• Password to unlock Krone for multiplayer use

    To enter this password go to the options menu, select multiplayer, Select "Model" Then press left once on the directional pad to highlight Krone, Press Y then type in the password shown here.

    RXYMCPENCJUnlocks Krone for use in multiplayer

    Contributed By: xmagxus.


  • Achievements

    Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Airborne - Casual (10)Complete Act 5 "Airborne" on Casual difficulty
    Airborne - Elite (20)Complete Act 5 "Airborne" on Elite difficulty
    Airborne - Skilled (15)Complete Act 5 "Airborne" on Skilled difficulty
    All Fall Down (10)Kill 3 enemies at one time during Time Stop
    Alpha District - Casual (10)Complete Act 1 "Alpha District" on Casual difficulty
    Alpha District - Elite (20)Complete Act 1 "Alpha District" on Elite difficulty
    Alpha District - Skilled (15)Complete Act 1 "Alpha District" on Skilled difficulty
    Alpha District Revisited-Casual (40)Complete Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Casual difficulty
    Alpha District Revisited-Elite (70)Complete Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Elite difficulty
    Alpha District Revisited-Skilled (55)Complete Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Skilled difficulty
    Anytime, Anyplace (25)Win a Ranked match on every map
    Are You Cheating? (20)Score 30 headshots with any weapon in multiplayer games
    Beginner's Luck (15)Complete a level without dying on Casual difficulty
    Berserker (30)Go on a Reaper Spree
    Boy in the Bubble (30)Score 30 kills while trapped in a Time Grenade
    Bullets Are Expensive (20)Kill 25 opponents with melee attacks in multiplayer games
    Death-Proof (35)Complete a level without dying on Elite difficulty
    Did I Do That? (30)Score a Fury Kill
    Disarmed! (15)Shoot 5 weapons out of enemy hands
    DLC 1 Expert (25)Win ranked match on every map in DLC 1.
    DLC 2 Expert (25)Win ranked match on every map in DLC 2.
    Flag Snag! (25)Throw reverse grenade in CTF mode on enemy who carries your flag
    Get It Off Me! (5)Remove a stuck Clutch Grenade using Time Powers
    Have It Your Way (10)Host and complete 10 games with custom presets
    I Don't Rent, I Own (25)Win a Ranked Deathmatch game by at least 5 kills
    Jack of All Frags (25)Win a Ranked match in every game mode
    Jump of the year! (25)Use time powers or time fields to prevent falling damage 3 times.
    Keep Away! (25)Win a Ranked Capture the Flag game without the other team capturing your flag
    King Me! (25)Win a Ranked King of Time game by at least 5 kills
    Look What I Can Do (5)Walk on water using Time Powers
    Master Miner--Crowned! (25)Get 25 kills using land or laser mines.
    Munitions Plant - Casual (10)Complete Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Casual difficulty
    Munitions Plant - Elite (20)Complete Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Elite difficulty
    Munitions Plant - Skilled (15)Complete Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Skilled difficulty
    MVP (20)Capture 25 flags in Capture the Flag
    Not Even Close (25)Win a Ranked 1v1 game without dying once
    Nuclear Winter Wonderland (25)Win a Ranked Meltdown Madness game by at least 30 seconds.
    Off. Off. Damned Clutch… (25)Reverse clutch grenade from yourself 3 times in multiplayer.
    Pickpocket (10)Swipe 10 weapons out of enemy hands using Time Powers
    Regicide Rules! (25)Kill king in King of Time mode 25 times.
    Ride My Rockets! (25)Use rocket launcher 11 times to kill opponent while he is in the air. Low gravity mode will help.
    That Guy Is Swift (25)Complete a level without dying on Skilled difficulty
    The First of Many (10)Win a Ranked match
    The Forgotten - Casual (10)Complete Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Casual difficulty
    The Forgotten - Elite (20)Complete Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Elite difficulty
    The Forgotten - Skilled (15)Complete Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Skilled difficulty
    The Stronghold - Casual (10)Complete Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Casual difficulty
    The Stronghold - Elite (20)Complete Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Elite difficulty
    The Stronghold - Skilled (15)Complete Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Skilled difficulty
    TimeShift Champion (50)Win 100 multiplayer games
    TimeShift Veteran (25)Play 100 multiplayer games
    Very Gracious (15)Host a dedicated server for 48 hours total then quit
    Yoink! (20)Retrieve 50 flags in Capture the Flag
    You can't catch me! (25)Use your time shield to escape from any time field 25 times.
    You won't even know how! (25)Throw reverse grenade when opponent is shooting you. Kill your opponent 3 times with his own shots.
    You're It (10)Tag 15 enemies with Clutch Grenades
    …Is On Your Side (25)Kill 50 opponents in Time Grenades or Time Fields

    Contributed By: Guard Master and Shadow..

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