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Best Machine Gun?

hey i was just wondering what the best machine in the game is. I know the Ak is best for firepower and the first one is best for cap. but what is best for overall?

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miton123 answered:

I'd say the H&K MP5 because the recoil isnt that bad and its the only on to have piercing out of all of them and that makes up for the lack of damage.
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hectortillao1 answered:

Well i think the best machine gun is the AK-74 because its firepower will get to 250.
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9uwi answered:

In my opinion its the Gatling gun because it does a lot of damage and it always come in infinitive ammo

but if you don't count it (( because its a special weapon )) I'll say its the AK-47 because its has the best firepower which is 250
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AzureLivesOn answered:

I was always partial to the H&K myself. The AK does have 250 DMG, but nasty recoil and kickback (it's an AK, what do you expect?). H&K only has 120 DMG, but is smaller and much more stable in reducing recoil. Plus, it has upgraded Piercing (2x-4x), making it a joy on later chapters with armored Majini- especially if two of its bullets can hit them easily for 240 when one AK round for 250 can't without difficulty.

Above them all, Gatling Gun > all. 150 DMG per round, but at 10-15 rounds a second with a default 4x piercing, there is no equal in the automatic market. Things die. Alot.

Its one major drawback is the ammo cache backpack can obstruct some viewpoints. Sure, it takes a few sec to switch to it and warm it up and your accuracy rating goes straight to hell. But honestly, if you're using this gun, you are already well aware. ;)
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Killersmind7 answered:

it depends on what your looking for. For power AK47, Rapid fire H&K MP5, capacity H&K MP5, and just one big gun gatling gun
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iTz_Reaper227 answered:

Just depends on what you like to use, some people like piercing, some people like firepower others just like alot of ammo, you can't really count ammo though, since you can get infinite ammo for every weapon. I prefer firepower myself though.
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PIEGUY88 answered:

What about the VZ61
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PIEGUY88 answered:

SIG 556 . a combo of a AK-47 a MP5 and a Scorpion
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