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Asked: 3 years ago

Infinite grenades/eggs?

I recently played online with a friend I had met on Xbox LIVE. My friend didn't have a mic. He somehow got infinite Flash Grenades and Golden Eggs. I'm thinking this is a mod on his account, but if not, how did he get this?

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Duplication process? Explain please.

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I managed to get infinite golden eggs from another friend, but he said he got them from someone else. Also, I tried giving it to another friend, but when I gave him the egg(s), they didn't register as infinite. Plus, when you say "give all of there whatever," do you mean inventory items? Because I know you can't give weapons to someone else. I'll try looking online elsewhere. If I find something and it works, I'll post it as my own answer.

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I read up on this duplication trick. What you're telling is just a way to get an infinite amount. What I'm looking for is a way to get the eggs to have an infinite symbol (∞) when you use them in the game. I had them, but hen I tried to give them to a friend who didn't have them, I lost the infinite.

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I just noticed that the infinite symbol didn't post right.
Infinite symbol like a sideways eight.

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From: H3KS4EV3R 3 years ago

How you get them is not modding its a complicated duplication process

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i can give you infinite eggs but not grenades Xbox LIVE gamertag is austiin07

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I think, if you want to get it with a friend. you both would need an xbox live account. play online. and one person gives all of there whatever to the other player that player saves and the player that gave everything doesn't save. I'm not sure if thats it but you could just look it online. Also he could have got it from a friend. and a possible continous cycle of friends give that to friends. For example i got ifinite rotten eggs (only for sealing other wise it wouldn't work) golden eggs, flash, incenedary, the other type of grenades, and infinite and the other bombs that i forgot what their names were, the kind you put on the ground. I got all those from a friend. And no i CAN'T help you for a while, because my game is scracked to were i can't get it to the Resident Evil 5 thing.

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I can give you some stuff, gt is Nayroy.

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Im gonna help you with your not giving away infinites.
In the inventory,if you only have 1 grenade/egg that is infinite and you give it away,you wont have it and you'll have to get some from other people who have it(its pretty widespread nowadays,I currently have 6)

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You can also contact me at Logo1456 (gt) I can give you infinite golden eggs. I can only play six hrs a day on weekends.

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