• Achievements

    Do the following task to unlock the following achievements and their alloted gamerscore.

    Beam Blitz (10)Earn the Point-to-Point Beam upgrade
    Iron Blitz (20)Obtain both armor upgrades
    Master Technician (20)Earn 500,000,000 points
    Power Blitz (5)Obtain any weapon upgrade
    Spartan Blitz (40)Beat the game without upgrades on Master Technician Difficulty
    Technician (10)Earn 100,000,000 points
    Technician Apprentice (5)Beat any Level
    Technician First Class (15)Earn 250,000,000 points
    Tractor Blitz (15)Earn the Tractor Beam upgrade
    Turbo Blitz (5)Obtain any movement upgrade
    Upgradium Blitz (30)Find all the Upgradium
    Victory Blitz (25)Beat the Game on Master Technician Difficulty

    Contributed By: Shadow..