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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you get red items?

The only ones ive gotten were the ones that Tyr sells. Yet other people get amazing sets.

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From: biotic_king 6 years ago

I've only got a couple of red items and both times I've got them I've replayed a secret arena in a level! That's all I've been doing and I've got a fair few great sets!!!

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Increase your drop rate w/ runes. Cap is 15% increase.

These are unconfirmed methods:

Bosses drop more (likely, as bosses just drop more stuff in general).

Play through the entire level, don't just jump to the last chapter. The theory is that the levels tokens increase the chances of Epic drops. This is unconfirmed thus far.

Beyond that, farm, farm, farm. And keep an eye on the board here to see if anyone's selling the items you're looking for.

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Explain to me what is farming?

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Killing enemies over and over to get money or a rare drop.

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