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I am in the "scalise and strong" truck. What do i do with it?

I got the keys from a bank guard while I was heisting it. I found the truck ten minutes earlier at another bank in Midtown.

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dmaneac answered:

When you get into the truck you drive it it has good armor but bad speed and turning making it an awesome vehicle to break through roadblocks and take over a warehouse or compound.
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GRIMfuvk answered:

It is meant for a good getaway when robbing banks.
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JudoScott answered:

Just drive it. It has incredible armor and can take a LOT of damage. You can use it to ram barricades outside rival compounds, run over guards outside enemy controlled businesses, whatever. Oh, and you can drive it away from bank robberies - if you get from Midtown to Hell's Kitchen for example, the fact that it can't really outrun the cops won't matter because the heat level drops when you enter a new neighborhood.

Also, you do NOT need to rob the bank to take the truck. You could attack the Baz compound by taking the armored truck up by the Northern bank in midtown and crashing into the compound while your henchman blazes away from the passenger seat. This is one way to do it....

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