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Despite all the potential fun of this game, one massive flaw brings everything downBloodGod654/10
The only thing rising will be your blood pressurebrutusmuktuk5/10
MINI CHAINSAWS help get it an 8/10Augustus48/10
The things Frank will do for a scoop...Bkstunt_318/10
Ok kids, can you say "Addicting"?bos1749/10
Dead Rising:Blood & Fun!CadderlySoaring9/10
The Ultimate Zombies Experience!Chris_Potter10/10
Great ideas overcome by glaring flawsCocoaPistolero6/10
The Dead Are Rising. Knock Em Back Down!DandyQuackShot8/10
Zombies huh... I had a feeling you'd show up...darklordonix8/10
I'd bet those guys in Dawn of the Dead didn't have this much fun.Drunky9/10
Jinkies! This mall is full of zombies!Eric438/10
Dead Rising is an at times frustrating, often fun, and thoroughly unique game.Evil Dave7/10
Best game on 360.Exodist9/10
One of the 360s best games so fargaiaquake9/10
Probably one of the best zombie games out in the marketGamesarefun12349/10
Broken Deadnessgatewalker6/10
OMG, A ZOMBIE!getar12347/10
Zombie Auschwitzhorror_spooky8/10
Shop till you drop dead, huh?i_like_things9/10
Fight the dead and pick up some tunes at the music store while your at itkefka9896/10
Now I know how the people at the end of any zombie movie must've feltkiriyama210/10
A good game, and somehow Capcom actually managed to make a decent storyline.megaman20059/10
An Instant Favorite In The Book Of MegaVirusMegaVirus10/10
Get ready for the survival gorefest of your life. Happy genocide. =DMr_Feesh9/10
Dead Rising - An instant classicNettoSaito9/10
Man vs. Zombie, the road to victoryNpeaen9/10
Words from a skeptic: Dead RisingNWalterstorf9/10
Nothing Like Resident Evil... FortunatelyOutOfRange7/10
Zombified BoogalooPickHut8/10
The worst zombie game ever...Raganork105/10
Great ideas with an outbreak of several big problems.retrogoods6/10
There is only one thing better than zombies: Killing them.Sir Chris8/10
He's covered wars, y'know.SuperPhillip9/10
Zombies. They Die And Come Back Wanting A Bite To Eat. Ungrateful Sons of Bit....Ahem. Right.VideoMaster10/10
Interesting game with too many flawswolverinefan6/10
Dynasty Warriors 2 + Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas + Resident Evil Outbreak = Dead Risingxenodolf9/10
A fun game without much depth.ZZTAtom7/10

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