Achievement Guide by crazedcommando9

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By: Pancakemaster or crazedcommando9 or Erik :)
v2.0 AfterMath(Final)
Ok no more useful emails are coming in, so this is finally
officially closed. You can use my email if you have any
questions or anything you think needs to be fixed in this
guide. But please donít send in anymore "ways to do these
achievements." Thanks for all the previous support guys
& gals.
Holy crap! 2 years since I last updated. Dead Rising 2
is almost out and I hope I get my hands on it early
enough to make another achievements guide.

Update: Added hint for defeating Larry
This is all guys. No more new stuff (Changed above info)
Another way to get Item Smasher
Marathon Runner and Outdoorsman/Indoorsman Combo
PP Collector helpful hint after my warning
(Hey finally a new update in a new year)
Another way to kill Steven
Another way to get Columbian Roastmastershot in PP
Another way to get group photo
Fixed and added something to Hella Copter
(Sorry I was updating this guide a couple times but I
completely forgot to put what I edited up here. Really
sorry but obviously everyone still got credited.)

Added simple way to get Outdoorsman
Very important note added to Intro and Ending of guide
Edited how to kill Paul
Edited info on Shotgun
Edited and added another way to get Outdoorsman
Edited miscellaneous items
Fixed Item Smasher
3/13/07 Second (AM)
Another way to get Strike
Another way to kill Adam the clown
Another way to get Group Photo
New way to kill Steven
New way to get Zombie Road
Easy way to get Item Smasher
New way to kill Larry the Butcher
Another way to get Karate Champ
First (AM)
Simple way to beat Jo
Interesting way to get Stunt Driver
Simple way to get Portraiture
Karate Champ on a low level
Tip on getting Perfect Gunner

Glitch to Indoorsman/Outdoorsman
Added another way to get Strike
Extra way to get Perfect Gunner
Another way to get Group Photo
2 final ways to kill Cletus
J shot improved
Another way to kill the sniper family
Huntin' Shack survivor guns
PP shot improvement
Another way to get Photojournalist and The Artiste
(Earlier version updates deleted)
Table of Contents
0a) Introduction
0b) Gun Locations
1) Legendary Soldier
2) Snuff Shot B
3) Snuff Shot J
4) Hella Copter
5) Level Max
6) Clothes Horse
7) Sharp Dresser
8) Karate Champ
9) Zombie Road
10) Stunt Rider
11) Stunt Driver
12) Humanist
13) Life Saver
14) Saint
15) Portraiture
16) Census Taker
17) Full Set
18) Tour Guide
19) Frank the Pimp
20) Strike
21) Costume Party
22) Raining Zombies
23) Gourmet
24) Item Smasher
25) Bullet Point
26) Perfect Gunner
27) Photojournalist
28) The Artiste
29) Group Photo
30) Self Defense
31) Peace Keeper
32) Punisher
33) Psycho Photo
34) Psycho Collector
35) PP Collector
36) Transmissionary
37) Indoorsman
38) Outdoorsman
39) Freefall
40) Marathon Runner
41) Carjacker
42) Zombie Hunter
43) Zombie Killer
44) Zombie Genocider
45) Unbreakable
46) Overtime Mode
47) Infinity Mode
48) 3 Day Survivor
49) 5 Day Survivor
50) 7 Day Survivor
51) Unlockables
52) Contact and Copyright
0a) Introduction

I greatly appreciate everyones emails and the helping hands most people
gave me by adding their 2 cents of suggestions and helpful tips. Thank
you everyone and I'm glad this helped a majority of people.

This is not a simple list of achievements; this is a detailed guide on how
to get every single one and every strategy to get them. I will go through
each achievement and tell you how to get them with my own personal
knowledge and the information I gathered from everyone else. For
example Gourmet: I will list every food and where to find it, Hella Copter:
I will list how to destroy the Hella Copter and the strategy I used for it.

There are 50 in total each giving you 20 points. (If you're looking for 1
certain achievement, remember you can press ctrl f and type in some
keywords to find it)

WARNING*Credited to Vinnie P
If you are not connected to xbox live, you won't get some achievements.
We blew up the special forces chopper, and it has yet to register that
achievement for us. There is no way that a level 50 Frank who has done
all the running around in the world has still yet to get the Marathon Man.
We've killed the convicts and stolen the jeep many times, but we still
have yet to receive the car jacking achievement. My friend works at
Gamestop, and he said customers experienced that same problem
where upon connecting to Xbox live they immediately received

**Note some of these achievements can be done easily using the
Real Mega Man Blaster but just for the people who don't have this
weapon I will still describe how to get everything.
0b) Gun Locations

This section is to help anyone who is not sure where to get a gun, but
of course needs several gun's for some achievements. 

Real Megaman Buster (300 shots)
Get Zombie Genocider and find it in the security office. Read the note
above this or at the bottom.

SMG (100 bullets)
1-Paradise Plaza: Blue ledge, near a staircase there is a
blue ledge, jump onto it and on the far end is a SMG.

2- Wonderland Plaza: On top of the lego house,
just figured out you can zombie ride, and then
jump ontop of the house. Or if you want to ride
the roller coaster and jump off of it onto the house.

3- Al Fresca Plaza: In the middle of the fountain.

4- Maintenance Tunnel *smiles* where you find the
key and Brad.

5- Entrance Plaza: In one of the palm trees there is
a SMG. To get it I credit solidsnake989 and
Kevin aka Berserker. Snake says to simply zombie
ride and then jump onto the tree to get it. (or the
railing I forgot) Kevin says While on the second
floor, by the palm trees with either item, walk over
to the column that is to the left of each palm tree.
 Position Frank diaganolly, so that he is facing the
corner between the column and the railing then
jump straight up.  Frank should grab on to the side
of the railing, he might sometimes grab on to the
column and fall though - just reposition him if he
does this.  Sometimes he will automatically fall off
the railing, and sometimes he will remain standing
on the railing.  If he remains standing then you can
jump to the nearby palm tree and he will grab onto
the side and pull himself up.  While on any of the
palm trees, you can jump over to the narrow
platform of the structure that is connecting the
columns on the first floor.  Frank will grab onto
the narrow platform and pull himself up.  While
on that narrow platform, you can move over to
the other trees and jump to them, just make
sure to move slowly.

6- (credited to Ben and Dave aka Constant1ne)
Food Court: There is an SMG on top of the Chris'
Fine Foods sign ( Well, kind of a know
what I'm talking about >.<) on the right side from
behind, left from the front. Just go on the side of the
sign, there's something that you can easily jump onto,
the simply jump up onto the side/top of the sign.

7- credited to Pete aka Sparks182 
There is a SMG in the Park, I found one in infinity
mode. When I was looking for that last apple, lower
west, and an SMG fell down, so it's just north of
the apple one. Tree has a rock under it.
(I assume North Plaza does not have one because
it already has an infinite supply of shotguns, snipers,
and handguns.)

Machine Gun (150 bullets)
Found on special ops officers at the end of 72hour mode or
in overtime mode.

Also (credited to mithrandir2398)
On day 2 or 3 (edited by me, most likly 3), there are three
survivalists in the Huntin' Shack and (credited to
DrummerManiac) Jonathon, Brett and Alyssa all have
different guns: Jonathon has a shotgun, Brett has a
machine gun and Alyssa has a handgun.

Convicts Turret (200 bullets)
I don't know who doesn't know this, but if your one of the very
few, kill the convicts outside to grab their turret.

Shotgun (20 shells)
Huntin Shack at North Plaza. There are 3 in this store but if you
come late enough, Cletus, a very hard boss will be there.

Also credited to Krit baby
At the very beginning of the game, youíll see one of the male
survivors talking to another male survivor about him not being
afraid (not sure about the subject). if you look at what heís
holding youíll see his shotgun. When the zombies first break
into the mall at the barricade you can get his shotgun once he
dies. It is located (credited to Vinnie P) offcenter leaning to
your orientation of the right hand said, which is counter
intuitive, considering that the survivor starts off on the
opposite side. 

Sniper (30 bullets)
1-Kill the three snipers from the scoop Mark of a Sniper and grab
the gun from them.
2- Huntin Shack at North Plaza. If you come
late enough, Cletus, a very hard boss will be there.

Handgun (30 bullets)
1-Zombie police officers hold the handgun (sometimes they have a
2-Trash cans sometimes have this gun.
3-Huntin Shack at North Plaza. If you come
late enough, Cletus, a very hard boss will be there.

Nailgun (60 nails)
Found in the North Plaza inside the semi-broken, empty stores.

Rank of power
1-Real Megaman Buster
2-Convicts Turret
4-Machine Gun 
1) Legendary Soldier: Defeat at least 10 special forces soldiers.

I did this when I was about level 25-27, you will get the chance to kill
these soldiers in the end of the game if you do all the case files. The best way
to kill them is with a melee weapon, preferably a bladed one because they
are heavily armored. At level 50 a katana for example will kill them in 2
slices. A did fine with a knife at level 25-27 although I'm sure a katana is
better. Another strategy is once you kill one of them, pick of the machine
gun they drop and shoot them from a distance, they will not fire back until
they get close to you.

Also here is another sugestion made by James
On the legendary Solider achievement, any of the hand to hand moves you
learn work on the mercs as well. I ended up using the zombie lift on them
and throwing them, they die after one throw. So if you can go one on one
with a spec ops, and can get to him quicker than he can shoot you. Rush in,
grab him, throw him, and don't waste ammo.

On that note I now realize you can do moves such as disembowelment, etc.
But of course if your a lower level then read the above.

Credited to mad n1nja skilz
An easy way to kill 10 special forces guys is to go into al freca plaza, and
have them follow you to the gym. Make sure you go into the sliding door
without them. Shoot at them through the sliding door (and they will not
shoot back.) I did it and it was killing them it a couple shots with the
machine gun. Have them follow you when they are not near.

On that note you can also do this at the Super market. Just go through
the door that leads you to the pharmacy. Don't walk too far in and stand
there shooting them. Once again they will nto shoot back.

One more way, haha last one, credited to Michael aka Taeleon
If you have a katana, go out from the security room, and go
through the duct, head to the left door so you are on the
shelving in the warehouse.  You may occasionally get special
force members up here, if so, kill them with the katana and then
take their guns.  Stand on the edge of the shelving and shoot
down at the other special force members.  They will always
head to the corner of the room in the big square you pass
through to get into Paradise Plaza, and wonít shoot back.
They just run back and forth along this wall.  Once they are
all dead jump down, take their guns/replace the ones you
have so you have full ammo, climb back up the boxes onto
the shelving, leave the room and come back in and repeat.

Snuff Shot B: Successfully photograph zombie Brad.

They of course mean, when Brad turns into a zombie take picture of him.
To do this, once you see the cinematic of him trapped in the room filled with
zombies, go into the area (in the Maintenance tunnels) where you find the
Maintenance key. There you will find Brad but do not do this too late
because I waited a couple case files later and he was gone.

3) Snuff Shot J: Successfully photograph zombie Jessie.

When you come out of Carlitos Hideout you should have gotten (either
before or after) a cutscene where Jessie gets a call from the government
saying they will not help. She later takes off her glasses and crouches in the
corner. This is your queue to run towards the security office. As you get
closer more cutscenes will appear, eventually you should get there and in
the room with lockers and doors to survivors, should be Jessie walking
around as a zombie. Again do not do this too late or she will be gone.
Credited to ken zulu aka mastercoupon
(The scene she is no longer there is the cut scene at 12 where the
mercenaries first arrive from the top windows.  As soon as that cut scene
occurs, Jessie is gone.)

4) Hella Copter: Successfully repel a helicopter.

To do this wait until the last 12 hours of the game, you must of course
have done all the case files and wait for the special ops guys too come.
Go out into the park and instead of convicts there should be a Hella
Copter flying around. It shoots bullets at you and sometimes rockets.
Bring health and either your choice of a machine gun or sniper rifle. Find
a good spot to shoot him out, I found a place walking from Paradise
Plaza towards the North plaza. It is a wooden gazebo with four wooden
tables and a roof. Jump on top of a zombie and then onto this roof.
(Or as stated by Simon aka Si Strad with good timing you can manage
to jump on the roof without zombie ride.) The reason is because while
I was trying to destroy the Hella Copter the zombies kept biting me,
so this will keep zombies away and give you a bit of a clearer view to
kill the Hella Copter. Keep in mind you can also do this in Overtime mode.
So basically you can either shoot the pilot or the tail of the Hella
Copter (where the tiny spinning blades are). Others seem to prefer to
shoot the pilot but I kept missing and so finally got the tail with my
machine gun.

5) Level Max: Reach Level 50.

You get the most PP from rescuing survivors. I reached 50 after first
beating 72hour mode on case files and then beating it doing as many
side quests as I could and BAM I was 50. So do whatever you want
you can even go down to the Maintenance tunnels and keep running
zombies over, although I prefer saving survivors. Remember there is
also a list of easter eggs already posted, read them to get a boost of

6) Clothes Horse: Change into all costumes available in the mall.
7) Sharp Dresser: Change into at least 20 different costumes.

Its not too bad just dress up in every single costume the mall
has. Most stores only have one outfit even though there
are for example, 3 changing rooms. There is indeed a whole
guide for this one so here you go.
thanks GeistCH

8) Karate Champ: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.

I strongly recommend doing this at level 50 or at least close to it.
You need more skill moves and especially attack power. But of
course all you really need is the Double Lariat. It would make
sense to do this in the Maintenance tunnels but I was thinking,
although there are many zombies down there you would need
lots of health. So I did this in the North plaza. I kept killing
zombies and just to not get bored I did some moves like
Disembowelment and what not. But once in a while I can
A) Go save and B) go down to the supermarket to grab health.
On my way to these places I kept killing zombies anyways.
Just remember if you do things such as throwing a zombie into
other zombies, I believe that counts as the zombies kill not your
barehanded kill, so you might just need to kill some more after
1,000 if you don't get it right away.

Note: Credited to masterchief1657.
One thing you can do to speed things up is when at level
fifty do the machete man scoop. when you kill him you will
then get the empty room key. when you exit crisplips such
and such go right to the doors that where locked and use
the key. enter the room and ignore the three captives
(unless you want to get the saint achievement) and grab the
two magazines. one raises the healing percentage up by
100%. the other will give you a big damage plus to bare
handed attacks. thus giving you to kill zombies in three
hits or less. 

Also note: Credited to rpgfreak
It's actually very possible to get this at lower levels if you have
the wrestling book found in the Empty store. (The store is
unlocked after you beat Cliff). The Book greatly increases
barehanded power. There's also a survival book in the same
room, which doubles food's health effect. With the book in
inventory, I was able to One kit KO most zombies, espcially
during the day. I have 2-3 atk power ups lvl 26. 

Credited to Michael aka xiamut.
A good place to do this is in the area just outside of the meat
processing room in the maintenance tunnel. If you actually step
inside the butcher's area, you will be able to find two milk
cartons on one of the counters in the room. These respawn if
you reenter the area. Clear out this room for unhindered
access to the milk cartons. So basically spam double lariat on
the large mob of zombies outside of the meat processing
room, then enter the meat room if you are low on health
or if there aren't too many zombies left outside. Step back
outside, and there will be more zombies again. I did this on
Overtime mode while Frank was at level 40, it took me I'd
say about 30 minutes to get the achievement.

Credited to c.schaar
A good way to do this is to learn the double lariat move, and
repeat this against larger zombie groups, maintenance tunnels
being a good location, also it is much easier to do this when it
is daytime as the zombies are dispatched with one contact of
the double lariat, but at night after 7:00 PM it becomes 2 hits.
Its easy to get about 10 zombies at once with this move
during the day.

9) Zombie Road: Walk over 33 feet on the backs of zombies
using the Zombie Ride.

This is of course the move where you jump on top of a zombie
and walk on the rest. Once again easiest to do in the Maintenance
tunnels because of the many zombies but I think I even did this
one at the Al Fresca Plaza either at night or on day 2.

Note: Credited to Matt aka dyaballikl
I got the Zombie Road achievement a few days
ago, but when I did, I'd only walked a couple feet on
top of zombies in the north plaza. You see, because
I'd been trying it for a minute or so, the
distance traveled on the zombies is actually
accumulative, and the 33 feet needs not be done in one
run. I was really surprised at this, especially with
achievements like indoorsmen and outdoorsmen needing
to be done uninterrupted, but it worked.

Credited to Omega Metroid2486
An easy way to get Zombie Road is when you see
Heather by the kids store in Paradise Plaza, banging
on the glass for her sister, Pamela jump on a Zombies
back on the far left and walk to the right. In such a small
area the Zombies have little room to move around so
you should get this very easily.

10) Stunt Rider: Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet.

You can do this right after you have a fight with Isebella on the
motorcycle during the case file. Once you defeat her she leaves
the motorcycle. You are in the North Plaza and there are a
bunch of ramps here, so just ride on the ramp, full speed and you
can get it. Also I saw this during one of Guru019 youtube videos,
if you go with the motorcycle to Wonderland Plaza, go upstairs
and turn around and drive off to get the achievement.

11) Stunt Driver: Jump a car at least 33 feet.

You have to do this one in the park. I did this with the car in
the parking lot, next to the motorcycle. Basically drive around
until you find one of the large ponds of water. One of them
should have a big hill that leads into the water. Drive up the
hill into the water at full speed to get the achievement, I tried
doing this with the motorcycle and it did not work.

Credited to Dave aka Constant1ne
You can do this with the convict's jeep.
That's how I got it, I just got some speed, went into that
pond.... and jumped out the top left corner.. ( Top as in
nearest to the mall ) :) It could be hard w/o max speed.

Credited to SqueeisTodd
I unlocked the stunt driver achievement with the delivery
truck. I was driving in the maintenance tunnel and a
propane tank exploded behind me. I was launched into
the air, and apparently I went far enough to unlock it.
(I have also flew into the air many times so I'm sure
it should work, although I myself thought it happened
because of the shopping cart. Propane tank makes
more sense, hey just a bit of a challenge hehe.)

Credited to Suupermikey14
Another way to get the stunt driver achievement is
in the entrance to the maintenance tunnel, if you go
past the booth at full speed, then turn slightly when
going over the hill you may get it, i was not even trying
and that is how I unlocked it.       

12) Humanist: Get 10 survivors out of the mall.

This one is not that hard. I don't even think you need to worry
about the case file, you can fail it and have all the time in the world
to get 10 people out of the mall. If for any reason you have trouble
with escorts remember you can drink zombait to have them come
to you. You can also give your escorts health items and weapons.
A book from Sean the cult leader will have them not be afraid of
zombies and have them attack them as often as they can (if that
somehow helps you).

13) Life Saver: Get 20 survivors out of the mall.

Once again do what I said for #12.

14) Saint: Get 50 survivors out of the mall.

*smiles* Yeah um this one is a hard one, Basically you have to
manage your time with both the case files and the side quests.
You have to answer every call from Otis and kill every boss
(except for Cletus) The reason for doing the case files is
towards the end, there will be a woman in a CD shop, she will
not follow you unless you know Isebella knows her medicine
and if you don't do the case files, you won't know anything
about Isebella. Also Otis will tell you things like Kendall
is about to betray us, so you have to talk to Kendall or else he is
going to take everyone out of the room and you lose your survivors.

(Imporant, which is stressed in GeistCH's guide, you must try to
go for Ending B, if you don't then Isebella, Brad, and Jessie dont
count as survivors)

Here is a guide someone has posted to help you
Thanks GeistCH

Credited to Konad737
I just wanted to say it is *possible* to get this achievement by 
getting *ending A*, because the total amount of survivors you may save 
is 51.  If you save every single person, you will end the game with 49, 
leaving Frank and Isabella as 'Located'.  However, once you finish the 
end of Overtime mode, both of them will count as survivors and you'll 
have the Saint achievement.  For me, I missed one person and I ended 72 
hour mode with 48 people, until I beat the final boss and received the 
Saint achievement  when all was said and done.

15) Portraiture: Photograph 10 survivors.
16) Census Taker: Photograph 50 survivors.

Do these while you rescue them but remember none of them have to
live if you just want their picture.

Credited to I RadBrad I
You can take pictures of the first 10 at the very beginning before the
zombies pour out.

17) Full Set: Collect all portraits in the Notebook.

If you do the above you should get this right away

18) Tour Guide: Escort 8 survivors at once.

Warning: If you have 7 members for example, and the next
scoop you get is to save two people at once, you will not
get the call. You can have a maximum of 8 people. People
like Isebella count as a party memeber so if you have the
main mission going on and you have 7 members, you
won't even get a call to rescue one person.

Ok, wait for these scoops, Above the law, A The woman who
didnt make it, Antique Lover. When you go into wonderland plaza
for above the law, check the big bunny. There will be two people
hanging on it. Rescue them and then the Above the law. You will
have 6 people. Then make your way to Entrance plaza with the
shortcut or by foot. Do The woman who didnt make it and 
Antique lover and you get the Tour guide achievement.

19) Frank the Pimp: Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors.

Credited to NnyCW (I edited three sentences)
Frank the Pimp, as I got it. 
First, get Leah from "A Mother's Lament". 
Kill Burt and Aaron. Be creative, try to find a way to feed
them to the zombies that you haven't done before. Head to
the Food Court with Leah. Make her stay up in one of the
elevated restaurants near the windows. Zombies rarely, if ever,
will come up there. At 6 PM, leave Leah in the Food Court,
head into Leisure Park and grab Sophie. Get her back to the
Food Court with Leah, and give Leah some wine to get her
health back up. Next, continue to wait in the Food Court until
you get the call for "Out of Control". Head into Wonderland
Plaza with both of them and take them into the woman's
bathroom which Greg, once saved, will lead you to reavealing
the shortcut to Paradise Plaza. Make a waypoint and keep
them there. (edit or take them with you) Go up to
fight Adam. Kill Adam, quick free Greg, (stop the ride)
after that second cutscene, kneedrop down and set the
waypoint in the women's bathroom one more time. Go back
up to Greg and have him lead you there. At this point, head
to Paradise Plaza. (edit, kill Greg after he opens
the shortcut) Stay in Paradise until you get the call for
the Japanese tourists. Head back to Wonderland. Stay in
Wonderland until you get a call for Restaurant Man. You
should also have had The Hatchet Man and I believe The
Coward at this point. (edit Kill the Hatchet Man and the
survivors, and possibly The Coward. Do this or else you
will not get a call later. Also you should kill the lovers
in Wonderland Plaza) Head to Paradise, keep the girls in
the bathroom, kill Ronald "Restaurant Man" Shriner. Head
back to Wonderland, then if it's past 11 AM, head back
to Paradise, keep them in the bathroom, and go save
Heather and Pamela. Then, once they've joined, Heather
and Pamela will run into the bathroom along with Leah and
Sophie. Continue to wait in the Paradise Plaza women's
room.You should then recieve your call for Above the
Law. Head to Wonderland and keep the four girls you
have in the Wonderland Plaza women's bathroom (edit
or just take them with you). Go kill Jo, save
the four girls, and as soon as you've got all four of
them to join your group, you should recieve your
Frank the Pimp achievement. (edit and possibly Tour
Guide as well)

20) Strike: Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls.

Hey I don't know if you know this place, um, it's called the
Maintenance Tunnels. Yeah, I know,easiest to do this here, blah
blah, just grab several bowling balls and throw it with the right
trigger. BAM you should get 10 zombies (remember you have to
get them all at once its not accumulative)

Credited to Rusty16
There is an easy alternative way to quickly achieve "STRIKE!".
Grab a bowling ball, run to the elevator, and fully charge up your
throw, and the bowling ball ricochťts, attacking most, if not all, the
zombies, achieving Strike.

Credited to Mark aka mooo28833
Grab a bowling ball and go to the ride in Wonderland Plaza. (It
has to be after you kill Adam.) Then, on the stairwell that begins
in one of the playground sides, just throw the ball up the stairs.
Its basically a bowling alley itself.

21) Costume Party: Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies.

Woo hoo, an easy one. Basically go to Paradise Plaza, you have
6 servebot heads on the 1st floor near the CD shop and tons of
teddy bears and horses near the bathroom (1st floor) You need
10 of these masks (doesn't matter which one) to put onto 10
zombie heads.

Credited to Lee Weedall aka tragically_wired
He has mentioned that you do not need to have 10 zombies
with masks on their head at once. You can put a mask on a
zombie, hit him, the mask will fall off and re put it on some
other one. 10 times will get you the achievement.

22) Raining Zombies: Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a

No, I'm not going to say bring a parasol into the Maintenance
tunnels *smiles*. You can do this in Al Fresca, grab the parasol,
which is a large Umbrella to whomever might not know, and run
like a mad man into 30 zombies, yes I believe you have to do 30
without stopping.

23) Gourmet: Eat all types of food available in the mall.

O yeah, I'm proud of this list.
I will list every food that you need and the location they can be
found in.

The following foods can be found in the North Plaza Super
1- Coffee Creamer
2- Apple
3- Snack
4- Frozen Vegetables
5- Thawed Vegetables (Let Frozen Vegetables stay in inventory
for a while)
6- Squash
7- Orange Juice
8- Baguette
9- Cookies
10- Zucchini
11- Corn
12- Lettuce
13- Melon
14- Grapefruit
15- Red Cabbage
16- Japanese Radish
17- Orange
18- Milk (Has two sizes one looks small the other large)
19- Yogurt
20- Cheese
21- Raw Meat
22- Well Done Steak (Cook Raw meat in microwave)
23- Rotten Meat (Let Raw Meat stay in inventory for a
24- Wine
25- Icepops
26- Melted Icepops (Let Icepops stay in inventory for a
27- Uncooked Pizza
28- Golden Brown Pizza (Cook Uncooked Pizza in
29- Rotten Pizza (Let Uncooked Pizza stay in inventory for
a while)
30- Cabbage
31- Pie (Not found in supermarket check Paradise plaza,
both on 1st and 2nd floor)

You also need 7 juices to get the achievement
Note: There are many other ways to mix stuff to get
juices, this is just one way I used to get the 7
32- Energizer (Cabbage + Cabbage)
33- Spitfire (Pie + Condiments)
34- Quick-step (Milk + Milk)
35- Untouchable (Pie + Orange Juice)
36- Nectar (Orange Juice + Orange Juice)
37- Randomizer (Cooking Oil + Pie)
38- Zombait (Randomizer + Pie)

24) Item Smasher: Break 100 items.

This one is not as hard as it sounds because you actually
do not need to do this on one play through, you can start
new games and continue breaking items. Just play the game,
it took me one whole play through and then an hour into
the second time I got it.

Credited to Holy
He has told me you cannot, for example, take 100 wine
bottles, throw them, and get an achievement. It would
have been easy that way but you cannot do this.

Credited to Andy R
In order to get the achievement, you have to destroy
100 weapons, not crates and barrels.  The
Rob aka ix GraveworM xi got it while shooting at
barrels must have been that he used up his SMG while

Credited to Slayer9806
One way to do this can be done by the 12 pack cans
you use as projectile weopons. I personally thought
that you would have to go trough all the cans to
make it count as just one broken item. But supposedly
Slayer9806 got the achievement in the middle of his
12 pack. It is still unclear. But over all it eventually

25) Bullet Point: Fire 1,000 bullets.

You can do this easy with some SMG. Each SMG
has 100 rounds or you can wait till the end of the game to
get the machine gun with 150 or get the convict turret gun
with 200. A list of SMG locations at the top of the guide..

26) Perfect Gunner: Don't miss with a machine gun.

I am assuming you can do this in both 72 hour mode and
in overtime mode, but you may as well do it in overtime
because you start with special ops right away. Basically
if you pick up the special ops machine gun you cannot
miss one single bullet. I tried not picking up a machine gun
during overtime mode but that did not work.

Credited to Mark aka mooo28833
You can get a machine gun from Brett (one of the survivors
in the gunshop on day 3), so you wouldnt have to spawn the
spec ops soldiers.

Credited to DeathByANomad (EASIEST WAY)
Go into the butcher shop in the maintenance tunnel
where you killed the butcher. Kill all the zombies in the
room and then just unload a whole round from your
machine gun on a piece of hanging meat. Boom, perfect

There is also another way to do this if you have unlocked
Overtime Mode credited to Shorty (I credit Keegan
A. Knorr for poiting out which Jeep needs to be
shot.) A really easy way of getting the Perfect gunner
achievement is to wait until you get to the Jeep in overtime
mode (The one before you face the Tank)
Kill the Two Spec ops and take one of the guns,
then unload the entire clip into the Jeep. It counts as all the
bullets hitting a target.

Credited to James aka thestonejumper
Once you kill the convicts you can take their car and drive
around. Drive it down to the garage parking lot place and
unload the gun untill it is out. If you drive out of the garage
and back into it, it will give you a quick loading screen.
It loads the gun back up so you can just deo that 5 times
and your done.

One last thing you can also do is go to the...I'm afraid to
say it...Maintenance tunnels and shoot zombies. The
reason is if you miss one shot, your bound to have it hit
another zombie

27) Photojournalist: Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo.
28) The Artiste: Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo.

When picking up a scoop from Otis in the beginning of the game
you will get one that tells you there is another photo guy running
around the mall. He is on the 2nd floor in Paradise Plaza. Talk to
Kent and he will tell you take a picture of him. Take it while he is
flashing his camera (and make sure to get a close up it needs to
be over 500pp) Now his second request will get you 3,000PP.
It did for me and if for some reason you have trouble remember,
close up counts to more pp and you can get a book that gives you
extra points. Take the picture when he does a flying kick and you
got both achievements.

Easier way to get this credited to iggy992
The easiest way that I found to do this would be right at the
beginning of the game when you are on the rooftop saving Jeff and
Natalie Meyer.  When you bring Jeff and Natalie together, take a
picture when they kiss.  It will get you about 5000pp, and earn
both achievements.

Also credited to Prence
Right before you do 'Above The Law' in Wonderland Plaza,
there are 2 people named Nick and Sally hanging from a giant
statue. Once you kill all the zombies, you can take a picture
of each of them for about 10,000 points a piece. I'm not sure
how many you can get if you step back and try to get them
both in the frame because I forgot to do that but this is an
easy way to knock out those 2 achievements.

29) Group Photo: Get 50 Target Markers with the camera.

Hmmmm, O where o where could there be tons of zombies. The
maintenance tunnels perhaps? You can take a picture there but
I also got it in Paradise Plaza when it was over flowing with
zombies. An easy way to gather them is with the juice drink Zombait.

Credited to Adam or CheckMyBadSelf
Just kill 50 zombies and take the picture while they are on the ground.

Credited to guisepppe
You can also get the "Group Photo" Achievement by taking a picture
of the zombies on the parking lot from the roof of the mall. There's no
chance of any Zombies eating you. The easiest way to get the
achievement from the roof is to go to the left of the elevator (where
the propane tank is) and zoom in on the gathering of zombies there.
It may take a few tries but you should have it pretty quickly this way.

Credited to Gravnar
At the beginning of the game before the zombies attack If you angle
your camera just right at the front door you can get all 50 things in
the photo. Very simple no things trying to kill you.

Credited to Tyler aka tkmoosehead
At the beginning of the game go to the pile of rubble and active the
cutscene with barnaby, when the game screen comes back up the zombies
are in the mall, run to the advertising sign in the center of the
plaza, Steamer watches??? jump on it then aim at the front door, if
you zoom in until you can barely see the pillars that are on the left
and right edge of the photo you will easily get 70-90 Zombies.

30) Self Defense: Defeat 1 psychopath.
31) Peace Keeper: Defeat 5 psychopaths.
32) Punisher: Defeat 10 psychopaths.
33) Psycho Photo: Photograph 4 psychopaths.
34) Psycho Collector: Photograph 10 psychopaths.

Ok long list but they all can be achieved at once. Basically while
youíre killing every psychopath you take their picture as well. Here is
a list of who the psychos are and when to find them. (There are 12
total but you only need 10 max)

1-Kent (Cut from the same cloth then Photo Challenge, which then
leads to his fight on the third mission)
2-Cletus (Go to the gun shop early in the game)
3-Sean (A strange group Scoop)
4-Jo (Above the Law Scoop)
5-Thomas (Mark of the Sniper Scoop)
6-Jack (Mark of the Sniper Scoop)
7-Roger (Mark of the Sniper Scoop)
8-Paul (Long-Haired Punk Scoop)
9-Adam (Out of Control Scoop)
10-Steven (Medicine Run Scoop)
11-Clif (Hatchet Man Scoop)
12-Larry the butcher (Case 8-4)
(Carlito, Isebella, and yellow coated cultists do not count.)

Now I will tell you a small little strategy just in case your having
a little trouble killing these guys. First of all remember the
easiest way to kill these guys is with either a SMG or shotgun,
whatever combination you like the best. But of course it is still
possible to beat the bosses with melee weapons. The best
melee you can probably get is Adams mini chainsaw or Clifs
Machete. Since you might not have access to those weapons
right away, I recommend the katana.

Note* (credited to Derek)
I kept noticing that you like the Katana. I think the best
weapon against most of the bosses is the Lead Pipe for a
number of reasons
1. no ammo required
2. very fast
3. good reach
4. stuns
5. very accurate (katana cuts at an angle which can cause
you to miss and get hit)

1-Kent: This guy is very basic, he sends a flying kick towards
you and sometimes shoots a pistol at you. I have not seen any
other moves from him because I killed him. Melee would be
the best strategy. He drops a book that increases your camera

2-Cletus: In my opinion he is the hardest boss you will face.
Which might also mean that bosses in this game are not
too bad. I even had trouble with him at level 50. I know
he attacks you with shotgun shells and if you get up close to
him then he will throw you back to the other side. I myself
have not found a great strategy, but you can try to take
cover and shoot him or quickly try to get him with a
melee, although that is much harder. Keep in mind you
can quickly jump behind the counter to grab health,
shotgun, sniper, or handguns.

One of the best ways to kill him credited to
Eric Rehmann
For the Cletus Boss fight, I found it easiest to just turn
around and leave the store through the right door, and kill
the zombies outside with a pipe or katana. Next, turn and
fire with an SMG or handguns at him through that open
door. If you place yourself with your body partially
obscured by the door frame so only the gun sticks out,
you can blast away at him and kill him in less than a
minute. It' even easier if you close the door again, then
open it so it faces into the store. By using this method, I
killed him when I was level 11 and only took one hit from
his shotgun.

Easy way to kill him credited to gap-the-mad
Here's something to add on how to beat that critter hatin'
Cletus. There are two disply stands near the back of his
store, and when you stand right behind those they shield you
from his pesky boomstick, i just take him out with the SMG
or the HUMVEE turret.

Another way credited to Robert AKA Esperante
I found an easy way was to use Adam's chainsaws. All I did
was take a health item or 2 and get right in Cletus' face. I'd
get in about 2 good chops before he'd throw me back at which
point I'd just get back in his face and swing away again.  Also a
good time to hit him with this is when he's reloading or taking a
drink.  Hope this helps as it was a difficult battle for me and my
friend.  I beat him the first time trying this technique.

Extra way by Kazuya
As soon as the battle begins, run up to the Store Display on the
right. Position yourself accordingly for the first attack.  Now as
he fires his sixth and last shot grab the Display Case and carry it
to the front of the counter (make sure to leave room to maneuver
on both sides of it). So far if you do this correctly you will be
untouchable, unless your dumb, in which case you deserve to die.
As he fires more and more shots he will begin to navigate
towards you, either a little to the left, dead center (Joke), or a
little to the right (you can speed up this process by aiming at him).
Once he is close enough for a melee attack use the Small
Chainsaw you acquire from defeating Adam the Clown in the
scoop "Out of Control".  As soon as he is close enough wait
for another six shot and reload cycle, and then run up on him
and slice him with the chainsaw. This battle may only last
20 seconds if your a noob, or 10 if your good.

One more super duper way by Wild_1
The easiest and by far the most effective way I found to
kill Cletus was to run up to the counter and jump over.
Grab a sniper and let him throw you back. Watch him
and he'll take a drink so I go ahead and take a picture for pp
and to get a picture for the achievement. then just pick up and
move the display stands around till I can get headshots on him
when he moves and he can't hit me. He moves I move the
stand and repeat. I take a wine or orange juice but I was able
to beat him at level 5 using that method.

3-Sean: This guy gets up close and personal. He has a giant
sword that you get once you beat him. I killed him with a
melee weapon but if you can manage to run away from him
and shoot him before he gets you, go ahead and try. One
important not is that when you run upstairs and jump off the
ledge, he will follow you, but once he lands you can attack
him. Rinse and repeat. Also he drops a book that
makes your escorts no longer fear death and attack
a zombie when they have the chance.

4-Jo: This fat cop basically is one of those close range
attackers. But since she is so fat the best strategy is to
keep running back and then shoot her. She will taser
you so be careful. Once she tasers you she could stomp
on you. She also has a charge attack. Melee works fine
as well, you can get maybe 3 hits with a katana until you
yourself are hurt. But if that's too risky, again just stay
away and shoot. She drops a taser, which is pretty

Credited to Leo aka puppetro
The very easiest way to defeat her is to walk out of
the store, then go back in to hit her and keep doing
that. She doesnt leave the store.

5-Thomas, 6-Jack, 7-Roger: I find these 3 snipers to be
the easiest bosses in the game. They shoot you from far
away but the damage they deal is nothing. You can choose
to shoot them but I used melee. Just run up to them and
swing away. One thing that works is using a bat to knock
them down and then using the katana quickly, or using
a small knife/cleaver. They should go down fast and if
you want you can use the shotgun, which will probably
kill them faster anyways or kill one of them and use the

Another way credited to HSAcoolcat
After the cut scene the snipers are upstairs, and going to
shoot. Run up the escalator and try to get them interested
in you by shooting them with a handgun a bit.  As they
are running for cover go to the antiques shop and leave
the door open.  there will be a survivor in there, you can
rescue him if you want to.  Break the glass that the Katana
and or  Battle axe are in (I used the battle axe). Wait until
one or more of the snipers enters the shop.  Since there
is barley any room to move around they will keep running
around hopelessly and get stuck.  At this point you should
know what to do....Start slicing away. Do this repeatedly
until all of the snipers are dead.  If one of the snipers runs
downstairs and does not come up, just use a sniper rifle to
kill him from the upstairs. I found this way to be easiest,
and i did it at a very low level.

8-Paul: This guy is hard with melee so I recommend a
gun. If your good with a sniper then try your skills, if not
any other gun will do. He will throw Molotov cocktails at
you and if you get close to him he will run away. As he is
running he will drop several exploding cocktails so be
careful. You can shoot his arm or maybe the body will
work, but anyways he will drop the cocktail and burn
himself. Paul is now burning when he is defeated. Use
the fire extinguisher to put the fire out. Yes, it takes a
long time but if you run out, there is an extra
extinguisher in the closet. When he is rescued he will
give you Molotov cocktails as a weapon.

9-Adam: This clown is not as hard as he seems. He
has both close and far range attacks. He will
sometimes lunge at you with his chainsaws. Dodge
him and you have your chance to attack. Every
other time is basically blocked so don't even try.
Bullets or melee work fine because either way
you have to time your attack. Another attack he
has is he just stands there and blows balloons.
Shoot him and the balloon to damage him some
more. Finally if you hurt him, be careful because
he sometimes breaths fire, another chance to
attack. He drops two mini chainsaws that last
a long time and are my favorite weapons.

Credited to Clayton aka Marv2k
I found a great way to kill Adam is to use the
perfume bottles in the beauty shop, he
happens to be ultra weak to them. he starts
sneezing and falls to his knees  makes him
super easy to beat just toss it at him or beat him
with it kills him fast, I beat him totally unarmed
due to the perfume bottles.

Credited to Sam W
A really easy way to kill Adam is to start in the
Food Court grab a few bottles of wine from (I
think its) Chris's Fine Foods then make your
way to the Al Fresca Plaza. Grab 2-3 hedge
trimmers (as they are extremely durable, fast
attack and pretty high hits) then start the attack.
Run far away from him until he starts blowing
toxic balloons (different colored balloons take
longer to blow up) run straight towards him
and clip him. The balloon should explode
leaving you both coughing. Adam coughs for a
lot longer than you, giving you plenty of time to
trim his bad haircut (3-4 trims per time or he
might stop coughing and attack you, crippling
your weapon.) This should only need repeating
2-3 times before heís dead.

10-Steven (I credit dbar74 for reminding me
about this guy :p)
This boss is very easy. He can be killed at an
early level and with something as simple as a
piece of wood. He will drive his cart into you
so you must avoid it. An easy way is to jump
on top of the food shelf. But then be careful,
when your at a distance, or on top of that shelf,
he will shoot you with a shotgun. Just quickly
shoot him or wait until he crashes and then
beat him senseless.

Credited to Scott H aka youadorablelittlepyscho
Well pretty much when you start off head
towards the two doors you were going to take
in order to get to the first aid kit leave one door
open (or not) and stand behind the left or right
side of the doors. Wait until he crashes his cart
against the door and pulls out the shotgun. He
should stand there (with his shotgun out) or
start firing. After he takes his shot(you can wait
if you want to feel safe, either way) pull out
either a melee weapon (recommended) or pull
out a gun and start shooting but avoid his jump
kick attack because then it will shoot you farther
away from the doors (if you havenít killed
him then) Then just repeat the process and
depending on how well you do it you should
have him done in no time and taking little
damage as possible Except from the jump kick
which if you take a picture off gets you
somewhat lots of PP points)

Credited to James G aka spartan sniper
I found an EXTREMELY easy way to beat him,
though it requires having a sniper rifle from
Cletus's Huntin' Shack. (I have not tried with
any other gun.) First, in whatever way you feel
is easiest for you, get him to be on the
opposite side of an aisle from you. I mean
between like, the frozen foods or something.
Then, pull out your sniper rifle and wait for
him to get close enough. Make sure your camera
angle is adjusted so you can see what he's doing
behind his cart. When he is close enough by your
judgment, simply shoot him. The auto-aim of your
rifle should hit him. If he doesn't stop moving
and duck down behind his cart, shoot him again.
Then just wait for him to get up and then repeat.
He will not be able to move a freaking inch,
making this one of the easiest kills in the game.

11-Clif: Another challenging boss but not too
hard. He basically uses Guerilla warfare on you.
He will get up close to you, so you either melee
him or shoot him. Then he runs away and jumps
on top of the shelves. This is your chance to
shoot him. If you want you can climb the shelves
and melee him but I don't recommend it.
Besides his up close attack, from above he
first throws a flare that paralyzes you. Then he
chucks down some grenades. Once you kill
him you can grab his machete my second
favorite weapon.

12-Larry the butcher: He is not too bad but not too easy. I
highly recommend the shotgun. Never get close to him he will
stab you. If your far away though he will charge and then throw
meat at you. Sometimes he will start throwing knives. Use the
meat as cover and shoot away.

Credited to Andries-Willem
Instead of taking your shotgun and shooting at him, take a few
melee weapons with you. There's also a Cleaver in there so
take it. If you use ranged combat he'll throw knives and meat
at you so I suggest you use your weapons (Mine were a
katana and a sword) run toward him and slice him once or
twice. After that, run away, he'll try to pick you up and hang
you on a flesh hook or tackle you. Repeat this and he shouldn't
be a problem, but I took 5 bottles of wine with me just in case.

Credited to Jendiva17
Larry is one of the hardest simply because of the serious time
conflict.  An easy way to kill Larry is to use the steel racks
that are in the room with him.  Also, Larry regenerates his life
when he runs over to the buckets of raw meat by the sink and the
bucket near where the milks are.  If you want to kill Larry fast
you need to attack him before he has a chance to regenerate.
Larry is, however one of the easiest psychopath pictures because
he has some lag time between his attacks.  

35) PP Collector: Photograph all PP Stickers.

I credit PvT__HuShBuRN for the post, which was taken from
But I know many people have helped create this list so I thank
everyone who has helped, unfortunately I don't know who
everyone is, so if your out there you know who you are,
thanks *smiles*

(WARNING: Make sure to have the cult leaders there
because 2 of the PP stickers are in their secret hideout.)

(Credited to Nolan aka dirtymagic92
I got all of the stickers in order except I got the ones on 
the bomb trucks last. When I photographed the fifth bomb truck,
it gave me the achievement. I did not have to get the stickers
in the meat processing area, or the ones in the cultist room
they put you in after you're captured. I probably didn't need
to get the other stickers since I hadn't gone into the meat
processing area, and the cult hadn't showed up yet.)

(If your having trouble getting the clock pp
Credited to Rich aka yoko_reoutbreakmaster
For the one side facing the Paradise Plaza it's easier to
stand on top of the little roof where the picnic area is and
you can get 100% photo shot there.

For the one side facing the pond if you go under the group
of trees and look up you can get a 100% picture.)

(credited to Robert aka USMC57
I found a perfect shot for 100% PP Shot in the garden
area, in between the North Plaza and the entrance to the
Maintenance Tunnel. Just go to that garden patch where
you see the red and yellow flowers and stand between the
 two closes ones facing the North Clock Tower,
easy 100% PP Shot!)

(Columbian Roastmaster sign, stay on the first floor, the sign is
on the second floor. Zoom in and you should get it, have a
little distance.

Also credited to Nate Pribble
when I went behind the counter (about the middle of the counter)
in the store and aimed a little to the left of the greensign I
got a 03% of the sticker.)

There are 100 in total
Paradise Plaza
- Bird statue clock between Contemporary Reading (P101)
& Cam's Camera (P115)
- Giant servbot in Child's Play (P102)
- Girl cutout in front of Players (P103)
- Store sign above Kids' Choice Clothing (P113)
- Clock in Universe of Optics (P112)
- Between basketball hoops on staircase in SporTrance (P11)
- Green vase in Marriage Makers (P201)
- Green sign over 1st floor in Colombian Roastmasters (P202)
(Extra help above after the warning at the start of this
- Central green MegaMan shirt in Tucci's of Rome(P203)
- Kids' Choice Clothing ad in stairwell near bathroom
- Middle bear behind register in Ye Olde Toybox (P110)
- Tyke N' Tots store sign (P109)
- Tunemakers store sign (P106)
- Jill's Sandwiches store sign (P104)
- Ratman cutout in front of Colby's Movieland (L1)
- Megaman cutout in front of Colby's Movieland (L1)
- Colby's Movieland sign (L1)

Colby's Movieland
- Movie poster behind the snack counter (4 total)
- Movie poster behind the snack counter (4 total)
- Movie poster behind the snack counter (4 total)
- Movie poster behind the snack counter (4 total)
- Ratman cutout on the right side of the gift shop
- Fox cutout on the left side of the gift shop
- Fox cutout inside the gift shop
- (Requires you getting abducted by the cult) On the red tarp
- (Requires you getting abducted by the cult) On the fox cutout

Entrance Plaza
- On a brown teddy bear in the southeast corner Children's
Castle (E109)
- Shoes on pedestal right inside of Refined Class (E103)
- On the big green tent in Sports High (E102)
- Outermost doors, leading out of the mall on the south end
- Bee statue at the south end of the Plaza
- Girl cutout in front of Robsaka Digital (E21
- Fox cutout in front of Robsaka Digital (E21
- Antique crown in Ned's Nicknackery (E205)
- Green vase in Special Gifts (E206)
- Poster on the north wall of Estelle's Cosmetics (E210)

Al Fresca Plaza
- Entrance to Food Court sign
- Between 2 Paintings in gym
- Middle treadmill in gym
- Second West-most stationary bike gym
- Cushion of the east most weight bench gym
- Above the poster of the kid flexing gym
- On the "E" of the Flexin' banner inside gym
- Poster inside of Eyes Like Us (A107)
- Shoes on pedestal right inside of Brand New U (A102)
- Columbian Roastmaster's sign (A10
- Menu of Hamburger Fiefdom (A101)

Food Court
- Food Court bee sign
- Food Court bull sign
- Cowboy cutout to the right and below the bee sign
- Central Nachos sign
- Dark Bean mug sign
- Meaty Burgers sign
- Frozen Dreams sign
- Jade Paradise sign
- Teresa's Oven sign
- Statue of a chef in front of Chris' Fine Foods (F103)
- Statue of a chef behind Chris' Fine Foods (F103)

Wonderland Plaza
- South end windmill in the south play area
- West side of the yellow house in the south play area
- South side of the yellow house in the north play area
- Big bunny statue near Food Court entrance
- Big bunny statue near North Plaza entrance
- Sign behind the cash register in Small Fry Duds (W101)
- The green and yellow balloon to the left of the register in
Small Fry Duds (W101)
- Sir Book-a-Lot store sign (W204)
- Kokonutz Sports Town store sign (W202)
- Alien sign on top of the Space Rider ride (west side)
- Astronaut on top of the Space Rider ride (west side)
- Space Rider sign (west side)
- Astronaut on top of the Space Rider ride (east side)
- Shirt on display on the north wall of Scuffs & Scrapes (W109)
- In Homerunner's sporting goods shop, picture of a red uniformed
team celebrating (W10

North Plaza
- Cupid fountain near Crislip's Home Saloon (L2)
- Crislip's Home Saloon sign (L2)
- Behind Crislip's Home Saloon counter on a signboard (L2)
- "Gardening as a passtime" sign in the southwest corner of
Crislip's Home Saloon (L2)
- American Flag in the right window outside of the Huntin' Shack
- The cut-out of a guy in green holding a rifle, in the window to
the right of the Huntin' Shack (N127)
- On the nose of the deer head in the back of the Huntin' Shack
- On the nose of the deer head in the front of the Huntin' Shack
- "Seon's Food" sign. The sticker is between the O and D in food
- On the "Seafood" sign in Seon's Food (L3)
- On the "Meats" sign in Seon's Food (L3)
- On the "Pharmacy" bottle sign in Seon's Food (L3)
- North helmet showcase In Ripper's Blades (N116)
- South helmet showcase In Ripper's Blades (N116)

Leisure Park
(Extra help above after the warning at the start of this
- North face of the clock tower
- East face of the clock tower
- South face of the clock tower
- By parking lot with red car and motorcycle, above the
entrance to the tunnels

Security Room
- On the board behind the couch in the security room

- Security room entrance ventilation duct

Maintenance Tunnels
- One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
- One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
- One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
- One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
- One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)

Meat Processing Area
- Cow poster on north wall
- Top of meat shute on north wall

36) Transmissionary: Answer all calls from Otis.

This one is probably the hardest one of all. I don't
have any detailed way in getting it and I don't think
many people out there has gotten it yet but basically
you have to do every case file, save certain survivors, all
while answering his calls. The reason is because he calls
you both for survivors and case files, but there are some
secret ones you may have not noticed. For example if
you get Kendall eventually he calls telling you he is going
to take everyone away (as I mentioned before). Then
there is some obese guy that wants food, forgot his name,
and some chick that wants to pose in your photos, etc. I
don't know all, its a though one. Also don't forget he calls
you in places such as the Maintenance tunnel and he says
I lost a key down here. Here is a nice little guide, not from
thanks GeistCH

37) Indoorsman: Spend at least 24 hours indoors.

This one can be annoying. It's not that you have to be indoors
for a total of 24 hours but you have to be indoors for 24 hours
without going outdoor at all. Remember Al Fresca counts as
outdoor so be careful. I for one stayed in the North Plaza. Just
so I wouldn't get bored I played around, I did this right after I
got Karate Champ so I already had like 6 hours done or whatever.
There is a little room around that you can close yourself in and also
a Hardware store you can go to and play around in. Or simply
just stand still for 24 hours.

Credited to Benjyblue
There seems to be a glitch in the 'Indoorsman' and 'Outdoorsman'
achievments though. After i did the Indoorsman, i saved and turned
off the Xbox. When i came back the next day, it gave me Outdoors
man as soon as i loaded up the game - while i was still in the save

38) Outdoorsman: Spend at least 24 hours outdoors.

Same as Indoorsman except you cannot go inside. So either go to
the Helipad and stand there. Or do what I did, go to the park, kill
the convicts, and either go on top of that wooden roof mentioned
in Hella Copter or go to the flower field and jump on
top a zombie to get on top of the white roof thingy. Stand for 24
hours or drive around, do whatever you want just don't go indoors.

Credited to decompiler
I got this achievement by going to the gym in Al Fresca, making sure
the automatic doors closed behind me with no zombies in the gym,
and then turned off my TV. When i came back a few hours later I
had the achievement.

Credited to Brandon aka GoLee
Go into Overtime Mode, and somehow get caught by the Special Forces.  
When you try to escape, have one of the guards spot you and beat you 
senseless.  This winds down the clock.  If you spend the whole
overtime mode doing this, plus sometime outside later, you have
spent a full day outside in the helicopter tied up.

Credited to Buckn
It's possible to get Marathon Man at the same time as Outdoorsman
and Indoorsman.  Just rubberband the two control sticks together,
which makes Frank run in circles. You can then walk away and leave
the game while you wait for the time-based achievements, and rack up
a significant amount of distance. I earned Marathon on my second
playthrough, and the first playthrough consisted entirely of running
over zombies in the maintenance tunnels, so (unless distance _driven_
counts for the award) I must've earned almost the whole thing before
the zombies ever broke into the mall.

39) Freefall: Drop from a height of at least 16 feet.

Probably the easiest achievement out there, I don't know why you
don't get this one from the intro cinematic where he jumps out of
the helicopter. *smiles* You can do this in many places. I for one did
this from the 2nd floor food area in Paradise Plaza. Just jump out of
the window. You can even make it from the orange ledge with the
katana on it.

Credited to Jack aka hw007f5235_2
For the freefall, get ontop of the shelves of the warehouse (either
by going through the door on the roof or climbing the boxes
obviously) then just drop down from there onto the floor and you
should get the achievement. 

40) Marathon Runner: Cover a distance of 26.2 miles.

There's really no trick to this one, if your doing the main story line
and also busting your butt to do some side quests you will get this
by the time you beat the game. I for one did not get it until literally
the last 5 minutes before the chopper came. When you have
nothing to do, still make sure to just keep running around.

Credited to Mystic aka sarchon
This does not have to be done in one play through.

Credited to Buckn
It's possible to get Marathon Man at the same time as Outdoorsman
and Indoorsman.  Just rubberband the two control sticks together,
which makes Frank run in circles. You can then walk away and leave
the game while you wait for the time-based achievements, and rack up
a significant amount of distance. I earned Marathon on my second
playthrough, and the first playthrough consisted entirely of running
over zombies in the maintenance tunnels, so (unless distance _driven_
counts for the award) I must've earned almost the whole thing before
the zombies ever broke into the mall.

41) Carjacker: Steal the convicts' vehicle.

This one is not as hard as some people think it is. Just make
sure to either have a SMG (preferably), or a shotgun, which most
people prefer, or two pistols (which I have done as well). Make
sure the convicts outside in the park crash into a tree or
something then unleash your bullets into the turret guy. Once he
is dead take his turret and finish off the driver and then the
passenger, which switches over to driver. Make sure not to
destroy the car with the turret (its very hard too anyways
because it can take lots of damage) then just get into the driver

Another way credited to Krit baby
All you have to do is get a gun of course or a couple of guns
I used the shotgun and a sniper rifle. But any other gun will do
well. When you encounter the convicts head towards the
picnic area with that canopy, jump on top, and use the snipe
 rifle to either take out the turret guy and lure the jeep towards
you or just shoot once and allow them to come towards you.
Since the AI isnít that great the convicts will just crash in the
canopy or the tables. They, in my experience, always stay
driving themselves into the canopy. Then they become
sitting ducks all you have to do is just pick off the rest of
the convicts. You can also lure the convicts towards the
canopy by just letting them chase you but I find it a little
harder than the sniper tactic.

42) Zombie Hunter: Defeat 1,000 zombies.
43) Zombie Killer: Defeat 10,000 zombies.

Just make sure to play the game to kill 1,000 *smiles* to
get 10,000 do whatever you want I will say this for the
hundredth time, Maintenance tunnel for the easiest way. 

44) Zombie Genocider: Defeat 53,594 zombies.

Since so many people emailed me about this, make sure
to beat the game or you will not unlock the Real Mega
Man Blaster.

It is better to watch how to do this then to read so here
is a video from youtube and yes, 53,594 all in one game.
If you do this correctly you can get 1000-1100 kills every
half-hour in the game. Make sure to start a new game just
in case. In game I had about 40 hours left or something
like that. I also recommend you listen to some music or
talk to someone because it could get very boring. Cool
you just saw the famous Maintenance Tunnel with your
own eyes *smiles*

One more way by AJ aka zero thomas 213
A couple of rules: - For the cars, Avoid as many
zombies wheeling around propane as you can because
if you hit too many your car will die before you get to the
next one. For the van hit as many as you can
Ok first take the red car in the parking lot plow through
the zombies on the way to the entrance the take the first
right follow the straight path till you cant go straight
anymore and you have to turn, but donít turn pull a
U-turn and follow the path all the way back to the van
near the butcher place, when you get there run over all
the zombies till the car dies, take the van follow the path
all the down then turn left (the only way you can go) then
left again on the circle area, follow that , then turn right
follow the path for a while then turn right and grab the
white car, take the first left the keep going and take the
next left keep going till around the circle area, take the
first right you see the next then follow till the exit run
over some zombies then repeat the process

Another way by Khytomer
Just take the car outside the maintenance tunnel and
ride inside. Now ride over to the car parked to the east
of the map and take it back to the truck parked to the
north of the map. Ride the truck down to the south and
to the north again and head back outside. You can
approximately kill 800-1000 zombies or more if you
stretch your route in 1 go. 

45) Unbreakable: Get the True ending without being
knocked out.

You have to do this in Overtime mode. Once the special
ops guys kill you, they basically knock you out. Just do
not get killed by them and beat overtime mode. Tricks to
killing the special ops guys is listed on the very top,
legendary soldier.

Credited to Ally
Those guys with the green masks and yellow coats
capture you it counts as being knocked out and you
wont get the achievement. I know cos I avoided the
soldiers but was KOed by those guys eariler in the
game and didnt get it. 

46) Overtime Mode: Unveil all Cases and be at the heliport
at noon. 

To get overtime mode you have to beat all the case files.
But also make sure on the third day to be at the helipad at
12pm. You  get a cutscene where special ops come by. Then
make your way to Carlitos hideout and go to Isebella for a
cutscene Stay there until 10am and you will get another
cutscene of them leaving. Make your way to the helipad and
you will get Overtime mode after the credits.

47) Infinity Mode: Get the true ending.

The true ending is overtime mode. Beat it to unlock infinity

48) 3 Day Survivor: Survive for 3 days.

Beat 72hour mode and get this achievement.

49) 5 Day Survivor: Survive for 5 days.
50) 7 Day Survivor: Survive for 7 days.

Well you have to do this in infinity mode. No need for
me to tell you how because there is already a whole guide
on how to do this, good luck.
thanks Xylymphydyte
51) Unlockables

Now some of these achievements actually give you some cool
looking unlockables so here is what you get.

Real Mega Buster- Zombie Genocide
White Hat - Census Taker 
Cop Hat - Saint
Pro Wrestling Boots - Item Smasher
Pro Wrestling Briefs - Karate Champ
Laser Sword- 5 Day Survivor
Arthur's Boxers - 7 Day Survivor
Prisoner Garb - Carjacker
Mall Employee Uniform - Transmissionary
Mega Man Tights - Punisher
Mega Man Boots - Unbreakable
Ammo Belt - Perfect Gunner
Special Forces Boots - Legendary Soldier
Special Forces Uniform - Hella Copter
Hockey Mask - PP Collector

You can find all these cloths in the security room but
make sure to get one of the game ending or you do
not unlock it.

WARNING*Credited to Vinnie P
If you are not connected to xbox live, you won't get some achievements.
We blew up the special forces chopper, and it has yet to register that
achievement for us. There is no way that a level 50 Frank who has done
all the running around in the world has still yet to get the Marathon Man.
We've killed the convicts and stolen the jeep many times, but we still
have yet to receive the car jacking achievement. My friend works at
Gamestop, and he said customers experienced that same problem
where upon connecting to Xbox live they immediately received

**Note some of these achievements can be done easily using the
Real Mega Man Blaster but just for the people who don't have this
weapon I will still describe how to get everything.
52) Contact and Copyright

Thank you for checking out my guide on the achievements.
I hope you found it helpful and if you have any other questions
feel free to mail me.
Now that this guide is complete only mail me if
A) You have any questions or troubles in the game.
B) If you see something that I wrote to be wrong
or very hard to understand, please correct me.

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But Remember me as the Pancakemaster
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