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Locations for rotten eggs?

Does anybody know where i can find some rotten eggs.....

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Okay thanks

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Steam313 answered:

Rotten eggs are a random drop from every majini in the game. chapter 3-1 thru chapter 5-2 will have the highest drop rates. tribal and base style majini have a 2% drop chance everything else is .5% or 1%
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justin_msc answered:

Sometimes you see regular (non-enemy) snakes running around. If you kill them, they can drop a rotten egg. There is also a level where there are two snakes inside of pots, it's in the building where you lower the wooden bridge to get into.

Also, if you kill Lickers, they sometimes drop a rotten egg. I've actually seen quite a few from Lickers.

I also heard that you can get them from spiders, but I have killed a lot of those and never seen one drop, so I don't believe it.
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9uwi answered:

Well you can kill the snake for it but its RARE . believe it or not I got it from a licker and lickers often drop the rotten egg (( you can play chapter 5-1 for lickers )) replay it once or twice on any difficulty and you will get the rotten egg .
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son_of_jorel answered:

I found Golden egg almost immediatley when i played mercs mode for the first time, in the sewers bit of the village
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Mr_Feesh answered:

I've seen them drop almost entirely off of the soldier-like Majini in chapters 5 and 6. I recently got one from one of the "spider" enemies in 4-1. Keep in mind that when people say "spider", they mean the small B.O.W. called Bui Kichwa, encountered in large groups in chapter 4. There are also non-aggressive tarantulas on the game, which, to my knowledge, drop nothing when killed.
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