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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past level 5?

I keep dying on that bike, and how do i best beat the hounds as well.

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From: Lazin 5 years ago

Don't look at this like a regular level where you stop and fight, just drive and don't worry about killing stuff unless you have to or are going for the quest.

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Just book it dog! Swerve from side to side and try to take out the zombie dogs with well timed sword slashes before they can take a chunk out of that pretty hide. You just have to hold out for a certain distance and the mission ends abruptly. Also, if the dogs really start ganging up on you try hitting A then doing a 360 by hitting A again to lose some.

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Keep using the triggers to go left or right to ram into dogs. I didn't even get hit on that level once.

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Just drive forward, swerve from side to side and swing your sword to beat away the dogs. Also avoid killing zombie cops on that level, it spawns a large pack of hounds and makes it things a lot more difficult

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Flatten the dogs buy driving reckless. You end up running them over when they try to hit you.

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Just keep moving. If the dogs cluster too much, use the right or left trigger to ram into them and knock them away. Also, use the sword to kill them off when you can. The B button activates a wheelie attack that's useful for just grinding right through the crowds of human zombies and can also sometimes keep the hounds off your back for a little while.

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Oh, and one thing I forgot -- if you're trying to clear the level rather than finish the quest, avoid the Y button. It performs a quick-turn that damages all zombies around you when you perform it... but also briefly stops the motorcycle and turns it around to face the other direction. Very useful if you're trying to clear the quest for this level, as it can help you take out a lot of zombies at once. If you're trying to clear the level itself, it'll likely just get you eaten.

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I didn't die on this level, but I ALMOST did. To prevent dying on subsequent goes, I just set the controller on the ground, held down A with one finger and mashed on X (sword) with the other. It's probably not necessary to put the controller down... I just have a bad thumb and it was starting to hurt it!

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Here's what I did:
Hold A to keep moving and keep the control stick pointed forward. Whenever a hound gets next to you, press the trigger of the side that it's on. This will cause you to ram it away (and even counts as a kill). It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes this way. Good luck!

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