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How can i recovered co-op save games?

I'll get through a chapter of the game on co-op and have to save and quit. when i come back to the game i try and continue but when a second player tries to join the game they don't have any items that they had when they saved and quit. only player one has any of the stuff from when they quit.

TragedyAnn asked for clarification:

My friend and I have been playing on Multiplayer the last few days and we've had no problem recovering guns and items each playthrough. I have my own inventory and he has his own inventory, and they're both loaded up through our profiles each time we play. We can trade bullets, grenades, health and other cosnumable items, but not guns. Guns are locked to our individual inventory boxes.

Could your problem be that your second player isn't using a gamer profile, or isn't loading his/her gamer profile properly? You should both be signed in to a profile and it should save guns and ammo for each of you seperately.


CursedSeishi answered:

Yeah, same here. Now, if your partner forgot to save, they'll be stuck with what they had last time. Its actually a good way to dupe items... it happened accidently one time, my friend gave me a full stack of handgun ammo, started, but before the game gave us a checkpoint or saved, he got disconnected suddenly, and I chose to save cause the host left. Well, we start back up, I still have that stack, and so does he.
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Steam313 answered:

Make Sure if one player quits and saves that the 2nd player makes sure to overwrite his/her equipment loadout. To "recover" click continue and re invite the other player into the game at the continue point, if you have started another game or difficulty in between play sessions you will have lost ALL unsaved/uncompleted chapter progress.
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Spuffles answered:

The answer to this question entirely depends whether you play with a second gamertag, or as "guest." Further details please.
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gringlebopper answered:

First you have to load your game to get to the last checkpoint you were at. Then your friend must join in after the auto-save and he will have the same things he has always had and your game will be the same.
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gringlebopper answered:

To add on to my previous statement both players must have the same gamertag as before, not guest and they need to have saved.
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Hillbro360 answered:

if this is on xbox 360 then i kno when u quit the itmes and progress saves to your PROFILE so u just need to sign into the profile that had the stuff and voila
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ClagiusClanlor answered:

The most likely answer has to do with the Xbox Profiles.

Is your co-op player signed into an Xbox profile of their own, or are they simply playing on yours?

If the person is playing on their own profile, they must save their game before you turn off the system. This will allow them to save their inventory, treasure, and money.

If they are playing on YOUR profile, any weapons or ammo they collect will be placed in YOUR inventory when they leave, because it was technically YOUR profile that picked it up. It is also worth noting that when the co-op partner is playing on your profile, any money or treasure they find is simply placed into your inventory (it is not duplicated for both players, since there is not a second account to duplicate it to). However, as long as your co-op player is using your profile, the game WILL permit you to swap weapons, which is not allowed on seperate profiles.
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s1xkills answered:

Yeah its all in the ther answers for this question, the other player must be signed in with a gamertag (the same one you were using) and when you save and exit the other player must save also. for ps3 you share inventories so it may be possible that they went to your inventory.
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nickonjure answered:

Just make sure that you both log into gamer profiles at the main menu and make sure that it asks both of you to load.

Obviously player one will already be logged in, so after he loads at the title screen
then p2 logs in and the "select storage device/load" screen should pop up again.
It seems weird but yes you load twice.
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ragenpm answered:

have your second profile on your hard drive. and have the co-op player log into that account before joining your game..... then make sure he/she clicks the A button so save when the game is quit or ended
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UberTrogdor44 answered:

If the second player last saved and quit as the character Player 1 is using, then all of the items he/she had are removed from the "player inventory" and returned to the inventory.
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