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My friend can't join my game in co-op (why?)

I've tried setting up a game and inviting my friend but each time it says game canceled after he accepts. I tried setting up a game with invite only and open but he couldn't find my name in the list. What is the easiest way to setup a game and play with a friend?

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DarkForceRising answered:

It's his or your NAT. You have incompatible networks.
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srh-kingspade answered:

It could be either yours or his NAT. If you're running your internet through a router, try running a direct connection into your 360. Eg; try running the cable from your modem into your 360. I've had the same problem happen to me with a friend of mine and it only happens with him. Running a direct connection solved the problem for me.
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MistaCloudStrif answered:

I have some trouble with that as well. The best way I found out with my friend was to have one person set up a game and tell the other person which level/difficulty and such and let the other person join a game and search for that specific game. If the game is unique enough(it usually is) the person searching should be able to find the game under the other persons name very easily.
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darthmaul1995 answered:

On xbox live i have the same issue. have urself make a game and make it oped to everyone and have ur friend search for your game instead of inviteing him it also gives a better connection.
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Zombie_Hunter13 answered:

An easier option if you need to work through a router like I have to, you can try port mapping on the modem
done this a while back and don't have any problems anymore
just type in a search engine ports xbox 360 and you should get the corresponding ports and protocols with it
you also need to now how to do port mapping before you start this option
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narutofan629 answered:

When you start the game,2nd player has to press start.
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ApocalypticFire answered:

Either you or him has a closed port
on your modem or router
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true_tokeo55 answered:

Try turning unlimited ammo off if its on
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M4rch3 answered:

Are you sure that you don't have Rogue status set? The Rogue setting prevents people from entering your game. You can change it before start a game right before you reach the organize screen.
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CrazyResevilfan answered:

Try invite only and send him a game invite he wont be able to find u on the list because u have it on invite only
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