Creative DirectorPhilip Campbell
Creative DirectorMike Olsen
Creative DirectorMichael Perry
EngineeringBill Fowler
Gameplay DesignJohn Calhoun
Gameplay DesignChris Ferriera
Gameplay DesignGreg Rizzer
Gameplay DesignSteven Szakal Jr.
Living World DesignMike Brinker
Living World DesignKyle Brown
Living World DesignJameson Durall
Living World DesignAaron Halon
Living World DesignSam Hart
Living World DesignBen Johnson
Living World DesignJohn Katz
Living World DesignWill Kerslake
Living World DesignDarren Korman
Living World DesignRobert Pitts
Living World DesignGreg Reisdorf
Living World DesignCatherine Sheu
Mission DesignJames Agay
Mission DesignMike Daugherty
Mission DesignEric Grosser
Mission DesignDavid C. Hill
Mission DesignMike Hurst
Mission DesignStephen Riesenberger
ProducerJoel Wade
World Map DesignerSteven C. Smith


Data and credits for this game contributed by Shadow., Blueberry Buttface, BGoldTLE, wkerslake, bill_fowler, and oliist.