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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
"Defeating" Wesker in Chapter 5-3: Damage or Shots? Answered 5
A really odd glitch on 1-2 against the first Uroburos? Open 1
About last cinematic of game ? Answered 9
Anybody know how to beat chapter 1-2 uroboros without rocket launcher or furnace? Answered 2
Can someone help me beat Ndesu on Professional? Answered 1
Cant beat wesker final battle on Co-Op? Answered 14
Chainsaw Majini Health? Answered 5
Does anyone know how to kill reapers and lickers easily? Answered 7
Does the executioner manjini appear multiple times like the chainsaw one? Answered 5
Getting run over by the bus? Answered 7
Has anyone else noticed? Answered 2
How do i beat (wesker)? Answered 10
How do I beat 2nd Uroboros? Answered 3
How do I beat Duvalia? Answered 1
How do I beat Jill and get the masters of removing achievement? Answered 2
How do I beat lickers fast? Answered 19
How do I beat reapers? Answered 1
How do I beat that long black tentical that you have to blow up with gas cylinders? Answered 5
How do I beat the bat boss? Answered 1
How do I beat the chainsaw-man? Answered 6
How do I beat the hard shelled enemy? Answered 4
How do I beat the zombie with the chain saw? Answered 9
How do I beat Wesker at the very end? Open 4
How do I beat wesker the first time? Answered 7
How do I beat Wesker' in infection form? Answered 6
How do I beat wesker? Answered 7
How do I beat Wesker? Veteran/Professional Answered 9
How do I beat whesker when i run out of ammo? Answered 2
How do I get credit for a kill? Answered 1
How do I get the "Be the Knife" achievement? Answered 4
How do I get the "Go into the Light" achievement? Answered 5
How do I get the "Heart Stopper" achievement? Answered 2
How do I get the "Stop, Drop & Roll" achievement? Answered 2
How do I get the "Who Do You Trust" achievement? Answered 5
How do i get to the other side of the ledge in the last boss level? Answered 7
How do i kill el higante? Answered 3
How do I kill the uroboros thing? Answered 5
How long will it take to beat that black gooey slime creature? Answered 2
How to beat wesker? Open 4
How you defeat those large Triba lAfrican guys? Answered 2
I've Killed Reapers but No credit for the kill? Answered 4
Im playing as Sheva in normal mode but cant beat Weskerat volcano? Open 5
Infinite enemies in chapter 1.1? Answered 1
Is it possible to tale the sunbeams out? Answered 2
Is it possible to use the works on more enemy types? Answered 2
Is Veteran the highest difficulty? Answered 5
Ivring on veteran? Answered 3
Ndesu on Professional difficulty? Answered 1
Promblems with Sheva during the final boss? Answered 3
Rocket Launching Lickers Glitch? Answered 4
Wesker end of chapter 5 fight? Answered 9
Weskers weakness? Answered 5
Who is the boss i have to inflict a certain amount of damage to to get the achievement? Answered 5
why cant I do the context sensitive co-op finishing move on the final boss with out dieing? Answered 7
Item Help status answers
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No infinite ammo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Answered 7
(EPIC SPOILERS) Why don't I have the defult costumes Chris and Sheva (BSAA) in Merc. Reunion? Answered 1
(Possible spoiler?) Question on Rocket launcher Answered 1
(Small unlockables spoilers.) Sheva can't give items to Chris? Answered 1
Accidentally sold everything? Answered 1
all the Gems? Answered 2
Anbody know where to find icendiary drenade in chapter 1-1 to 2-1? Answered 1
any DLC?? Answered 3
Any good places to find a lot of herbs and sprays? Answered 11
Anyone know if I can tell which BSAA emblem I missed? Answered 4
Are there any yellow herbs in the game? Answered 1
Armor? Answered 10
Armors in Proffensional mode? Answered 3
Best Machine Gun? Answered 8
Can anyone find all 3 Ruby (Pear) in the mines? Answered 4
Can I buy ammo? Answered 16
Can I combine eggs with anything? Answered 4
Can one get infinite ammo for the grenade launcher? Answered 2
Can somebody please give me a infinite Golden Egg? Open 2
Can someone give me a rotten egg? Answered 4
Can Someone help me with magnums?! Answered 5
Can u collect the BSAA emblems on any difficulty? Answered 6
Can you be prevented from a rotten egg drop if....? Answered 2
Can you get Infinite Ammo for the Grenade Launcher? Answered 5
Can you put weapons from item slots to inventory? Answered 1
Caves question? Answered 5
Change Sheva's weapon?? Answered 5
Combining treasures? Answered 1
Credit for BSAA emblems? Answered 1
Do I Need To Upgrade The Ultimate Weapons To Get The Achievement? Answered 1
Do special weapons and/or infinite ammo affect ranking? Answered 3
Do the alt. Costumes cost any points? Answered 3
Do you get a new knife? Answered 5
Do you need to buy rocket launcher infinite ammo? Answered 2
Does having two melee and bulletproof vests protect you more? Answered 3
Does swinging your knife decrease accuracy? Answered 2
Does the cattle prode replace the knife? Answered 16
Does the rocket launcher decrease your accuracy if you miss? Answered 3
Dragunov and PSG-1 Snipers? Answered 11
Easiest way to make points??? Answered 5
Egg finding? Answered 4
Egg?? Answered 2
Emeblem trouble number 6 & 7? Answered 3
Gatling Gun Cost? Answered 3
Green and Red Herbs? Answered 1
Handcannon? Answered 3
Heart of africa? Answered 1
Hidden treasure in the Mines (Chapter 2-2)? Answered 9
How can BSAA Jill have a shotgun in team slayers? Answered 2
How can I equip only 1 grenade if my inventory quantity is 6? Answered 2
How can I give weapons to Sheva? Answered 2
How can i rech the box in chapter 2-1? Answered 3
How can I stop Sheva from wasting precious ammo? Answered 2
How can I use the money I've collected in Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape? Answered 1
How do I combine treasures? Answered 1
How do I get all the ruby gems? Answered 1
How do I get the Gatling Gun? Answered 8
How do i get the item at the end? Answered 3
How do I increase Health? Answered 7
How do i sell all Treasure at once? Open 5
How do i unlock charactors for versus? Answered 3
How do I unlock the last figure? Answered 3
How do I unlock the last two extra figures? Open 4
How do i use Infinite ammo in story? Answered 2
How do u get infinite ammo for a weapon? Answered 2
How do you get a rocket launcher with infinite ammo?!?!?! Answered 4
How do you get Red Executioner Axe and Flamethrower? I've seen people with them online. Answered 1
How do you glitch the golden eggs? Answered 3
How do you sell all items at once? Open 2
How do you transfer items to your stockpile in between chapters? Answered 4
How do you unlock characters in versus mode? Answered 3
How do you unlock extra characters for The Mercenaries Reunion? Answered 1
How do you unlock Shiva's Crossbow? *Spoiler* Answered 1
How many treasures are there ? Answered 1
How much we need to pay for unlimited ammo??? Answered 14
How to get more infinite ammo?? Answered 2
How to get things suck as the flamethrougher? Open 2
How to I obtain a rotten egg? Answered 6
How to unlock Samurai Edge? Answered 15
How/Where do I get a gold egg? Answered 4
Hydra or M3 ? Answered 1
I cant use infint rocket? Answered 1
I don't Understand what the ornament is ? Answered 1
I have another question, about armor? Answered 8
If I unlock the Infinite Rocket Launcher in one difficulty, can I carry it over to any difficulty I want? Answered 3
If u buy the bullet proof vest or the melee vest do u have to equip them or just have them on hand? Answered 1
In "The Marshlands", if you kill all of the alligators, do you get any treasure? Answered 1
Infinate ammo for my shotgun? Answered 1
Infinate Launcher *BIG PROBLEM*? Open 10
Infinite Ammo - Beat Story Mode & Fully Upgraded M3 - Can't access menu! Ideas?? Answered 4
Infinite ammo for the Beretta 92f? Answered 8
Infinite ammo half way through the new game+? Answered 1
Infinite ammo not working? Answered 5
Infinite Ammo? Answered 6
Infinite ammo??? Answered 1
Infinite grenades/eggs? Answered 6
Is a L.Hawk a DEagle? Answered 3
Is accuracy based on whether you hit there head? Answered 2
Is Hydra the best shotgun? Answered 30
Is it 5 hours on one run through? Answered 5
Is it possible to turn infinite ammo on/off? Answered 3
Is there a fourth pistol? Answered 1
Is there any way to get the Px4? (Slight Spoilers) Answered 4
Is there only 9 inventory spots? Answered 5
List of weapons? Answered 2
Locations for rotten eggs? Answered 5
Locations of the BSAA Emblems? Open 1
Negative infinite eggs? Unanswered 0
No infinite ammo for 2nd player ?? Answered 3
No one noticed the advantages of the S&W M29? Answered 1
PRL laser? Answered 1
Regarding the Wesker (Rare) figurine? Answered 2
Selling Weapons? Answered 6
Sheva and the gatling gun? Answered 1
Sheva's bow as a split screen 2nd player? Answered 4
Sheva's Longbow? Answered 6
Should i buy the S&W M500 ? Answered 6
Special Costumes and Vests? Answered 3
Stockpile Acheivment? Answered 1
Stockpile? Answered 1
Switching or trading guns. What happenned? Answered 10
Take it to the Max Achievement question? Answered 1
The 4 eggs? Answered 3
The Melee suit and Bullet Proof suit? Answered 1
The Mercenaries bonus weapon? Answered 2
The vz61? Answered 5
There is a cheat for unlimited ammo ? Answered 3
To get the achievement "they belong in a mesuem" do I have to collect all stones or one of each kind? Answered 3
Treasures? Answered 2
Trouble with the Topaz Marquis? Answered 2
Use of machine guns? Answered 3
Using the grenade launcher? Answered 3
Visual Upgrades? Answered 5
Weapon upgrading and inf. ammo? Answered 1
What about the armor? Answered 1
What are four unlimited guns I should use on a pro runthrough? Answered 5
What are the last 2 figures in Extra Figures and how do I get them? Answered 1
What buttons do I need to press in order to use the Flash Grenade? Answered 6
What can you kill with a flash grenade??? Answered 3
What do the blue-green plates do? Answered 2
What do you get for collecting all the emblems? Answered 2
What does a stun rod does??? Answered 4
What does sheva look like in tribal and wat does chris look like in his other outfit? Answered 1
What if i give sheva one my weapons? Answered 4
What is the best chapter (or portion of a chapter) to replay for items, ammo, gold, etc.? Answered 5
What is the Best Weapon To Have Infinite Ammo For??? Answered 8
What is the critical headshot of the m92f? Open 2
What's better to use first?... Answered 22
What's so special about rotten eggs? Answered 13
When do you get gatling gun? Answered 1
Where can I find (Magnum ammo)? Answered 5
Where can I find a rotten egg? Answered 9
Where can I find alot of ammo? Answered 7
Where can I find an emerald square? Answered 1
Where can I find Diamond(Marquis)? Answered 3
Where can I find heart of africa? Answered 6
Where can I find infinite ammo guns??? Answered 1
Where can I find Infinite grenade launcher? Answered 6
Where can I find more magnum ammo to defeat the chainsaw majinis in chapter 3-2? Answered 5
Where can I find Oval topaz? Answered 10
Where can I find Ruby ( Marquise )? Answered 1
Where can I find Ruby (Brilliant) at? Answered 4
Where can I find the 2 keycards at on level 6-1? Answered 1
Where can I find the four badges ? Answered 3
Where can I find the special settings? Answered 2
Where can I get handgun? Answered 3
Where can I get the flamethrower? Answered 1
Where do i get the Topaz(Oval) treasure From? Answered 1
Why am I finding rifle ammo early, but not magnum? Answered 16
why do no guides Detail the sell cost of ammo? Answered 1
Will I lose my items if I play online co-op? Answered 7
Level Help status answers
6-3 ?Defeating fat gun guys? Answered 7
Advice on head shot archievement? Answered 2
Anyone having this problem? Open 1
Can some one help me at mercs? Open 4
Can someone define three different difficulty levels? Answered 3
Chapter 5-3 - Jill? Answered 3
Difficulty levels and carried-over items?? Answered 4
Do I get anything for "5 Star"ing Mercs? Answered 2
Efficiently getting S rank on all chapters? Answered 2
Help me with 1-1 speed run? Answered 10
how can I get S rank in marshlands,caves and maindeck ? Open 1
How do i get a "S" in level 6-2? Answered 1
How do I get past (1-1) on Professional? Answered 7
How do I get past (3-3) on professional? Answered 2
How do I get past level 2-1? Answered 2
How do I get past level 5-3 on Professional? Open 9
How do I get past the crocodiles in the water? Open 14
How do I get past the ship deck in mercenaries? Open 1
How do I get S Rank on Level 6-2? Answered 1
How do i get Sheva out of that cage? Mission 6-1 Answered 3
How to get hit combo Achievement? Open 4
I beat the game, but it still says I haven't beat chapters 3-1 and 6-3??? please help me! Answered 1
I'm having a little trouble on the first wesker fight with jill, any help? Answered 4
Is there a way to disable the mines that locals have putted??? Answered 1
Is There Any Good Strategy For Mercenaries??? Answered 25
LiN enemy and weapon data? Answered 1
Merc help? Answered 3
Mercenaries CO-OP Scoring....? Open 4
Need help Resident evil 5 level 6.3 on the xbox 360? Open 10
On chapter 5 part 2, how do i kill the Uroboros thing? Answered 6
On the chapter that has the marshlands how do i get past the gators without them killing me? Answered 1
Serect For Beating the Bonus Mode? Open 1
The Mercanaries? Answered 1
What is new game+? Answered 2
Whats the best way to get a fast time on chapter 1-1? Answered 3
When beating a lvl? Answered 2
Why is every mission on professional mode impossible? Answered 3
Strategy Help status answers
Any tips for beating the game in under 5 hours? Answered 5
Are the Ultimate weapons worth it? Answered 20
Best 2-human-player loadout? Open 3
Best way to farm gold? Answered 8
Best weapons to upgrade in a first playthrough? Answered 16
Can anyone tell me what is the strategy to beat professional difficulty? Open 13
Can someone give me infinite rotten eggs? Unanswered 0
Can you unlock the DLC achievements in player matches, such as the 30 wins achievements? Answered 1
Chain kills in mercenaries? Answered 2
Defeate Wesker on professional mode in 5-3? Answered 3
Does anyone play mercenaries mode? Open 5
Extremely fast Rocket Launcher using? Answered 1
Getting infinite ammo efficiently? Answered 9
Has anyone beat it on professional without any items carried over? Answered 11
Health Upgrade? Answered 2
Help with wesker's dash attack? Answered 1
How can i get " Who do you trust " Achievement? Answered 1
How do I get an S ranking on 6-2? Answered 3
How do i get high points in mercs easy? Answered 2
How do you chain/combo the "X" button attacks? Answered 5
How do you get sheva to pick up ammo? Answered 4
How many times do u have to try to pull the thing off jill? Open 8
How many weapons should i focus on? Answered 1
How to beat the merc mode easily??? Open 8
How to do Co-op Actions and Request Commands? Answered 2
How to get achievement to kill two majini's at once with a flash grenamde? Answered 1
If a friend is playing with you on splitscreen, does he get the acheivements too? Answered 1
If someone on the other vs team quits, does it count as a win? Answered 4
Im in chapter 3-2.. Which guns should I take? Answered 4
Is there an easier wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mercenaries to get wesker in the mines besides 40,000 points???? Answered 4
Lead Aspirin Achievement? Answered 7
Lead Aspirin? Answered 1
Merc point system? Answered 4
Pro mode? Answered 1
Professional mode? Open 4
Should i upgrade to get a G93R or a Hydra? Answered 2
Strategy for Proffesional? Answered 5
The "It belongs in a museum" achievement? Answered 1
Trophy: Bringing The Pain???? Answered 3
Trying pro mode with no inf ammo/carried overed guns? Answered 2
Upgrading order? Answered 2
Versus Mode Difficulty? Open 3
Wesker's dash attack in Mercenaries Mode? Answered 1
What are good camping spots in mercenaies? Answered 1
What are the srongest (best weapons) for each weapon type? eg pistol Answered 8
What are those achievements like Stab a certain enemy i the heart? and how do you get them? Answered 3
What is better, unlimited ammo PSG-1 or Dragonav? Answered 10
What is the average time per chapter to finish under 5 hours? Open 11
What is the best gun in each category of weapons? Answered 4
What is the best strategy for "Heart Stopper"? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for 6-3 Wesker fight? Answered 3
What is the best strategy for a Handgun Run on Professional? Open 1
What is the best strategy for Haymaker? Answered 3
What is the best strategy for Jill battlesuit on experimental facility? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for Mercenaries? Answered 6
What is the best strategy for prison? Open 1
What is the best strategy for ship deck? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for the "Drive By" Achievement? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for versus achievements? Open 1
What is the best type of weapons to give to AI Sheva? Answered 2
What is the best way for deflect a bow with my knife ? Answered 1
What is the fastest way to earn Bonus points to unlock the figures and infinite ammo? Answered 5
What weapons do the characters have in versus mode? Open 2
What weapons should i focus on? Answered 2
What's the fastest way to earn money? Answered 24
Whats the best place to get "stop,drop and roll"? Answered 1
Who is the best person to use for Mercs? Answered 1
Would this money farming method work? Answered 1
Your speed with the gatling gun? Answered 1
Technical Help status answers
A small problem with Gold Edition? Open 2
Achievement for getting all weapons? Answered 3
Aren't I supposed to be able to save and restart from an actual checkpoint? Open 3
Can you do split-screen co-op in gold edition? Answered 1
Can't get infinite ammo on RPG? Answered 3
Corrupted files? Open 3
Do files and other items unlock for Chris/host only? Open 3
Does new game + reset your chapter select? Answered 3
Does the golden egg glitch effect your acheivments? Open 3
Error on Getaway achievement? Answered 1
How can i recovered co-op save games? Open 11
How do I get an S ranking on the chapter 6-3? Answered 3
How do you find out the total time you have completed the game? Open 3
How do you get the obtain all the weapons achievement? Answered 2
How to delete Updates? Open 6
How to get Co-Op system link working? Answered 2
How to get second player into the Compaing? it's in offline game. Open 4
I beat the game but the game but it says i still need to do a level? Answered 2
I can't access my downloadable content/ game add ons for Resident evil 5. HELP? Open 1
In co-op, why can't give my guns to my friend? Open 1
Is anyone getting black lines through their game? Answered 1
Is resident evil 5 OFFLINE co-op??? Answered 1
Is Save/Quit disabled on the DLC? Answered 1
Is there any way for my co op partner to use my weapon stockpile? Answered 3
Is there anyway to play without gamertag and still able to save game? Open 1
Me & my friend want to save game RE 5 in 1 console(no co-op mode),,,can we? Open 1
Mercenaries reunion ? Open 1
My friend can't join my game in co-op (why?) Answered 10
My resident evil 5 game doesn't work properly. Could someone help me? Open 3
On my Resident Evil 5 game, the first level of story mode and mercenaries does not work. Please help? Open 3
Red light of death.? Answered 4
Second file? Answered 1
Stopping the Multi-Player 60 second countdown? Answered 1
System Link Help?! Answered 1
The Disc is unreadable? Open 1
Unable to load my save? Open 4
Undreadable disk? Open 2
Versus Mode Issues? Answered 2
Versus Mode?!? Answered 3
Why am I having trouble upgrading weapons? Answered 2
Why can't I get the chapter completion achievements? Answered 3
Why can't I Plays Mercs Reunion? Answered 1
Why cant i get co-op to work on live? HELP!!! Open 4
Why didn't it save our co-op offline game? Open 2
Why does my game keep freezing on the same spot every time? Open 6
Why does the game keep telling me (j'aime les bites? Answered 4
Why does the game keep telling me_1? Answered 1
Why does xbox live not have desperate escape as dlc? Open 1
Why everytime I send a game invite why does it always say "session cancelled" on the receiving end? Answered 3
Why is Mercenaries Mode available for me, but I can't play it? Open 2
Why is my Lost in Nightmares progress not saving? Answered 1
Why is the Network Connection option not working? Open 1
Why wont versus work (beat the game already)? Open 2
Other Help status answers
(create your owDoes this game have split screen co-op?n question) Answered 2
2-Player character selection? Answered 1
A Little HELP please????.....:S Answered 4
A Rank? Open 4
Ability to use mic? Answered 3
About Jill...? Answered 7
Acheivements and Co-op? Answered 1
Achievment help? Answered 2
Additional clothes? Answered 1
Ai question? Answered 4
All downloads for this game? Answered 1
All the gems in re5? Open 2
All Weapons? Answered 2
Alternate costumes for player 2 in split-screen co-op? Answered 1
Alternate Licker? Answered 4
Any1help with connecting to xbox live? Answered 2
Anybody know how shotgun damage is calculated? Answered 2
Anyone know why the "harder" the difficulties are actually easier? Answered 6
Are Achievements unattainable with Infinite Ammo turned on? Answered 2
Are there any bonus weapons with infinite ammo? Answered 14
Are they ever gonna release new mercenary characters and customes as DLC? Answered 3
Beating game under 5 hours? Open 3
Can I go back in levels? Answered 1
Can i have the infinite rpg if i already beat the game? Answered 1
Can I play versus mode with two players in the same xbox? Answered 2
Can i remove the update? Open 1
Can i skip a level without playing the whole game? Open 4
Can someone help me? Answered 4
Can wesker do anthing other than his dash attack? Answered 2
Can you capsize the boat in 3-1? Answered 1
Can you get Egg Hunt achievement on Mercs Mode? Answered 3
Can you move items from your characters into your inventory? Answered 2
Can You Repeat a Rank in Mercenaries to Earn More Points? Answered 1
Can you replay levels for more money? Answered 8
Can you save the blonde damsel in distress in Chapter 1? Answered 1
Can you save the game manually? Answered 1
Can you turn auto save off? Answered 1
Can you use a reticule instead of the laser sight? Answered 7
Can you walk and shot? Answered 4
Can your friend jump in and out at any time in co-op? Answered 4
Chapter 3-1? Answered 2
Chapter 5-2 lights on/off? Answered 2
Character selection for Single Player? Answered 1
Character Unlocks? Open 7
Characters in Mercanaries Mode? Answered 4
Co-op infinite Ammo? Answered 3
Co-op player not credited for beating the game? Open 3
Completion achievements? Answered 1
Danger symbols next to names? Answered 1
Different physical attacks in mercenaries reunion? Answered 2
DLC for Resident Evil 5? Open 3
DLC on xbox360 for silver accounts? Open 2
Do achievements stack? Answered 3
Do all weapons need to be upgraded in inventory for Take It To The Max? Answered 7
Do both players need professional mode unlocked to play it together? Answered 1
Do difficulty change the amount of stuff you get? Answered 4
Do items (weapons and treasure) carry over? Answered 3
Do the filters stack? Answered 3
Do the manjinis upgrade? Answered 1
Do they ever plan uncenssoring the gore? Open 3
Do u need to beat the game for golden eggs? Answered 2
Do you get anything special for beating pro difficulty? Answered 1
Do you have to beat the game on each difficulty level to complete the game 100%? Answered 1
Do You Need To Buy All Your Weapons In Order To Get The Stockpile Achievement? Answered 4
Do you need to keep your wepons for maxed out achienmet? Open 5
Do you still get avhievements if infinite ammo is on? Answered 5
DOES any of u guys play veterain? Answered 6
Does anyone know of Wesker's sexual orientation? Answered 4
does anyone know what DLC gets you the Mercenaries Reunion? Answered 2
Does playing RE5 remind anyone else of the movie Blackhawk Down? Open 6
Does RE:5 do that lame thing where if you do a chapter in co-op you don't get credit for it? Answered 1
Does s rank have to be in the same difficulty grade? Answered 1
Does shooting barrels count against accuracy? Answered 3
Does the Eye of the Tiger Achievement require 4 players? Answered 3
does the split screen really do not utilize the whole screen of the TV? Open 6
Does this game have split screen co-op? Answered 10
Does this game support gamepad cheats? Answered 1
Does Unlimited ammuntion cheat stop you from getting War Hero Achievement? Answered 3
Dual infinite launchers? Answered 2
EGG glitch? Answered 1
Flag? Open 1
For the new game plus, can you choose the difficulty to play on? Answered 2
Fresh run-through? Open 1
Gatling Gun Help? Answered 1
Getting points quickly? Answered 3
Gotten Infinite Ammo for the Pistol, selected yes for weapons with infinite ammo, so why can't i use it? Answered 7
Help me? Open 2
Help Stuck at the beginning in Butcher shop? Open 2
History of Resident Evil? Answered 8
How can i pass the crocs in marshislands? Open 5
How can I play "OFFLINE" co-op??? Answered 1
How can i play split-screen mode? Answered 2
How do i change my weopon in mercs mode? Answered 3
How do I get infinite ammo? Answered 3
How do I get one character all weapons? Answered 2
How do i get the "who do you trust"achievement? Answered 5
How do i get these achievements??? Answered 4
How do i give the comp partner, the wepons my real partner got ? Open 2
How do I increase my accuracy in this game? Answered 4
How do i make easy money? Answered 3
How do I save my weapons for the 2nd player? Open 1
How do I unlock lost in nightmares? Answered 2
How do I unlock Mercenaries? Answered 1
How do I unlock new characters in mercenaries mode? Answered 2
How do I unlock the costumes and the misc. weapons? Answered 1
How do I use my headset? Open 2
How do I use the Infinite item glitch (Infinite Golden eggs for ex. ) to acquire Inf. Grenade rounds? Open 3
How do u get ai partner to flick switches?? Answered 1
How do you get costumes to work for both players offline co-op? Open 1
How do you get figures or figurines? Answered 1
How do you get Files 7-8?!!!! Answered 1
How do you make a lot of money? Open 7
How do you move the rock into the lava? Open 2
How do you play Sheva in story mode? Answered 2
How do you play two player with two contoller in a same xbox360? Open 5
How do you S-Grade the penultimate chapter? Answered 2
How does items/upgrading work in multiplayer? Answered 1
How does someone that has not beat the game play with someone who is farther than them all the way throw the game? Open 4
how long does it take to beat the DLC? Answered 1
How long does this game take to do 100%? Open 4
How long is the story mode? Answered 1
How many Points in Merc Mode for A Ranking? Answered 4
How many rotten eggs do you need to preform the rotten egg glitch? Answered 1
How to (if possible) open treasure box in chapter 2-1? Answered 2
How to play with friends online? Open 1
How to recover a lost -overwritten- save?? Open 1
How to say 'good teamwork'? Open 2
How's this selling in japan? Answered 7
How??? Answered 1
I can't find all the treasure i'm missing only eight i think? Open 1
I might buy the game but is it worth it? Answered 2
I started a new game but...? Answered 1
I think capcon needs to bring back the scary parts in resident evil games? Open 1
I was reading that the ps3 version has glitches? Answered 6
If I complete a co-op game as player 2, will I still unlock Sheva for single play? Answered 2
If I play one player does that change the two player checkpoint? Open 2
If I start a game on ameture, do I have to play the whole game on ameture? Open 5
If you die does that affect the time? Answered 2
In mercenaries how many chests and time bonuses are there? Answered 2
In mercenaries mode is their co-op offline splitscreen? Answered 2
Inf ammo weapons...? Answered 1
Interactive cutscenes question? Answered 3
Is Chris doing steroids? Answered 5
Is Claire Redfield in the game ? Open 6
Is HUNK in this game? Answered 1
Is it possible to upgrade the grenade launcher? Answered 8
Is it worth versus? Answered 3
is RE5 worth buying if you didn't play the other RE games? Answered 1
Is resdent evil 5 full game co-op? Answered 2
Is resident evil 5 hard? Open 2
Is that ax man from the trailers in the game? Answered 9
Is that possible? Answered 2
Is the Coop drop in <> drop out? Answered 1
Is the DLC spiltscreen? Answered 1
Is the merchant from RE:4 in the game? Answered 2
Is there a easy difficulty option? Answered 1
Is there a way to get exchange points faster? Open 1
Is there a way to open the shut door on chapter 3.1? Answered 2
Is there a way you can aim and your gun and move at the same time? Answered 3
Is there another...? Answered 2
Is there offline 2-player mode? Answered 1
Is this a glitch? Answered 2
Is this game 1st person? Answered 1
Is this game close to RE4 good? Answered 12
Is Versus available for local multiplayer? Open 3
Isaid thanks? Answered 3
Just asking-is this game good, long, not a waste of money? Answered 3
Last Action Figure Is? Answered 1
Leader board Pictures? Answered 2
Leaderboards? Answered 3
Lefties question? Answered 2
Leon Kennidy? Open 3
Level Achievments qlitch? Answered 5
Masters of Removing? Answered 7
Merc Mode? Answered 2
mercainairies Charater reguest? Answered 1
Mercenarys Teams? Answered 1
Mercinaries, How to beat chainsaw manjis? Answered 4
Mountain goat? Answered 2
Must you live with Sheva's mirrored view angle? Answered 3
Need Advice? Answered 2
New Achievements?? Open 3
New game plus? Answered 2
New Game? Open 3
Not a RE question but how awesome would it be? Answered 1
Offline multiplayer???? Open 2
On Gold edition, Where are the dlcs codes or are there in a cd? Open 1
On the points needed to buy bonus features....? Answered 3
Online weapons? Answered 1
Per-orded??? Open 4
Playing versus with random people? Open 2
Plz answer guys???? just want to know? Open 19
Professional mode achievment? Open 3
Professional Mode Question!!? Answered 2
Props and awards? Answered 3
Public Assembly? Answered 3
Questions about switching between solo and co-op? Answered 1
re5 DLC question?? Open 3
Resident Evil 2 Scenario Question? Answered 2
Resident Evil 6? Open 6
Sheva collecting money/coins? Answered 1
Should I buy this game? Answered 7
Should i get it? Answered 2
Skin issues? Open 1
Switching between co-op and single player? Open 1
System link and Mercenaries??? Open 1
Sytem Linking? Open 1
Treasure on Ship Deck occurences? Open 2
Treasures in shanty town? Answered 2
Unlimited eggs... how? Open 3
Unlocking DLC Costumes? Answered 1
Upgraded Gun Unlimited ammo? Open 3
Versus? Answered 1
Wesker (rare) figurine? Answered 5
Wesker's powers?....(spoilers!) Answered 1
Weskers black trenchcoat? Answered 1
What are the drawbacks to coop? Answered 5
What are the odds on a RE6? Answered 11
What Bonus is unlocked from an S-Ranking in all Chapters? Answered 1
What buttons do i press to do the tricks for midnight weskers speed dash? Open 2
What currency is being used in the game? Answered 2
What do I do with treasures? Open 4
What do you get if you beat the mercenaries mini game? Answered 4
What does attack reaction mean? Answered 4
What does getting 100% in accuracy and filling up the bars from green to blue accomplish in records menu? Answered 1
What does Sheva says in the action figure?? Open 3
What does strafe mean? Answered 4
What figurine do you unlock for beating all missions with S ranking? Answered 4
What happened to moving while shooting? Answered 3
What happens to the guy that you meet in the butcher shop in the beginning? Answered 1
What happens when you beat the first boss? Answered 8
What happens with weapon upgrades when you sell a weapon? Open 6
What is leaderboards? Answered 1
What is the exclamation point in the join game menu? Answered 1
What is the glitch for the rotten egg? Answered 2
What is the health like? Answered 2
What is the max Ammo the VZ16 machinegun can hold(I'm on 260)? Answered 1
What is the point of sitting in the chair? Answered 2
What is the purpose for the Blonde American Chick? Answered 5
What is the quickeist way to make money? Open 4
What makes this game so great? Answered 4
What update did they just release(somehwere from July 20th to 25th)? Answered 1
Whats an easy way to earn points in mercenaries? Open 3
Whats the difference between the regular game and the collectors edition? Answered 7
When do i get more available item slots? Answered 2
When joining a co-op game whos inventory do I use? Answered 1
When playing co-op, is it possible for your partner to have inf. ammo? Answered 6
When selecting new game+ do you lose your previous chapter ranks and progress? Answered 4
When the host ends the session in Versus, do you not get the win? Open 3
When will the new DLC come out and how much will it cost? Answered 2
When you play Co-op do both profiles keep all items? Open 2
Where are all the blue emblems? Open 1
Where did all of my add-ons go (aka, plug-ins)? Open 1
Where did Chris's guns go? Answered 2
Where is emblem 12? (3-1) Open 8
Where is the best place to get the ride the lightning achievement? Answered 2
Where is the first emblem? Answered 1
Where is the old biulding in 1-2? Answered 1
Which rifle should i get? Answered 4
Which weapons is Sheva good and accurate with? Answered 5
Who do you get the "Bad Blood" achivment? Answered 4
Who is better?? Answered 4
Who is in The Mercenaires? Answered 3
Who is the person under the crow mask who helps irving? Answered 3
Who is the special person i have to help to get the achievement? Answered 1
Why can't second player use these features..? Answered 1
Why does it keep saying you've failed mercenaries mode? Answered 4
Why does Omegamustard post his gamertag in his FAQ? Answered 3
Why does the executioner majini apears 1 time? Answered 9
Will there be new achievements with the new DLC? Answered 2
Wrong answered question? Answered 7

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