Question from blast_furnace7

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat 2nd Uroboros?

This is the only boss I have problems with and I've tried to burn him for 30mins and he's still alive

Accepted Answer

From: Zephronite 5 years ago

You need to have the AI grab the flamer and burn him to expose his weakspots. They will only appear when he's on fire.
Shoot down all 3 of them and you'll win. Don't bother shooting him when he's not on fire, you'll just waste ammo.

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Submitted Answers


Its the one you fight in a lab,right?First you need to burn him and then 2 things (don't know how to describe it ) will come out from his back and you need to shoot at them.

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Haha, has my problems with him too.
Just burn him on the side of the flame thrower refill station, shile the other player pulls him from the other side[uroboros starting point]. Then he can shoots those orbs/limbs/meat .

This way you can refill your flame thrower very fast.

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