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Getting run over by the bus?

After you jump across on the bridge, how do you stop the bus that runs you over?

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Ahanu answered:

Either shoot the driver, or shoot the barrels near the truck to make it overturn.
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whaleboyh27 answered:

You have to shoot the barrels as the truck goes by to overturn the bus and stop it from crushing you. Way easier than shooting the driver.
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kingsteve1515 answered:

If you shoot the driver you will get an achievement. Worth thinking about if you really want achievements. The easier thing to do is use the handgun to shoot the barrels.
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necrovally answered:

It is just better to do by shooting the barels you can get the achievement later in chapter 2-3 to get it then just shoot the armour of the window of the trucks and shoot the driver way easier than doing in this chapter, so just shoot the barrels.
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homiesunite answered:

Shoot the closest barrel in the left side when he's near it it a the easiest one to shoot
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pokebai answered:

Shoot the barrels on the road or shoot the driver. Note: If you shoot the barrels closest to you on the road then the truck will just slide and run you over.
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iTz_Reaper227 answered:

Just use the barrels or your rifle to kill the driver, if you are playing in CO-OP have the person with the rifle stay back, have the other person jump over, have the rifle guy kill the driver, there you go, your past that part and that person has an achievement.
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