Question from Saiuke

Asked: 5 years ago

Versus Mode?!?

I Downloaded versus mode but it wont show. Is there a specific area where I start playing?

Additional details - 5 years ago

It's not showing! And yes, I beat the game

Accepted Answer

From: reeseinator 5 years ago

It most likely did not download properly. I would suggest going back to your dashboard and downloading it again. If by chance it were to be deleted or something crappy of that sort, Microsoft (Xbox 360) keeps track of what you have personally downloaded on live and lets you download all of your lost content free of charge. I'm not sure about Sony (PlayStation), but i would imagine they have a similar policy as Microsoft.

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Submitted Answers


It's below Mercenaries.

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select play game-
under THE MERCINERIES option or, if u didnt beat the game yet, ????????

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