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Open Questions

Technical Help status answers
A small problem with Gold Edition? Open 2
Aren't I supposed to be able to save and restart from an actual checkpoint? Open 3
Corrupted files? Open 3
Do files and other items unlock for Chris/host only? Open 3
Does the golden egg glitch effect your acheivments? Open 3
How can i recovered co-op save games? Open 11
How do you find out the total time you have completed the game? Open 3
How to delete Updates? Open 6
How to get second player into the Compaing? it's in offline game. Open 4
I can't access my downloadable content/ game add ons for Resident evil 5. HELP? Open 1
In co-op, why can't give my guns to my friend? Open 1
Is there anyway to play without gamertag and still able to save game? Open 1
Me & my friend want to save game RE 5 in 1 console(no co-op mode),,,can we? Open 1
Mercenaries reunion ? Open 1
My resident evil 5 game doesn't work properly. Could someone help me? Open 3
On my Resident Evil 5 game, the first level of story mode and mercenaries does not work. Please help? Open 3
The Disc is unreadable? Open 1
Unable to load my save? Open 4
Undreadable disk? Open 2
Why cant i get co-op to work on live? HELP!!! Open 4
Why didn't it save our co-op offline game? Open 2
Why does my game keep freezing on the same spot every time? Open 6
Why does xbox live not have desperate escape as dlc? Open 1
Why is Mercenaries Mode available for me, but I can't play it? Open 2
Why is the Network Connection option not working? Open 1
Why wont versus work (beat the game already)? Open 2
Other Help status answers
A Rank? Open 4
All the gems in re5? Open 2
Beating game under 5 hours? Open 3
Can i remove the update? Open 1
Can i skip a level without playing the whole game? Open 4
Character Unlocks? Open 7
Co-op player not credited for beating the game? Open 3
DLC for Resident Evil 5? Open 3
DLC on xbox360 for silver accounts? Open 2
Do they ever plan uncenssoring the gore? Open 3
Do you need to keep your wepons for maxed out achienmet? Open 5
Does playing RE5 remind anyone else of the movie Blackhawk Down? Open 6
does the split screen really do not utilize the whole screen of the TV? Open 6
Flag? Open 1
Fresh run-through? Open 1
Help me? Open 2
Help Stuck at the beginning in Butcher shop? Open 2
How can i pass the crocs in marshislands? Open 5
How do i give the comp partner, the wepons my real partner got ? Open 2
How do I save my weapons for the 2nd player? Open 1
How do I use my headset? Open 2
How do I use the Infinite item glitch (Infinite Golden eggs for ex. ) to acquire Inf. Grenade rounds? Open 3
How do you get costumes to work for both players offline co-op? Open 1
How do you make a lot of money? Open 7
How do you move the rock into the lava? Open 2
How do you play two player with two contoller in a same xbox360? Open 5
How does someone that has not beat the game play with someone who is farther than them all the way throw the game? Open 4
How long does this game take to do 100%? Open 4
How to play with friends online? Open 1
How to recover a lost -overwritten- save?? Open 1
How to say 'good teamwork'? Open 2
I can't find all the treasure i'm missing only eight i think? Open 1
I think capcon needs to bring back the scary parts in resident evil games? Open 1
If I play one player does that change the two player checkpoint? Open 2
If I start a game on ameture, do I have to play the whole game on ameture? Open 5
Is Claire Redfield in the game ? Open 6
Is resident evil 5 hard? Open 2
Is there a way to get exchange points faster? Open 1
Is Versus available for local multiplayer? Open 3
Leon Kennidy? Open 3
New Achievements?? Open 3
New Game? Open 3
Offline multiplayer???? Open 2
On Gold edition, Where are the dlcs codes or are there in a cd? Open 1
Per-orded??? Open 4
Playing versus with random people? Open 2
Plz answer guys???? just want to know? Open 19
Professional mode achievment? Open 3
re5 DLC question?? Open 3
Resident Evil 6? Open 6
Skin issues? Open 1
Switching between co-op and single player? Open 1
System link and Mercenaries??? Open 1
Sytem Linking? Open 1
Treasure on Ship Deck occurences? Open 2
Unlimited eggs... how? Open 3
Upgraded Gun Unlimited ammo? Open 3
What buttons do i press to do the tricks for midnight weskers speed dash? Open 2
What do I do with treasures? Open 4
What does Sheva says in the action figure?? Open 3
What happens with weapon upgrades when you sell a weapon? Open 6
What is the quickeist way to make money? Open 4
Whats an easy way to earn points in mercenaries? Open 3
When the host ends the session in Versus, do you not get the win? Open 3
When you play Co-op do both profiles keep all items? Open 2
Where are all the blue emblems? Open 1
Where did all of my add-ons go (aka, plug-ins)? Open 1
Where is emblem 12? (3-1) Open 8

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