Question from JoshDontDie

Asked: 5 years ago

Money Bags?

I've been beggining to notice that at the end of missions, the screen says "0 of 1 money bags found". Now I have three questions for this.

Firstly, can I go back and pick up the money bags later in the game?

Secondly, if I miss any of them, does that affect my 100% completion of the game? (It should, but it might just be a bonus thing that doesnt really matter)

Thirdly, is this information recorded anywhere in one of the menus (how many you found/missed)?


Accepted Answer

From: hipofaloft 5 years ago

No, no and no they are completely optional. All they do is give you a cash bonus. They are hidden throught the mission and can only be collected in the mission which are not replayable.

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