Question from flechetteXXX

If I complete the game on Normal can I start over on Insane with all my unlockables?

Such as Reed's Horse and Magruder's Nock Gun?


itwizz answered:

Make a backup of your save and try it and see what happens.
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itchybomb answered:

You can but to do it you have to start a new game on whatever difficulty your trying to beat and at the very start waste your quickdraw meter then walk forward to the waters edge and look for two rocks with a space between them stand between the rocks and hold rb lb rt lt and a or for ps2 r1 r2 l1 l2 and x you will hear the water gurgle hold the buttons untill it stops gurgling and go to options and press x or a on gun and go down to toggle help and press it once this unlocks full stats and guns and if your on xbox it doesnt stop you from getting achievements hope this helped
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Mallokai answered:

This trick didn't work properly for me, the sound played, the extra option appeared, but toggle help did nothing, it did however give me the ability to access any mission with equipment that would have been obtained by that time, kinda disappointed I couldn't max out at the beginning though.
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