to get the bombs
before the time ran out. Though I did take a few shots at him with my shotgun,
but he did major damage with those grenades he threw because they explode
quickly. So I didnít bother trying to shoot at him anymore, I just kept going
on with the bombs..In fact I didnít see Carlito down in the maintenance much
either. So, keep parking close to each truck, and quickly jump out of your
vehicle so that youíll have enough room to jump back in as soon as you grab the
bomb. When youíve collected all of the bombs, make your way QUICKLY to the
entrance of the maintenance tunnels, where the car and the motorcycle are
sitting out in front of, and run through the opening where the barricade is.
The second you run through it, youíll get a cut scene knowing that you got away
with all of the bombs.
Once youíve grabbed all the bombs, and made it to the entrance of the
maintenance tunnel, youíll get a nice long cut scene.

Name: Larry	[7.6]
Scoop: The Butcher
Time Available: 8-4
Location: Meat Processing Room, Maintenance Tunnels
Weapon(s): Meat, Butchers Knife

((Who says meat is bad for you!?))

Recommended Weapons: Shotgun
Or Heavy Machine Gun/Mega Buster

This one isnít too hard, and there are some milk you can grab to regain health.
Though if youíre prepared for anything, youíll know to bring any type of
healing you can. It would extremely help if you had the roll, where you double
tap the left stick in any direction, and Frank jumps out of the way. Each time
I shot him, he countered by throwing a butchers knife at me which knocked me
over each time. So, make sure you shoot at him, and dodge out of the way the
second you fire. (I had the so I took one shot and
dodged) Also, heíll grab the meat that is hooked in the middle and launch that
big olí hunk of meat at you. Unless you want dead cow stuck in your face, Iíd
advise you to dodge that too. (Donít try running out of the way of the meat
unless you have Quickstep.) (NOTE: Iím sorry if I offended the vegetarians in
anyway with that, but.....yes...itís dead cow..) Keep blasting and dodging at
much as possible, and donít get too close to him cause heíll charge at you with
his shoulder. Thatís the most advise I can give you is to double tap the
controls stick in the direction to make Frank dodge. When he gets to low
health, heíll run off and I believe he starts drinking something. Make sure you
take a quick picture of him drinking from a good angle it if you want a nice
amount of PP. If you donít care about the PP and want him dead, shoot at him
while heís drinking the stuff.
Once youíve finally defeated this fat crazy man, youíll get a cut scene of
Frank trying to get the password out of Carlito, but fails miserably.....or
does he?
Heíll die, and you wont have to worry about the pansy anymore, then you will
have to get back to his sister in the time limit to learn the facts.

Alternate Strategy by Mikem004:
ďThe crazy butcher down in the meat processing plant in the northwest corner of
the maintenance tunnels. You find him after you stop Carlito's bombs and you
have to get the password for his computer. He hangs you on a hook and slices
you up so be sure to keep your distance, on top of this he sometimes throws
knives and can chuck a huge chunk of meat at you. Either run around him in
circles with a katana or keep your distance with the SMG and just take pot
shots at his head. There is food around the edges of the room on the tables as
well a cleaver. He's not that hard, just move fast.Ē

Name: Brock	[7.7]
Scoop: Overtime
Time Available: Heíll appear when Overtime is about to expire
Location: Construction Zone
Weapon(s): I'm not exactly sure.

Not really considered a Psychopath, but is the boss of the game(for ending 'A'
I believe) is a quick guide from bassoonrules27.
ďBROCK isn't a psychopath per se, but he is the final boss.  Most people have
difficulty with Brock, but he is really quite simple.  Brock's major weakness
is that he cannot block while moving from one level of the tank to the other.
If he is on top, wait for him to move down, then jump kick him and roundhouse
kick him.  The roundhouse kick takes roughly a quarter of his health away.
Just do that a few times and he's toastĒ

Name: Kent	[7.8]
Scoop: Cut from the Same Cloth
Time Available: 2:00 PM, September 19th
Location: Columbian Roastmasterís, Paradise Plaza
Weapon(s): N/A

Recommended Weapons: Uh....your camera??

This Psychopath is a three day challenge, so Iíll break it up into three days
as according to how the game plays it and how I was told.
I apologize about this, but I had the chance to make my own strategy for him,
but i'm having too much fun killing him on day 1..^_^
For this one, youíll get a call from Otis on day 1 about how he sees a
photographer in the Columbian Roastmasters. On the Second floor in paradise
plaza, is where youíll find Kent. Kent will then have you take pictures of him,
and he is basically teaching you how to use the camera. You have to take a
picture when he is attacking a zombie, when he is shooting the zombie and when
he does the little pose etc. He then looks at your pictures and tells you that
theyíre alright. Then he shows you three of his pictures, and tells you to get
the same exact three, but all over 500 PP.

Name: Kent	[7.9]
Scoop: Photo Challenge
Time Available: After completing Cut From The Same Cloth. (September 20th)
Location: Columbian Roastmasterís, Paradise Plaza
Weapon(s): N/A

Recommended Weapons: camera again?

ďFor the second day, you need to bring him 3 pictures: an erotica, a dramatic,
and a brutal picture, all over 500 PP.  The drama and brutality pictures are
easy, but the erotica can be a bit hard (I recommend saving Sophie and taking a
picture of her while she's sitting down...aim for the crotch region).  If you
do that, he will tell you to come back on day 3.Ē Ė Thank you for the
contribution of this guide by bassoonrules27

Name: Kent	[7.10]
Scoop: (Not sure, but heíll appear when itís about to expire)
Time Available: After completing Photo Challenge (September 21st)
Location: Columbian Roastmasterís, Paradise Plaza
Weapon(s): Handgun

Recommended Weapons: Almost anything, bassoonrules27 says he's a push over.

ďOn day 3, he will be standing in the Columbian Roastmaster's in Paradise Plaza
with a man tied up.  He is planning on capturing a picture of the exact moment
a human turns into a zombie.  Of course you must save this guy and kill Kent,
who's a pushover.  His most deadly attack is his jumpkick (demonstrated during
the day 1 mission on a bunch of zombies), but he's fairly easy.  Once you kill
him, you can free the hostage (Tad).Ē Ė Also thank you to bassoonrules27 for
this guide too.

Name: Adam the Clown	[7.11]
Scoop: Out of Control
Time Available: September 19th, 9 PM
Location: Wonderland Plaza
Weapon(s): Double-Wielded Chainsaws, Gas-Filled Balloons

((I think I have a fear of clowns now!))

Recommended Weapons: Handgun, maybe a SMG if you have one handy
Or Heavy Machine Gun/Mega Buster

First of all, you'll need at least two or three handguns. The Sub-Machine Gun
will do nicely too with a handgun or two.
Now you want to stay back away from him a distance so you wonít get mowed down
by his chainsaws, and wait for him to blow up his little balloons. You can
shoot him while he is blowing up these balloons and if you shoot the balloon
just as releases them they'll blow up in his face causing him to cough which
you can take even more shots at him while he is coughing. If you can't get your
shots off in time after he blows up the balloon, just watch out for them. If
they hit you, the balloons cause you to stop and cough leaving you open for
attack. Each time he charges at you, move out of the way so you wonít get
mauled by his chainsaws. Don't shoot at him unless he's blowing up the
balloons, because he'll just block your shots and you're just wasting ammo.
Then just repeat while he blows up the balloons.
Once you have defeated his death scene is pretty gory and maniacal, but was
really cool.
Though once you save the guy, a chainsaw of Adamís will be sitting on the
ground in front of the ride. Itís a really cool chainsaw that does a nice
amount of damage, and it doesnít require you to start it up. After you beat
him, you can also ride on the rollercoaster for a quick nice amount of PP.

Alternate Strategy by bioweapon7:
ďTry to lure the fight out of the ride immediately. If you have a tough gun,
use it first (shotgun, submachine gun, heavy machine gun). Be as efficient as
possible with it. Keep a good distance from Adam and fire away. If he starts
throwing knifes, start moving and keep moving; they should miss you. If you're
quick, he's vulnerable when he's throwing knifes. If he blows up a balloon,
shoot it as soon as he releases it and unload into him for massive damage. Once
you've got that out of the way, Adamís health should be pretty low, and he's
surprisingly weak at melee (even with those chainsaws). Look for a good
opportunity (after knifes, after a spin attack, after fire breath) and charge
in and melee him. I personally like knee drop but do whatever you want and do
only ONE ATTACK, and immediately get out of there because he retaliates with a
quick fire breath. If you can get behind him he's vulnerable once he gets up,
but be careful because the fire breath seems to have a rather large hit box.
Repeat that, and ALWAYS shoot the balloons because you can stun him and
retaliate for massive damage. Adam should go down pretty quickly.Ē

Alternate Strategy by Delition
ďPreferred Method: Melee Attacks. Firearms not recommended.
Adam's Moves:
-Concussion Balloon:  Adam takes the time to blow up a balloon and throw it
        at you.  If it hits, it stuns you for a few seconds.
        It does the same to Adam, though, so if you hit him while
        he is inflating it, it'll give you time to attack again.
-Knife Throw: Adam throws from 1-5 knives at you, depending on circumstances.
       While these knives are easy to avoid, make sure to not run into
       any wandering zombies.
-Chainsaw Spin: Adam spins around, holding both chainsaws out as he does.
  Quite easy to avoid, you can usually get a few good hits in
  after he stops spinning.
-Fire Breath: Adam breathes fire at you.  It is just one burst that reaches a
       feet in front of him.  Pretty easy to avoid, but since he can do it
       sitting down (after being knocked down), just be careful.
-Downward Strike: Adam rolls around before somersaulting towards you using both
    chainsaws.  As long as you aren't in front of him during the final
    somersault, it's pretty easy to avoid.
-Guard: This move sucks.  He uses his chainsaws to block your attacks.  It can
 break melee weapons, as long as deflect bullets.  It's best to attack him
 after he attacks you, so that he doesn't use this move.
Adam isn't too hard, if you stay away from him and learn to hit and run.
If you have access to the Entrance Plaza or North Plaza, just head there and
grab a katana, unless you have another preferred weapon.  Adam has only a few
moves, and all of them are pretty easily avoidable.  Just make sure to attack
after he tries to attack you, so that he can't use his block move.  Once again,
I suggest using the katana, but most melee moves will work just fine.  I would
advise against using most firearms, since he'll most likely block all shots.Ē

Alternate Strategy by Xicidis
ďGrab the mini barbell from the exercise room and a handgun or 2 from the
gaurds downstairs.
Adam has 4 major attacks.
Throwing Knives: Just run back and forth.
Ballons: If he throws the ballon at you and it busts it'll stun you. So shoot
it or him whille he blows it up. If the ballon drops stoot it or throw a
throwing knife at it. It'll stun him and you can shoot him in the head a few
Chainsaw Attack: He will jump over the ride and come at you with his chain saw.
Don't worry he can't hit you if you have the handheld barbell. When he jumps at
you from the bottom stand near the edge. Time the barbell strike to smash him
in the face as he lands. He will be knocked down adn you jump to the other side.
Fire Belch: If you knock him down or sometimes just as an attack he will spit
fire. It wont reach accross the gap so dont worry. If you knowck him down jump
accross the gap quickly or he might hit you with the fire.
There you go. Should beat the crap out of adam. A side note. The authour says
the adams chainsaw, hereby refered to as the Mini Chainsaw. The Mini Chainsaw
is almost on par with the Mega Buster. It kills zombies in 1 hit and
psychopaths/spec forces in 2. Main Psychos in 3-4 hits. There are 3 books that
increase its durability. That gives it 540 swings. That's like carrying around
9 or mroe katanas that swing faster in 4 slots. One should last the whole of 72
hour mode.Ē

Name: Jo Slade	[7.12]
Scoop: Above the Law
Time Available: 1:00 PM, September 20th
Location: Lovely Fashion House, Wonderland Plaza
Weapon(s): Taser, Nightstick, Handgun

((I think Iím going to have nightmares.......))

Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, Sledge Hammer, Katana
Or Heavy Machine Gun/Mega Buster

OH yah, she was beaten with an ugly stick many many times.
One thing you need to know is that the quicker you get to this scoop, the more
girls you will save. So, if you want to save all of the girls, go after this
scoop as soon as possible.
Stay at a distance from her, because her taser will stun you for a nice amount
of time. I had two shotguns on me, and they did nicely. What you want to do is
keep running away from her, but yet you need to stay close so you can shoot at
her when you get at a nice distance that she canít hit you. Donít get too far,
because sheíll hit one of the girls, or pull out her handgun and start shooting
at you. She isnít slow, so keep your distance. Sheíll also do a shoulder charge
at you, and swing her nightstick at you. Iíd say the nightstick is most deadly,
and then the taser is most annoying. That little stun that it gives you gives
her time to beat down one of the girls, and youíre stuck on the ground for that
short period. Make sure you keep your distance and keep blasting away with your
guns. What I did was I felt daring when she had almost no health, and I ran up
to her and did the jump kick to finish her off.

What you can also do to defeat her is use the Sledge Hammer, and run a little
distance from her turn around and bash her with the Sledge Hammer. Then start
running again, and bash her with the sledge hammer and repeat, or you can do
this with the Katana because the Katana does a lot more damage than the Sledge
Hammer. I defeated her in a matter of seconds with the Katana.

Name: Roger, Jack, Thomas (Hall Family/Sniper Family) 	[7.13]
Scoop: Mark of the Sniper
Time Available: 4:00 PM, September 20th.
Location: Entrance Plaza
Weapon(s): Sniper Rifles

((You guys are mean.....))

Recommended Weapons: Close-Ranged edged weapons, or Heavy Machine Gun and/or
Mega Buster.

I finally decided to fight these guys, and when I did it wasn't a problem for
six hunter's knifes, two spitfires and two katanas. I remember someone telling
me that the katanas didn't hit them cause they would crouch down and run away
from you. So, I would chase after them, and they kept grouping up together, so
I slashed away with the Hunter's Knives I had when I would get close. When I
would get too low on health I would drink the Spitfire. (You can use any food
item to regenerate health.) When I used up the last Hunter's Knife, I ran over
to the edged-weapon shop and grabbed two katanas, and just tore them apart with
those! (Why is everyone telling me that the katanas don't hit them?) I know I
was using the katanas, because there was a old man sitting in there that I had
to carry back to the security room along with the fat guy that the Hall Family
was taking shots at.

All I can suggest you to do is stay close ranged with the family with a few
recovery items, and I mean Hunter's Knifes, Katanas, Battle Axe, Adam's
Chainsaws etc. You'll have an infinite supply to Katanas and Battle Axes in
that Antique Shop of edged-weapons. You can also grab the Hockey Stick in the
sports shop if you want and use the hockey pucks to hit them.

Alternate Strategy by: Captainchunk69
ďOK, concerning the Sniper's Mark mission, with the 3 snipers, heres how I did
it each time.

1st time through. These guys run away when chased, so i loaded up on hockey
sticks and wailed away at them, as they stick together. Melee is because 1st
time through, you wont have the speed upgrades, so try and get some go juice
smoothies, lol "quick step" to finish them off if you can. If not, try and lure
them into sports shop. Luring them into sports shop failed for me once or
twice, because one was smart enough to stay outside it and shoot me while I
chased the other 2 around.  Hockey sticks worked for me, it also stuns them
when the pucks hit. (Sports shop is directly above you when you come out of
cinemtaic, up the escalaturs, on the right, theres dummies in the window with
sports gear on).

2nd time. Second time I actually discovered the firearms store, lol. Its near
where caritos hideout is.(North east of mall on map). Needless to say with 3
shotguns full ammo, and 2 snipers full of ammo, no too much of a challenge,
lol.. free 60k pp I believe it was. You also get to pick up their 3 snipers
they drop :).

3rd time. Ok by now your speed is almost maxed, so I made us of the machete,
and chainsaw compliments of Adam the Clown, and hack' n slased in bout 60

Name: Cliff	[7.14]
Scoop: Machete Man
Time Available: September 20th
Location: Crislip's, North Plaza
Weapon(s): Machete

Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Katana

All I can tell you about this guy is that he uses the little vents around the
shop to jump down and pop up in another place. Each time he runs to a different
one, you want to use that to your advantage do as much damage to him as he's
running to them. Try to stay out from under him when he is ontop of each shelf,
because when you're under him he'll lob something that emits smoke, and start
lobbing a bunch of gernades at you. I used two shotguns to beat him, but what I
was doing wasn't the best strategy because I was fighting him for a while. So,
i'll fight him again to see if I can find out a better strategy.
What may make this battle a lot better for you is if you've defeated the
Convicts (for the Heavy Machine Gun) or you've defeated Cletus for access to
the gun shop.

ďCliff is a crazed Vietnam veteran who is hiding out in Crislip's in the North
Plaza during the Machete Man (I think that's the name) mission.  As the
mission's name implies, Cliff has one giant machete as his main weapon and it
can deal some serious damage.  The best strategy is to come equipped with a
shotgun, a sniper rifle, and a katana.  Once you enter Crislip's, you are
confronted by Cliff.  After the cut scene, he will start running down the
aisles, trying to get behind you.  Use this to your advantage by waiting at the
end of an aisle and pumping him full of shotgun shells.  If he gets too close
for comfort or if you can sneak up behind him, nail him with the katana for
extra damage.  After half of his health is lost, he will start diving down
holes (they look like maintenance tunnels that have wiring).  If you can get a
picture of him while he's going down, you can earn up to 10k PP.  Once he dives
into the hole, he will appear on top of the shelves and will lob grenades
(frags and smoke) at you.  The frags do one damage and knock you down, while
the smoke grenades make you stop and cough, leaving you exposed for attacks.
While he's on top of the shelves, get into a save spot away from his throwing
radius and shoot him with the sniper rifle.  Eventually he'll die (with a
dramatic cutscene...he wasn't so bad after all) and give you a key to a room
next to Crislip's.  Inside the room are 3 survivors and the Survivor book
(doubles the effects of all wine restores 10 rather than 5)Ē Ė
Thanks again bassoonrules27! Lol

Name: Cult	[7.15]
Scoop: I just ran into the plaza, and they were trying to sacrifice a girl. I
didnít have anything active except the main storyline mission
Time Available: September 20th
Location: Paradise Plaza
Weapon(s): Hunter's Knifes, Dynamite

((Oh great....a

Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, or a Guitar from the Guitar Store
Heavy Machine Gun, Mega Buster

In order to activate A Strange Group, you have to get this cut scene where Sean
is telling the cultists to attack you. (Your first enoucter with the cult) On
day 3, you'll get a call from Otis about A Strange Group so watch your phone!
The second you regain control of Frank after this cut scene, a butt load of
cultists will be standing there around the crate that the girl is in.
Pull out your shotgun, and started blowing them away. Because of the spread on
the shotgun, you will be killing multiple cultists. You can always go into the
guitar store and grab the best guitar and start beating them down a few at a
Two things you have to be careful of here when youíre trying to save this girl,
and take down these cultist.
ONE: Their knives are pretty powerful, so keep your distance if youíre not
feeling daring.
TWO: If they get low health, and you donít kill them quickly. Theyíll go
kamikaze on you and pull out dynamite and chase after you. After a while, they
will jump, and when they do make sure youíre a good distance away when they
land because that explosion hurts.
Just keep whacking away with the guitar, or blasting the hell out of them with
your shotgun.
If you look up in the top left, theyíre considered psychopaths, and you get 500
PP for each one dead.
Now, once youíve done away with these cultists, you can pull the girl out of
the crate, and good luck to you from there.
One thing you need to know the second you walk back out into that plaza is
there are cultists sitting all over the place in the mall now. Theyíre not too
hard to kill, but they can be a pain if not watched. The fastest way I killed
them besides with the shotgun was with a sledge hammer and just made Frank
swing downward with it. (donít hold the attack button, because heíll swing for
multiple enemies, but wonít do as much damage) If you just press the attack
button, Frank will usually kill them in one hit, sometimes two if youíre

Alternate Strategy by Collinator

ďUsing a hand gun, shoot the middle-most cultist in the crowd. He will either
draw a knife and walk slowly (at which point pick another cultist in the middle
of the crowd to shoot at) or raise his hand in the air (with a stick of
dynomite). He'll pause to shake and scream at you before he starts running in
your direction: head-shot now! and kaboom! he takes a bunch of his buddies with

Name: Sean Keanan	[7.16]
Scoop: A Strange Group
Time Available: 12:00 AM, September 21st
Location: Colby's Movieland, Paradise Plaza
Weapon(s): Cerimonial Sword

((Frigginí cults!))

Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, Katana, Heavy Machine Gun, Mega Buster.

To make this very easy on you, Iíd advise you to whip together a few batches of
Quickstep, because this guy is fast on your arse with the ceremonial sword.
Though you donít need Quickstep, you can have anything else, but it will make
it a bit easier. I didnít have it, and I was running away from him for a while
before I could get my distance to take shots at him with my shotgun, and I got
beat down a lot because of it. Make sure you have all ranged weapons for this
battle, because his sword HURTS! He also will run at you and do some type of
tripping move thing that knocks you over. He also does one more move that is
annoying if youíre close to him, and like I annoying.
Now, when this battle starts........RUN!!! Run around this area as much as
possible to get away from him. When youíve got a good distance away him, unload
as much ammo as you can into him before he tries to hit you in anyway shape or
form. Another thing youíll need to know is he wonít get stuck behind anything
in this theater........heíll climb/jump or whatever he can do to come after you
to get over it. Just make sure you keep your distance from him and keep
shooting at him, and at the same time watch what you shoot at cause there are
survivalists all over this room.
After you get the cut scene for Seanís death, you can untie the survivalist and
get ready to run out. Beware though, the second you open the door there are
cultists surround the door. You have to have some type of weapon ready to do
some damage, but I had an extra shotgun and did them away with that. After
youíve killed these cultists and save the hostages, you wont see anymore

Alternate Strategy by  :

Name: Paul Carson	[7.17]
Scoop: Long-Haired Punk
Time Available: 6:00 AM, September 21st.
Location: Wonderland Plaza
Weapon(s): Gernades, Molotov Cocktails

When I fought him, I stood in one place and blew him away with the Heavy
Machine Gun. He couldn't get a shot at me, because it kept knocking him down.

ďHis main attacks are grenades (he runs and drops them behind him) and blowing
fire with his molotov cocktails (he usually burns himself and loses health).
After defeating Paul, you can rescue his two captives, Mindy and Debbie, from
his back closet.  There you will also find a fire extinguisher, which you can
use to save Paul  (he accidentally lights himself on fire).  If you do rescue
Paul, he will make you molotov cocktails (fun stuff)Ē Ė Thanks for the
contribution of this bassoonrules27

Name: Convicts	[7.18]
Scoop: A scoop does not activate them; they just appear in Leisure Park trying
to attack you.
Time Available: September 19th, just a little before nighttime.
Location: Leisure Park
Weapon(s): Jeep, Baseball Bat, Heavy Machine Gun

((OMFG!!!111!1!! These guys are NOT as hard as all the n00bs complaining about
them say!))

Recommended Weapons: Sub Machine Gun, Katana, Mega Buster.

What I did was I loaded up with a Sub Machine Gun I got in the first area you
come out of..(Not the entrance plaza, the place where you end up after Jesse
gives you the handgun) And the katana in the same area, and I ran out the doors
near the theater. I also made some two Untouchables, but anything that can
restore your health for a decent amount will be helpful here. After I activated
the cut scene with them, I ran across to get away from them, saving the girl
bringing her to the security office. When I came back out, I started running
towards the right side to avoid them and I ran towards the maintenance tunnels.
I grabbed the red car and went into the maintenance tunnel, and I took the red
car under the area after you get your first handgun from Jesse. (If you can
tell me the name of this stupid plaza Iíll stop saying that........I canít
believe I donít remember even that.........) and grab that silver(or gray) car
and took it out of the maintenance tunnel and drove it towards the convicts.
(At this time, as you can see, I didnít have the maintenance key, but before I
got the silver/gray car to go after them, I picked it up.) I waited for them to
stop being stupid with their running into trees and I waited till I they were
straight with me and I could slam the car into them head on. If you slam the
car going full speed into the jeep head on, it should kill the driver
psychopath right then and there. Or if you slam it into the passenger side it
should kill him. You can also hit it from the driver side, and kill him, but I
hit it head on and it killed the driver. By the cause of the driverís death,
the passenger pushed him out and took control of the jeep. If you do this, your
car wonít have much time to survive because of the psychopath on the HMG in the
back. Once Frank jumped out of the car, make your way towards the trees and any
where you could get them stuck and get a clear shot at the psychopath on the
HMG. Heíll be firing back at you, so make sure you have some types of heal. By
this time you should take out your SMG and start unloading hell on the gunner,
because you want to get rid of the gunner as quickly as possible because he
does the most damage. The only one that should be left is the
passenger.........or now the driver. Now, you can do one of two things here. If
theyíre stuck you can go up and grab the HMG and unload hell on the driver with
it, or you can pull out the katana and unload hell on him with that. I would
advise using the katana because the HMG is extremely powerful and is a lovely
weapon for psychopath pwnage.
Now this part is EXTREMELY important, and is something not a lot of people
know. (Make note that you cannot put the HMG away, you can only have in Franks
hands at all times, because the second you try to equip something else or use
the jeep, heíll drop it.) NOW, First of all, you want to jump into the jeep to
get the achievement and the stuff for later.

Edited: I've finally decided to destroy the convict's jeep, but to my own
dismay I have found out...this does nothing...except destroy a perfectly good
Now, that is done and over with there is no way to rid the convicts from the
game. None at all, they just keep respawning. THOUGH, if you continue the
storyline, they do disappear altogether on towards the end of day 2 more or so
on day 3.
Or if you decide you don't want to continue the storyline and you want to
get....oh say...Zombie Genocide, I 2, day

I remember someone on the gamefaqís fourms saying that the convicts are not
considered Psychopaths. When I consider them psychopaths, because you get the
reward in the top left corner for each one you kill.

I tried fighting these guys again, because Iíve gotten a lot better at the
game. Another little strategy I have for you is to go pick up the Sub-Machine
Gun in Paradise Plaza or the Maintenance Tunnels, or pick up the Shotgun in the
Entrance Plaza (When the stupid old woman is trying to get her dog back, but
lets in all the zombies. YES! There is a shotgun lying in there, and I canít
say exactly where but I did pick it up.) Or you can get both the Shotgun and
Sub-Mahcine gun, they both help. If you've killed Cletus, get the shotgun from
the Gun shop, but if you do this grab two. Grab the Katana from Paradise Plaza,
for just in case reasons. (Unless you're in North Plaza, grab it from the
edged-weapon shop.) Also, have a few health items that bring back a decent
amount of health. First thing you want to do when you go out there is lure them
towards the trees, and most likely theyíll get stuck in between the trees. Pull
out your shotgun or sub-machine gun and start shooting at the convict on the
turret. (Heavy Machine Gun) Empty as much ammo into him as you can until it
says ďPsychopath DefeatedĒ. If you've got them stuck, don't worry about getting
run over and just concentrate on the gunner.
If you still have any ammo in your shotgun, or sub-machine gun, use the rest of
it on the driver and the passenger. Iíll usually take aim at the driver first,
and let the passenger take control of the jeep.
Usually if you have one or two shotguns, that should do the trick, and kill
them all, but Iím considering if you donít have the greatest accuracy in the
world or didnít grab the shotgun. Then once the passenger pushes the driver out
and takes control of the jeep, you can just hack away at him with the Katana.
Or, if you want to have some fun, grab the Heavy Machine Gun after you kill the
psychopath on the HMG, and start shooting at the driver and passenger. This
wonít take long to kill them, because this weapon is extremely powerful.

Alternate Strategy by Delition
ďPreferred Method: Anything that works for you.
Inmates' Moves:
-Run Over: The driver runs you over.  Nothing too horrible, since you can dodge
this one pretty easily.
-Shoot:  The inmate in the back uses the machine gun to shoot a few rounds at
you.  If you are at medium to long range away from the jeep, this move is easy
to avoid.  If you are close to the jeep, it's still kind of easy to avoid, but
there's still a chance.
-Beat:  The passenger hits you with his bat. You shouldn't really worry about
this, since you shouldn't be focusing on the passenger right away anyways. The
inmates can be a problem until you get the hang of their patterns.  The first
thing to do is to get their attention.  Just get near enough to them, and
they'll notice you. I prefer to bring in the katana from wherever you decide to
get it (shop or canopy), then
wait to get their attention. The driver isn't the smartest of people, and he'll
just try to run you over, even if there's a tree in his path.  When he runs
into a tree, it'll take a while before he goes in reverse, so take this time to
strike. If you wish to use them, jump kicks work, but they take a while. I
prefer to use melee weapons (katana, mostly).  The only downside to using melee
weapons is the fact that some of the time you'll end up hitting the jeep,
wearing down the weapon. I personally try to go after the driver first. After
you take care of the driver, the passenger moves to the driver's seat.  Just do
same thing for the passenger. After you defeat both of them, the gunner is left
by himself. Just beat on him to end the fight. Some people prefer to use guns
to fight them. While it does work, I just don't like using guns while the
gunner is alive, since if he shoots you while you are aiming, it knocks you out
of FPS mode. Anyways, the strategy is similar. Just wait for the driver to run
into an inanimate object before you make your move. After you defeat all three,
I would suggest taking the machine gun from the back of the jeep for use in the
next battle. If you kill the inmates when they first appear, you should be
able to run directly to the next boss (Cletus) and still have enough time to
complete any needed objectives.
Glitch: If you damage the passenger as he's trying to get into the driver's
seat, he'll stay in the passenger seat and drive around from there. While this
probably isn't a glitch, sometimes when you are playing the inmates re-appear
over and over again.  I think it may have something to do with whether you save
Sophia before you kill them the first time, but I'm not sure at all.Ē

Cletus	[7.19]
Scoop: N/A
Time Available: September 19th
Location: North Plaza, Gun Shop.
Weapon(s): Shotgun

((Redneck son of a......))

Recommended Weapons: Sub Machine Gun, 2 Handguns
Or Heavy Machine Gun and/or Mega Buster.

You can fight him at the start of day 1 when you walk out into Paradise Plaza.
You'll just get a cut scene with a guy Frank has never met before.
As soon as you get control of Frank, RUN outside the doors, but make sure you
run out of the RIGHT handed door when youíre facing them from the inside (Left
one if youíre facing from the outside) Iíve never tried running out the other
door, because I wanted to get this over with quick, and I was told to run out
of that one. Make sure youíre a little distance in from the tip of the door,
but not too far towards the wall. Aim inside with whatever you have (I killed
him with a Sub-Machine gun and two handguns, half of the second gun is what
done him in. My friend killed him with a Sub-Machine gun, one handgun and
Spitfire. He loves Spitfire) If youíre standing in just the right spot, he wont
be able to shoot at you, but youíll be able to empty all your ammo on him when
you get a clear shot at him. When you see him, make sure you put as much ammo
into him as you can, because he has wine behind the counter that he keeps
drinking. If you feel daring, and want a fair amount of PP take a picture of
him when he takes a swig of the wine.  Once heís dead, youíll have an ever
lasting supply of Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Handguns.

Alternate Strategy by bioweapon7:
ďThis guy always pisses me off. BRING AMMO TO THE FIGHT. I always take an SMG
and 2 handguns. Immediately run behind a display to avoid his volley of shots.
As soon as he reloads, aim out from behind the case (DO NOT LEAVE THE SAFETY OF
THE DISPLAY, unless you want to get a face full of shotgun) and shoot him. I
find that the SMG works rather well for this fight, and I'd bet that a heavy
machine gun would work well too. Just make sure to be accurate, as Cletus is
pretty tough and takes quite a few hits to go down. If Cletus' health is really
low, and you're out of ammo, you could probably take him down with a melee
attack or two, but unless you have some serious healing items, you probably
won't get many chances. If you do need to melee him, wait until he needs to
reload, jump behind the counter, and charge at him. He'll quickly retaliate
with a throw that also leaves you very vulnerable. Repeat as necessary.Ē

Alternate Strategy by Delition
Preferred Method: Firearms.  Melee Attacks easily thwarted.
Cletus' Moves:
-Shoot: Cletus shoots his shotgun at you.  Easily knocks you down, leading to
-Throw: If you try and get in close to Cletus by going behind the counter,
he'll throw
 you back into the main area.  This move usually does one digit of damage, so
 don't underestimate it.
-Drink: He can take a swig from one of the many wine bottles he has behind the
to heal some of his health.  Don't worry too much about it.  If you have the
 equipment during this battle, you shouldn't have to care.
Cletus can be a pain, but if you happen to have the machine gun from the
inmate's jeep, you
can take him down easily.  If you are trying to take him down with firearms,
the best place
to try and hit him from is from just outside the doorway.  His shotgun doesn't
hit very well
from this distance, which makes it easier to hit him.  Just make sure to do
enough damage so that
he doesn't negate your damage by healing.
If you are trying to hit him with melee weapons, be prepared for an irritating
battle.  The best
thing to try is to get a quick hit in and run right away.  If you stick around,
he'll pick you
up and throw you.  The best thing to do would be to lure him to the left side
of the counter
(facing him, not his left), then jump over the counter on the right side and
pick up the sniper
rifles.  Then lure him to the right and pick up the shotguns on the left.  Try
and snipe him from
outside the door.  If you run out of bullets, try the shotguns.  Once again, I
would suggest fighting
him after taking out the inmates, because this battle blows by so much faster
if you have the machine
gun from the jeep.
If you get low on health and truly wish to keep up the fight, you can pick up
the wine bottles behind
the counter to use for yourself.  Just try to lure Cletus to the right side
first, to make it easier to
pick them up without by DelitionĒ

Two weapons that are recommended for any psychopath is the Heavy Machine Gun,
and the Real Mega Buster.
Fight the convicts in Leisure Park, and kill the convict on the back of the
jeep. If you kill him, you can grab the Heavy Machine Gun and run off.
(Convicts will still run you down, and you'll drop the HMG if you fall
over...but you can get away from them easier since there is no one shooting at
In order to get the Real Mega Buster you need the Zombie Genocide award along
with beating the game(doesn't matter what ending you get).

VIII. Special Major Thanks:	[8.0]
Yoichi Himano Ė For buying the game and letting me play it.
Sneaksy - For letting me play the game some more, and for his love of World of
Follin Shen - For being afraid of the zombies and giving up his turn to me
because of his fear.
skellington118 Ė For corrections of Names.
Kaalg Ė Giving me the name of Sean, the cultist leader.
Arbiter_2 Ė For corrections, and clarification of Above the Law
bassoonrules27 Ė All of Paulís guide, Cliff's guide and of Kentís day 2 and 3
Virus92 Ė Times, Dates, Psychopaths, and Scoops for all psychopaths.
Gunsniper001 Ė Confirming the three in the Gun Shop can be saved. (Was the
first to email me..)
Fear Factory - for being a kick ass band for me to listen to while I created
this guide.

IX. Credits	[9.0]
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                                Mark Static

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