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How/Where do I get a gold egg?

Tell me or can someone give me one, I will give it back right after because I got all but that one.

my GT is:

mrperson jbf

mrperson_jbf provided additional details:

Where would that place be???

Accepted Answer

Steam313 answered:

Golden eggs are random layings from chicken is all chapters, as psychewillsunde said 3-1 has a specific chick "coop" area that can be reloaded and retried for gold/brown/white eggs (easiest reload is to get on your boat and then turn back around to the island) within the first 30 seconds or so, the chickens should have laid eggs, if they do you can "re-roll" them by killing them and reloading the area.
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twister2860 answered:

In chapter 1-1 there is a place on a roof where eggs spawn, it is random, rotten eggs are worth more...
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psychewillsunde answered:

If you do 3-1, in the center of map theres a hut with chickens. thats where i got all of mine. just keep reloading that chapter and collect all treasures
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Sir_Skraaj answered:

As mentioned before in chapter 3-1 there is chicken farm, go there wait roughly 30-40 seconds and collect an egg - it's random. To reset chickens just get on your boat and go back on the island, wait again 30-40 seconds and so on... Took me 10 minutes and I got golden egg.
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