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Asked: 5 years ago

does the split screen really do not utilize the whole screen of the TV?

when I play co-op with my friend on one TV, the split screen leaves some spaces of the TV's screen blank. it doesn't utilize the entire space. is there any way to fix this?

Additional details - 5 years ago currently using a 32inch HD ready. It has a 19:6 ratio if it has anything to do with it. I find it kinda stupid though if the game was programmed not to use the entire screen though.

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Nope have you tried playing it on a smaller TV screen though?

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It does that on my TV as well, im pretty sure they made it this way on purpose. Maybe for a more "dramatic / stylish effect" or any other similar rubbish.

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It does that on my com monitor too when i played wif a friend... sucks really(my com monitor is really big.bigger than my TV

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No i played at 3 of my friends houses and they all had that blank space and its deff programmed to be that way

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On the Xbox360 version no it does not utilize the WHOLE screen but most of it. However, the PS3 does.

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It actually depends on if you are playing in HD or not. If you are on 480p it will use the whole screen but if you are on anything higher it will not.

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