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How do I beat Wesker? Veteran/Professional

I don't know if this happened in normal mode too often, I don't remember when I beat him then but when me and my buddy were fighting wesker we had a difficult time with him. When chris was grabbing him from behind and sheva stabbing him and stuffs, chris's hp dropped dramatically fast and games over after that. I'm pretty sure this will happen in professional mode which I will soon find out. Question is, how do you beat wesker on Veteran/Professional mode w/o dying like that.

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DeathlySick answered:

The infinite Rocker launcher has been proven to be obtained through beating the game in under 5 hours, stop spreading rumors.
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EvilDeanius answered:

If you both press A fast enough, Wesker should die before Chris's hp hits half, thats what happened to me. If your still stuggling, you could always use a rocket launcher to kill him.
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symlink69 answered:

Yep, if you start the restrain with half or less than you'll start to enter dying status. Which is bad as you noticed in Veteran, but in professional dying status only lasts the best of 4 seconds.
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IdiB answered:

Yeah but there is only 1 rocket with the rocket luncher.
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Assassin1294 answered:

if you go and get an S rank on all chapters you can have infinte ammo with the rocket launcher. This actually isnt as hard as it seems if you do this on amateur. Once you have it every boss is 1-3 shot kill
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karllopez141 answered:

Deathlysick is rigth i got rockeit lanucher under 5 hours is the best way to kill wesker
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Hoady answered:

Professional becomes 10 times easier with the Gatling gun/inf. rocket launcher.

Get the Gatling gun by upgrading the original machine gun found on 1-1 to the max and purchase for 50,000.

Complete the game on amateur in under 5 hrs to get inf. rocket launcher. Then voila - easy Wesker!
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nihilus666 answered:

I had this problem too. It seems if you initiate the 'restrain' sequence while still at full life, you won't lose any life at all. Just grab an extra spray for this moment if that feels like a problem.
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hugofatto answered:

See i had the same prob on the wesker fight my prob is that jill kept killin me but what u do is get him in the hallway and shoot him with rockets till he catches it then hit him with 1 more to blow them both and then combo him or unload on him with the magnum both wrk
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