Question from mercenary335

Asked: 6 years ago

What does the "Mastery" Rune do?

I have bought a Rune that is called "Mastery."

The Effect says "Ascent to Valhalla +1"

What does this mean, and how does this rune effect items (weapons, armor, charms)?

Accepted Answer

From: FNLdestinati0n 6 years ago

Mastery runes affect the skill trees.
Using yours as an example, Mastery: Ascent to Valhalla +1, that means the skill node "Ascent to Valhalla" on the middle branch of the Champion skill tree gets +1 skill point, or +2.0%. This adds on even to a full skill node, so if you had 10 points in "Ascent to Valhalla" (20.0%) you'd still get +2.0%, ending up with +22.0% to juggle launch height.
Mastery runes always affect the skill named; however, that skill is not always on your class's tree. You can (and will) find runes for other classes, and can (and will) find runes for the alignments as well.

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