Question from ubr2

Looking for red items. please help?

ok so i was wondering how many red items there are. im looking to get them all. im a human champion and so far i have

the slayer bear's hewer (red sword on the wall)
the staff of fallen kings (the blue staff on the wall)
dragon-guns of eld (the blue pistols)
xaber 1337 experamental battle rifle
the incinerating grief
skulds dooming passion
the slayer bears skewer
vali's burning spear

if you have any others let me know ill buy them. im in search of the red hammer adn the gray sword from the wall. my GT is blk squirel so send me a message or post here.

i do ask that they can be used by a human champion and are level 50. ill also buy cybernetic commando.

ubr2 provided additional details:

I got everything for champion. Just need berserker and comando


shadowxyzx answered:

I wish I new I have a red helm one of the red sords on the wall and anoter red dual sword and a gun but good luck if u want to play with me its dragonxstalker.
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Rakdos1 answered:

There are way more than just the ones on the wall. and every class and alignment has their own specific weapon and armor. also different classes will find different weapons and they wil have different names. Like the red sword on the wall is called The Flame Edge or something to that effect on my Cyber Zerker.
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MoonFoxtheGrey answered:

I find that they grow increasingly more common in pickups, as well as as sold in the armory and cybernetics lab with each play-through. They can also be found doing play throughs of levels through the teleport menu at any of the map screens in the palace.

However, I do not recommend getting these as soon as you find them. On my Champion for instance, I have run across duplicates of the same weapon. First time at a lower level it had blue runes in it. Later on I found it available in the armory with orange runes in it, MANY times more powerful than the first one. and I couldn't afford to purchase the new one. Save your credits until they show up with orange runes is my advice. More bang for your buck.
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