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Asked: 5 years ago

Are there any bonus weapons with infinite ammo?

Are there any weapons with infinite ammo that can be unlocked in the game?

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From: DNShepard 5 years ago

Infintite Ammo for any weapon in the game can be unlocked after meeting these prerequisites-

- Have that weapon's stats all maxed out
- Have beaten the game on any difficulty

After you've met these requirements you can purchase infinite ammo for that weapon under the bonus features menu.

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To my knowledge, every weapon in the game can be upgraded to have infinite ammo after one playthrough.

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- After you complete the game,this option apearrs when you gonna start a newgame or continue,but you need to buy in "Bonus Feature" and active on Special Settings.

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- max out your weapons
- have completed the game once
- price: ca. 14.000 points to 14.500 [for the M3 infinite ammo]

It was pretty late after the playthrough last night, so I'm not so sure about the price anymore.

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Does it still work if you change the difficulty

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You adjust the infinite ammo before you start the game, so I think it will stay so, even if you change the difficulty.

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Guys need help again , I have bought the infinite ammo for H&K P8 in bonus feature and I turn yes for infinite ammo , but still don't have effect on my game , need help emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm not sure but all i know is that you must use the one that you upgraded it

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Mon7an4 you need actived on Special Features -> Infinite Ammo.
After that you can have the infinite ammo.

The inifinite ammo works in all dificults, and for you and partner.

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Infinite ammo works only for you, not your partner. I co-oped with a friend last night and he had infinite ammo while I had to rely on pickups.

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Well, i dont have test on co-op... in single mode its works, did have buy a new weapon or give yours ?

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Upgrade any Machine Gun/Assault Rifle to MAX, this unlocks the Minigun available for purchase in the inventory menu shop. I believe that this has infinite ammo without the need to purchase it off of the bonus list. You can do the same thing with the rifle series, this will unlock the long bow. Again... i believe that this has unlimited ammo as well.

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I'm not sure but all i know is that you must use the one that you upgraded it. i think that is the best solution

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There are 2 bonus weapons with infinite ammo by default - Gatling Gun and the Bow, Gatling Gun can be only used by Chris and Bow only by Sheva.
Gatling Gun is available for buying by fully upgrading the VZ61 Machine Gun (the first machine gun you obtain in the game) and the Bow is available in the shop after fully upgrading the S75 Rifle (first sniper rifle obtainable).
You can get infinite ammo for any weapon by completing the game once and fully upgrading it, you then need to buy infinite ammo for the desired weapon in the Bonus Features menu with Exchange points.

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