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Why does my game keep freezing on the same spot every time?

At the same point in the game I open a door and the game goes to a loading screen and it either freezes or loads endlessly. I tried a couple other copies and they did the same thing. I erased my save file and started over and still froze at the same spot. Very new xbox console cuz my old one died. Ran a lens cleaner. I have read about a couple people having this problem on other parts of the game and they have no solution either. Is there a patch needed? Some say it's my console and some say it's my disc....and others even though I've said I have cleaned my lens that it's still my lens and that lens' wear out after time.....brand new's not worn out already. Someone please tell me how to fix this problem.

jimbofury provided additional details:

ok I did try other copies of the game and it does the same thing and I did install the game to the hard drive and it still does it.

mjm5184 asked for clarification:

How do u install it to the hard drive? imhavin this same problem and i actually got my box fixed last september yet i still had freezing problems with my fixed box on ncaa football. but yeh mine freezes with resident evil and i checked the disc for any major scratches and there are none, i think it is just bad programming, but if someone cud please lemme kno how to add it to the HDD thatd be awesome...


zer0_1 answered:

The game loads fine on my end, do you know anyone else with a copy of the game?
Is so, try to borrow it. if it loads, game disc is faulty
otherwise, it may be an error with your console, you can try to install to the harddrive (or unistall) which may recitfy your problem
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Steam313 answered:

Sounds like your stuck, call Xbox Game Support, they would be your best bet for teching the error, as well as be able to walk you through how to fix it (if you can) or have you send it in. Sorry, but you may have a defective "new" xbox. I doubt it is the disc, it could be "both" and installing to the HDD wont do anything unless the disc is different (hence it would still cause the same error as teh disc is missing the needed code to progress thru the loading screen). Try loading it onto your HDD with a rental or a friends disc, then play it with your original, see if that works.
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PyroSniper answered:

I had the same issue. I didnt really care what the issue was (disc or console), I just installed the game to the HDD and it worked just fine.
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pyramidhead7745 answered:

Its either your x box or,if your x box is not standing up then put it up and try it.
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Jemuzu_Kureiton answered:

You're not suppose to use any type of disc cleaner for any game console because it will scratch the lens.
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ShevaXCerberus answered:

lemme tell you something i did i have had the same problem heres a few tips you can try
Tips 1:Have the console Lying instead of standing if you already have it lying try the reverse
Tips 2:Hit ur 360 a little loose on the side or try open the dashboard and close it
Tips 3: if none above helped borrow the game to a friend and see if it works on his 360
Tips 4: if it doesnt work sell it on the internet or call for XGS and they would fix it
Tips 5:try watching for cracks on the cd
well thats all i can help you with.
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Synscta answered:

I am having the same issue with my assassin's creed 3 disc I'm playing Connor and every time I'm about to go by this house near Lexington it freezes but only the character freezes you can still see the shadows from the trees still moving and I've taken the disc out and wiped it of with a soft fabric to make sure no damage occured but I still can't figure out why it keeps doing that it has never done this with any other game
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