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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find (Magnum ammo)?

I can never fine any magnum ammo

does anyone know a good play to get magun bullets i'm only on act 6-1

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From: flechetteXXX 6 years ago

The easiest way is to play Chapter 3-1 where you get the magnum. Since you already have it simply ask Sheva to pick it up. There is also Magnum ammo laying on the tables. After you get the ammo and magnum, quit the game. Go to continue and you will load the last checkpoint right before you get the magnum. In the inventory before you start the stage sell the magnum and you will receive the ammo in the gun. Set this aside in your inventory, rinse and repeat. You will get about 20 bullets each time. Which adds up fast. Tedious I know but well worth it. If you dont want to waste the time doing it that way you can just keep the magnum in your inventory. You will find ammo for any gun you have in your inventory. This takes up space however, This also works with any other ammo or treasure.

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Continue until you reach 6-2 and you'll find your answer. 6-2 is an easy way to have ammunition. Good luck

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Magnum Ammo is a RARE ammo drop from all majini after chapter 3-1. By rare, I mean nearly, non-existant. You can do as flechette said and redo chapter 3-1 numerous times, or you can duplicate the "egg" glitch with magnum ammo instead of rotten eggs.

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There is a much simpler way people, when you buy a gun that takes magnum ammo and then you sell that weapon you get the ammo that it for about 3,000N you can buy ammo basiclly

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Alternatively, instead of finding ammo, just upgrade your magnum of choice to the max and buy infinite ammo for that gun.

I think it's more pleasant than repeating 3-1 over and over again.

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