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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i beat the game im only 93% in two sonics story i need help ?

After u beat the 3 trials and beat the castle i cant get any further help plz

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After "Kingdom Valley" and a scene with Sonic, Silver and Blaze, you end up in Soleanna Castle Town after going back in time. First, go and talk to Lord Regis. He will tell you that there are 3 bells around this part of the town. Ring all 3 of them to gain access to the final stage "Aquatic Base". If you take too long trying to get to a bell after ringing the first one, then the bell you rang first will stop and you will have to ring it again. You have to get all 3 bells ringing to open the gate to gain passage to the last stage. The last stage is located at one end of the long bridge in a circular building.

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