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Is there any possibility that anybody could give me Aesir amour or possibly duplicate it I would be so grateful? 0
Achievment Questions? 4
Co-op achievements? 1
How do I leave Norn world? 1
How do I use the online store? 1
How do you get 15% ? 1
How is online coop like? 4
How many wells are there in the game? 3
Online aspect... what does it offer? 1
Question about loot drop!? 3
Question about the Submunition Distributor skill for sybernetics? 2
Required item help? 1
What did the update entail? 2
What is the best way to get rare armor? 1
When you just start playing the game, you get to pick a type of superhero you are. Can you change it during the game? 3
About the online coop? 1
Duplicating items? 2
Help me ? 1
How do i get the 7 peice armor set achivement for the beserker?? 1
How do u get back down when u die in mission 3 were the two trolls are after u kill the two on top? 4
How do u get passed the purple waves in cyberspace? 3
How do you change classes? 3
How does the Sentient Weapon recharge? 1
How is loot divided in co-op? 2
How many wells per lvl? 3
Human\cyber alighnment is it changeable? 1
Is it possible to get "show no mercy" achievement with a defender? 1
Level cap? 1
Live Content? And 4 player coop? 2
Multiple Questions? 1
Pre-ordered amour help? 2
Spider Farming ? 3
Were do u go to change/upgrade/repair your armor ? 4
What are procs and such? 1
What are these "tokens" you speak of? 1
What is soothing? 4
What's the maximum amount of items your inventory will hold? 3
Why do basilisks sometimes not work? 4
Will someone play with me? 1

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