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PlayOnline Registration Code and Fees?

I bought FF11 on ebay ( it's used ), got it in the mail today, and am setting it up on Xbox live. Two questions, if I already have Xbox live, are there any additional fees because it's FF11, and during step 3 they ask me for me registration code that's in the back of the booklet. I type it in and it's no good. It says that it can only be typed once so does that mean that the original owner used it and I can't. What do I do?

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They made a new version available for the pc and xbox 360 that includes the original 4 expansion packs (wings of goddess, treasures of aht urhgan, rize of zilhart, and chains of promithia) and also new add-ons. I believe this should sell for around $20. That is what it was selling for at my local Gamestop. In these cases, a new registration code should be inside. I recommend just buying that; if you are able to. I hope this helps! ^_^


MaggieNoOni answered:

Yes, it means that they used it and you can't use it. Those codes are only usable once - after that, they're no good. Sorry.
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OnionKnight12 answered:

Thank you MaggieNoOnie! :) I am actually attempting to play it for ps2 now. I am waiting for the 40g hdd to come in the mail. I got everything set up. If I already made an account with playonline viewer, then I'm pretty sure all I have to do is install the playonline viewer and then put in my username and password because it should be saved on their server, right?
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steverrrrr answered:

Could i get a code for ff 11
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