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emerald flies out ahead of her before hitting the ground.  She looks around as
she walks slowly.)

Rouge: Shadow?  Shadow!

(The portal closes and she finds that she is alone.  She notices the emerald on
the ground and picks it up.)

Rouge: Shadow... And he doesn't have a Chaos Emerald anymore...

(Just then the G.U.N. Communicator beeps from her wrist.)

G.U.N. Communicator: Agent Rouge?

(She listens to it.)

G.U.N. Communicator: Report your status immediately.  Have you retrieved the
Scepter [voice mistake says "book"] of Darkness?

(She gets up and answers.)

Rouge: Well... I'll provide a full report shortly.  Right now, I have a
priority situation to deal with.  I need to contact E-123 Omega immediately.

(She looks at the path behind her in close-up as the scene fades to black.)

+xiv. Trusting Omega+

(Rouge has made it through the Tropical Jungle.  Omega walks and wanders around
in the jungle temple when she appears and discovers him.)

Rouge: This is a charming little place.

(He turns and sees her.)

Rouge (waves at him): Hi, long time no see.

Omega: Rouge The Bat.

(He looks at her for a long time, and minutes pass as he examines her condition
and adventures.)

Omega: Situation understood.  What would you like me to do?

Rouge (pulls out the green emerald): Take this, and deliver it to Shadow.

(He looks at the emerald, then takes it and gazes upon it.  A plank appears
beneath his abdomen, and he sets the emerald down on the plank, which comes
back in the hatch inside him as it closes.)

Omega: System reactivation countdown initiated.

(He moves his arms.)

Omega: Backup power source, [script error adds an "and"] spare magazines 
secured.  Command program priority changed.  New mission: Shadow Support.
External access no longer permitted.  Confirmed.

(He stops and waits.)

Rouge (waves at him again): I'm counting on you.

(Omega turns around and walks up to the altar garden as the scene fades to

+xv. Mephiles' Whisper+

(Meanwhile, back in the future, Shadow looks around at Mephiles in the Flame
Core and finds him atop a large stalagmite with a purple glow on top.)

Mephiles: So, decided to void your return ticket now, did you?

Shadow (points at him): Why are you here?  Did you ruin this world?

Mephiles: The answer's yes and no.  Perhaps it's better to show you.

(He snaps his fingers, and a glowing purple orb appears in front of Shadow, who
is amused.)

Mephiles: Yes, that's you.

(Shadow steps back as Mephiles continues.)

Mephiles: After the world was devastated by Iblis' flames, what do you think
happened?  A search for the guilty.  Who did this, you may ask?

(He shrugs his shoulders and frames Shadow.)

Mephiles: Humanity wasn't just jealous of your power.  They feared it.

(Shadow is unsure of what's going on with him.  A close-up of the purple orb
with four points is shown as Mephiles continues.)

Mephiles: They used this incident as an excuse to hunt you down.

(Shadow still looks at the orb, clueless about the frame-up.)

Mephiles (motioning him with his finger): Come with me, Shadow.  Let us punish
this foolish world of humanity.  It is only fair to give back what was intended
for you.  You have every right to want justice.

Shadow (after a pause): That's absurd.

(He looks at Mephiles.)

Shadow: Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it alone.

Mephiles (angry): You forgive humanity this folly then?

(The camera turns to the four-cornered orb that emits a black cloud.)

Shadow: I determine my own destiny.

(He holds up his fist and looks at Mephiles, who becomes disappointed and
starts transforming into his crystallized form that is surrounded by a black
smoke as Shadow prepares to fight him.  Scene fades to black.)

+xvi. Omega Appears+

(Shadow has fought against Mephiles, who is knocked out and trying to breathe.
As Shadow approaches him, he gets up and uses a dark energy ball to knock
Shadow off, sending him flying and crashing against a pillar.  Shadow slips off
as he falls down and lands on his feet, stunned as a sitting duck.  As Mephiles
approaches him, gunblasts appear between them, and they both look around to

Shadow: Omega!

(Omega had fired a machine gun in his arm and now pulls back.)

Omega: Now is the designated time.

(He switches from his gun to his left hand.)

Omega: I shall assist.

(Scene fades to black.  Omega manages to help Shadow defeat Mephiles.)

+xvii. Mephiles Flees+

(After the battle, Mephiles is knocked off into the ground in a tumble, then
slowly gets up with a grunt.  Omega and Shadow look at him as he feels dizzy in
getting up, then generates a Chaos Control from his right hand, opening a dark
time portal above him, then rises up and disappears into it.)

Shadow: Mephiles!

(Shadow and Omega quickly jump into the portal before it closes.  Scene fades
to black.)

+xviii. Shadow and Omega Return to the Present+

(Back at present-day Soleanna, the dark time portal opens up, and Shadow and
Omega drop down onto the ground as the portal closes.  Shadow looks around and
gets up and walks around looking for Mephiles, but finds nothing.)

Omega: It appears Mephiles is no longer here.  I will assist in pursuing him.

(Shadow looks at the robot and nods, then they figure out a plan of where to go
now.  Scene fades to black.)

+xix. Working with Rouge+

(At the warehouse pier, Rouge is wandering around when she sees Shadow and
Omega there.)

Rouge (waves her hand): Hi.

(Shadow and Omega turn toward her.)

Rouge: It seems like Eggman's machines are looking for you.  What did you do
this time?

(She points at them.)

Shadow: Nothing.  Their target is probably Mephiles.

Omega: What is Eggman up to?  Who is Mephiles?

Shadow: I'm gonna ask him directly.

(He walks off alone.)

Rouge: Hey, wait a sec!

Shadow (stops): I can handle this alone.  You keep track of Mephiles.

(He walks away again, and Rouge and Omega watch.)

Rouge: Hmph.  He finally shows up again and then he leaves before even saying,
"Hello."  Well, it seems his little trip hasn't changed him.

(Omega looks at her, and she calls the G.U.N. Communicator on her left wrist

Rouge: This is Rouge, G.U.N. H.Q.?

(She pauses, then...)

Rouge: Yes, pull all available data on an item called the Scepter of Darkness
for me.

(She turns off the communicator, then looks at Omega as they wait.  Scene fades
to black.)

+xx. Who Is Mephiles?+

(Shadow has made it through the Train Terminal and stopped the Radical Train.
Inside one of the train cars, a hole is blasted through, and he drops down into
it and lands on his feet.  He looks around and sees Eggman looking at the data
on the computer and sitting on a chair.)

Dr. Eggman: Wouldn't the door have been easier?

(He turns around on his chair and sees Shadow.)

Dr. Eggman: So, what do you want now?

Shadow: Who is Mephiles?  And why are you trying to capture him?

(Shadow points his finger at Eggman.)

Dr. Eggman (gets up): If you want to know, you should go find him yourself.

(He turns away from Shadow and looks at the data again.)

Dr. Eggman: But here's a hint... It's all linked to the Soleanna disaster 10
years ago.

Shadow (after a pause): The Solaris Project.

(Eggman pauses, then turns back to him.)

Dr. Eggman: Indeed.

(He walks toward Shadow.)

Dr. Eggman: When you capture Mephiles, you must bring him to me.  Then I'll
tell you the truth about Solaris.

(He gets back in his chair and sits down, and Shadow nods in agreement,
wondering what to do.  Scene fades to black.)

+xxi. Helping Sonic+

(Meanwhile, Sonic has just rescued Elise from the exploding Radical Train and
now runs from the railroad tracks with her.)

Elise: I knew it.  I knew you'd return!  You had to!

(All of a sudden a psychokinetic blast attacks them and he jumps backward.  He
sets her down again and they see Silver in front of them again.)

Sonic: You again.

Silver: This time there will be no more interruptions!

(He points at Sonic.)

Silver: The Iblis Trigger... must die!

Elise: Sonic.

(Silver uses a psychokinetic blast that knocks Sonic onto the floor.  Silver
then traps him with Psychoshock, draining his energy, and Elise keeps trying to
hold back tears when...)

Dr. Eggman (offscreen voice): So how was your little walk, Princess?

(Eggman's Egg Genesis uses the mechanical hands to grab the screaming Elise and
fly off with her.)

Sonic (seeing this): Elise!

(Silver uses another Psychoshock to stun Sonic and gives a "hmph".)

Silver: It's time to end this!

(Silver is about to finish him off when he sees Shadow drop down in front of
him in the nick of time.)

Silver (surprised): Who?

(Shadow and Silver look at each other.)

Silver: Mephiles!  Why are you getting in my way?

Shadow (gets up): I'm Shadow.  Shadow The Hedgehog.

(Both see each other in confusion, and Shadow looks at the recovering Sonic,
who gives a nod and a thumb up to him for saving his life.  Sonic then gets up
and runs off to find Elise and Eggman while Shadow has to deal with Silver, and
both prepare to fight as the scene fades to black.)

+xxii. 10 Years Ago+

(Shadow has just fought Silver, and both are exhausted from all the fighting.
Silver angrily raises his fist to attack him, but Shadow holds up the Green
Chaos Emerald aloft.)

Shadow: Chaos Control!

(The blast slows down Silver while Shadow avoids his punch and kicks him from
behind, knocking him down.  Silver looks at him and gets up, all worn out and

Silver: You...

Shadow: Don't bother.  With a Chaos Emerald's power, I control time and space.
You can't break free.

(He holds out the emerald.)

Silver: I won't give up!  It all depends on me!

(He shrugs his shoulders.)

Silver: Can't lose.  Not when I'm so close!

(He finally gets up and takes out the blue emerald, holds it aloft, and yells
out in fury.  He goes to Shadow and his green emerald.)

Shadow (holds it aloft): Chaos...

Silver (same time as Shadow): Chaos...

Both: Control!

(A light emerges from both emeralds, and both hedgehogs jump back from each
other as it splits up.)

Silver: Huh?

(A time portal opens up in front of them.)

Shadow (in wonder): You... induced [script error adds an "a"] Chaos Control.

Silver: I won't let anyone get in my way!  I'll change the past and save the

(Shadow shakes his head in disappointment.)

Shadow: Mephiles isn't trying to help you create a better future... He's trying
to eliminate the past.

Silver (confused): What?  What are you talking about?

Shadow (walks up to him): To discover what happened, it seems we must see what
took place 10 years ago.

(Silver wonders what this could mean.)

Shadow: Follow me if you want the truth.

(He jumps into the portal, and Silver looks at it and pauses a bit before
nodding and going into it.  Scene fades to black.)

+xxiii. The Accident 10 Years Ago+

(A portal opens up, and Silver and Shadow arrive at the timeline of Soleanna of
10 years ago and land on a metal floor.  They get up and wonder where they are,
then they see a long hallway.  Scene cuts to the laboratory, where the Solaris
Project is going haywire.)

Scientist: An electromagnetic pulse has just been generated!  Injecting [a]
decompression agent!  No, the level's not dropping!

(The Solaris Project scientists are having a hard time controlling it.)

Scientist: A spatial meltdown is inevitable!  My Lord, it's too late!  We've 
got to take shelter!

Duke of Soleanna (slams his fists on the machine): Why, Solaris?  Why do you
refuse to listen to my voice?

Girl's Voice: Father!

(A girl runs up to him.)

Duke of Soleanna (surprised): Elise!

(The Duke of Soleanna looks at little Elise when a noise is heard.  He quickly
looks at the Solaris Project and shelters Elise as an explosion rocks the
laboratory.  Shadow and Silver notice the explosion, look at each other, and
run off to the lab.  Scene fades out then fades back in to the smoldering lab
in ruins, with its glass windows broken.  Silver and Shadow arrive at the site
of the accident.  They look at each other, then jump down to the floor and get
up.  Shadow notices the Duke, runs up to him, and checks him for a pulse.  He
tries to wake up the unconscious Duke while Silver kneels down near the
scientist's dead body and looks at something.)

Silver: Is that!?

(He notices the birth of the Flames of Disaster, whose light fades out into
a dwarf and splits up, dropping blob bits into the water.)

Silver: That flame... It's Iblis!

(The Flames of Disaster grow larger.)

Shadow: And the black shadow is the original Mephiles.

Silver: That's Mephiles!?

(The flame, Iblis, flies out of the lab while the black blob puddle, Mephiles,
oozes out of there.)

Silver: They're escaping!

Shadow: We'll have to split up.  I'll pursue Mephiles.

Silver: OK.  Then leave Iblis to me!

(Shadow nods, and he and Silver chase the two parts when...)

Duke of Soleanna (weak voice): Wait.

(Shadow sees that the Duke is still alive, then runs up to him.  The Duke,
terribly wounded in the explosion, tries getting up and takes out some sort of
scepter.  He sees Shadow though he is weak.)

Duke of Soleanna: Seal it with this...

(The scepter with its wings and orb on top is shown in close-up.)

Silver: Hurry!

(As Silver runs off, Shadow takes what is known as the Scepter of Darkness from
the Duke and follows the hedgehog out of the lab.  The wounded Duke is thankful
for Shadow while little 7-year-old Elise lies unconscious next to her father,
who takes care of her as the scene fades to black.)

+xxiv. Sealing Mephiles+

(Shadow and Silver have confronted Mephiles and Iblis in the Aquatic Base, and
while Silver deals with Iblis, Mephiles the puddle oozes on the floor protected
by a black cloud.  He is confronted by Shadow, who raises the green emerald.)

Shadow: Chaos Control!

(The emerald glows and stuns Mephiles with a shock.)

Mephiles: ...What?  ...Stop!

(He turns purple, and Shadow gets closer to him.  He holds the emerald aloft,
and the Scepter of Darkness rises up from the floor and flies upward as
Mephiles watches.)

Mephiles: Who...... Who are... You?

(The Scepter glows with a brilliant light as Shadow raises his arms aloft.)

Shadow: I'm Shadow.  Shadow The Hedgehog.

Mephiles: Shadow... Your face... Your form... I will remember.

(As he says this, his purple cloud form is swirling around and absorbed into
the Scepter.)

Mephiles: Your death... Certain... You... will die!

(Every last trace of Mephiles is absorbed into the Scepter and vanishes, and
a blinding light emanates from it, sealing Mephiles inside it.  It falls onto
the floor, and Shadow puts his arms down, looks at the Scepter, and walks up to
it and picks it up slowly, and looks at it standing up.  He then realizes why
Mephiles knew him in the present, and the camera pulls away from him as he
knows what to do.  Scene fades to black.)

+xxv. Leaving the Scepter of Darkness+

(Outside the Aquatic Base, Silver clutches the unconscious Elise in his arms
as Shadow walks out to him with Mephiles sealed in the Scepter of Darkness in
Kingdom Valley.)

Silver: Did you do it?

Shadow: Yes.  And you?

(Silver pauses and nods.)

Silver: ...Yes.  The "Flames" are properly sealed.  It's done.

(Silver carries her and sets her near a tree, then looks at her.  Shadow holds
up the Scepter of Darkness, then walks around and looks at them both.  He
kneels down and sets the Scepter on the grass near the same tree.  The camera
makes a close-up of Mephiles sealed inside the Scepter.)

Silver: You're going to leave it behind?

Shadow: Yes, I already know what becomes of it in the future...

(He looks at Silver, then stands up and takes out the Green Chaos Emerald.)

Shadow: It's time to return.

(Silver gets up, looks at Elise, and walks away.)

Silver: Yes... Of course...

(Both hedgehogs have each emerald in hand, approach each other, and hold them

Shadow and Silver: Chaos Control!

(The light emerges from both emeralds once again and splits up, opening the
time portal in front of them.  Shadow jumps into it, and Silver looks at Elise
once again.  She starts to move around.  He takes one last look at her, then
turns around, runs, and jumps into the time portal as it closes.  It is assumed
that he already has the white emerald from the Duke of Soleanna, and had
already given the blue emerald to her.  Scene fades to black.)

+xxvi. The Sealing Revealed+

(Back at present-day Soleanna, the portal opens up, and Shadow drops onto the
ground when Rouge appears behind him.)

Rouge: You're back sooner than I expected.

(He looks at her and gets up, and she waves hello to him.)

Rouge: Omega is still in pursuit of Mephiles.

(She points to the path ahead of the town.)

Rouge: So, where's the kid?

(She walks around to him.)

Rouge: What did you find 10 years ago?

Shadow (walks off): I need you to access G.U.N.'s database.  Specifically, find
out what materials the Scepter of Darkness was made from.

Rouge: Sure.  But you haven't answered my question yet!

Shadow (turns to her): I found the means to seal Mephiles.

(She looks at him, and he walks off.  Rouge raises her hand in a "Wait a
minute!" pose as she follows him.  Scene fades to black.)

+xxvii. Omega's Confession+

(Meanwhile, at Wave Ocean, Omega has confronted Mephiles the black hedgehog and
tries shooting him, but Mephiles deflects the bullets with his hands.  Omega
shoots him again and hits him in the face, but Mephiles bows down unfazed with
a "Heh!" and deceives him.)

Mephiles: This only proves you were created to stop Shadow, the ultimate life

(Omega pulls back his arm in confusion.)

Mephiles: Don't tell me you didn't know.  You may have been programmed by
humanity, but what you did to Shadow in the future, that was your...

(Omega's guns get back in his left arm, and his arms spin around once more and
turn into big machine guns that hit Mephiles multiple times before he drops
down to the sand and laughs maniacally.  He lies down on the sand and vanishes
into thin air.  Omega's guns revert back to his normal arms before Shadow and
Rouge arrive with the new Scepter of Darkness they had created.  Rouge now
looks at Omega.)

Rouge: What just happened?

(Omega pauses before continuing.)

Omega: Shadow.

(He turns around at Shadow, then walks up to him.)

Omega: The one that defeats and seals you in the future... is me.

(Omega puts his hand to his robotic chest.  Shadow is shocked at Mephiles'
frame-up to Omega.  The camera moves up to the sky, and a flash of light fades
in moments before fading back out to a far-off view of Shadow, Rouge and Omega.
Rouge is surprised.)

Rouge: It's... It's so unfair!

(She points to Shadow before continuing.)

Rouge: Shadow's always here to defend the world.

(Shadow bows his head down.)

Rouge: Despite that...

Omega: Eventually, when something, or someone, is seen as too powerful...

(He drops down his arms before continuing.)

Omega: It is seen as a threat.

(He turns around to Shadow again and points his arm at him.)

Omega: And then the world becomes its enemy.

(Shadow hears this and walks away.)

Rouge: Shadow...

(Omega turns to her.)

Rouge: Even if you believe everyone in the world will be against you, know that
I'll always remain by your side.

(She turns her back.)

Rouge: Remember that.

(Shadow stops and looks at them both, then nods.)

Shadow: I will.

(He looks around and walks away from them.  Scene fades to black.)

+xxviii. To The Ruins+

(Shadow, Rouge and Omega are at the Dusty Desert and Shadow walks and looks
around at the desert.  Rouge walks up to him.)

Rouge: Mephiles appears to have headed for those ruins.

(She points to the desert ruins before continuing.)

Rouge: He's probably looking for the Chaos Emerald that's supposed to be there.

Shadow (nods): There's no doubt in my mind.  His movement shows he's seeking
any Chaos Emerald he can find.  Supposedly, he needs one in order to join with
Iblis again.

(He raises his fist as Omega walks and stops.)

Omega: I will seal him before that.

(He makes a fist at himself, then drops it down.  Shadow looks at Rouge and
Omega, then nods and walks off.  Omega follows and Rouge flies after them.
Scene fades to black.)

+xxix. Mephiles' Temptation+

(Team Dark has made it through the Dusty Desert and gone into its cave in
pursuit of Mephiles, and they now stop in front of him.)

Shadow: Mephiles!

(The camera shows a ruined temple, and gets closer to Mephiles inside, in front
of a pedestal.  He slowly turns around toward Shadow, Rouge and Omega, now with
red eyes and no nose.)

Mephiles: I was expecting you sooner.  As you must know, you're already too

(He has already grasped the Yellow Chaos Emerald in his hand and looks at them
before continuing and pointing at Shadow.)

Mephiles: But there's still time for you to change your mind.  Join me, Shadow.
Let us teach this world a lesson, and rewrite the future.

(He floats up with arms raised.)

Shadow: Don't try to deceive me.

Mephiles: What?

Shadow: You have no desire for revenge.  You only crave destruction.

(He points at Mephiles before continuing.)

Shadow: Your only lust is to fuel Iblis until there is nothing left of time

(He makes a fist, and Mephiles is far from amused.)

Mephiles: It's a pity, Shadow The Hedgehog.

(He lauches the yellow emerald before continuing.)

Mephiles: Truly a shame that you wish to go against me!

(The yellow emerald glows in front of them, and they get blown away.  They look
up at the temple, and a black puddle forms on the platform, creating Mephiles'
clones.  Scene fades to black.  Once again, Shadow manages to defeat Mephiles
and the clones.)

+xxx. Showdown with Mephiles+

(After the battle, Mephiles melts into a black cloud puddle in front of Shadow,
Rouge and Omega.  Shadow goes up to him with the new Scepter of Darkness and
holds it aloft in an attempt to seal him.  The Scepter glows and floats up and
emits a light.  Rouge and Omega see its light as she holds both hands up to her
face, and the black cloud form of Mephiles rises, swirls aroud the Scepter, and
is absorbed into it.  A light emits from the Scepter while Shadow's arms are
lifted, but instead of falling, the Scepter suddenly explodes in a light that
blinds Shadow, Rouge and Omega as the ground trembles in a violent force.  The
light stops, and they both uncover their eyes as Rouge is in shock.)

Rouge: It's destroyed!

(A black swirl appears where the Scepter once was in front of them.)

Mephiles: The "I" of now absorbed your power through your shadow in the past.

(The swirl shrinks and starts taking shape into the same dark hedgehog again.)

Mephiles: What may have worked 10 years ago, no longer does!

(He uses a blast of power that pushes them backward, and it makes the ground
quake as Rouge screams, and they are sent flying back as Mephiles comes back
down on the floor.  The three of them fall down onto it as rocks fall, knocked
out senseless.  Mephiles summons the green and yellow emeralds from Shadow, and
they swirl in an infinity sign as their powers are used to create an endless
supply of Mephiles clones that surround him and the trio.)

Mephiles: You must realize now that you cannot hope to stop me with your
limited power.

(Shadow gets up along with Rouge and Omega, who both stand up.)

Shadow: So you say.

Mephiles (with an invisible mouth): It's futile.  The world will betray you.
Why fight at all?  Why risk your life for those who will persecute you later?

(He makes a fist, and Rouge and Omega get behind Shadow as he starts to take
off his power inhibitors.)

Shadow: If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always

(The power inhibitors fall in front of his feet, and the camera pulls away
through Mephiles and his clones to an aerial view as Shadow uses a mighty blast
of energy, coming in an explosion that plows through the clones and destroys
them all; and Mephiles is apparently defeated, but it is unknown whether he may
escape once again to fight another day.  Scene finally fades to black, end
credits roll, and "All Hail Shadow" by Crush 40 plays during the end credits.)


+i. Mephiles' Smile+

(Outside in the mountains of Dusty Desert, Mephiles, who had escaped Shadow's
wrath and already given up on Silver, has discovered a Purple Chaos Emerald
outside of the temple.  He reaches out for the emerald as the scene around them
turns black, and the camera pulls away a bit as he takes it in his hand.  A
close-up of Mephiles appears as he turns his head to the camera and starts
hatching his final plan with a sinister look in his red eyes.  Scene fades to

+ii. Elise's Tears+

(Back at the grassy mountains near the Tropical Jungle, Sonic and Elise are
walking back home to Soleanna when they hear a faint glow.  They stop and look
back to find the source of the glow.  The Purple Chaos Emerald emits an ominous
light that blinds them.  While they are distracted, Mephiles emerges from the
ground behind them, takes aim, and fires a Dark Chaos Spear from his right
hand.  In a split second, Sonic is impaled in the back of his chest by the
light of the Dark Chaos Spear, which goes through his chest from ground level.
The camera shows a far-off view of Mephiles impaling him near Elise, who
watches in shock.  Mephiles finishes firing the Dark Chaos Spear, completing
his own dirty work.  As Elise watches, Sonic clutches his chest with his right
hand, his eyes staring blankly and his mouth open, in quick, weak breaths, as
his ability to cling to life slips away.  He drops down to his knees on the
ground as his mouth begins to close.  In a final, silent gasp, his body
collapses onto the grass as his eyes close before he breathes his last.  She
desperately goes up to Sonic and starts shaking him.)

Elise: Sonic!  Sonic!

(As she shakes the body, the focus goes to Mephiles, who sees that his plan has
worked and laughs maniacally in success.  Elise is still trying to wake up
Sonic, and turns his body over as his head and mouth are tilted open, and his
right hand falls from his chest onto the ground as a finality of death.  She
sees the finality in his body.)

Elise: Sonic?

(She closes her eyes in despair and puts her hands to her pounding heart.  A
scene of the child Elise surrounded by blackness with her eyes closed,
clutching her chest and kneeling down, is shown and her father's voice is heard
in the darkness.)

Duke of Soleanna (offscreen voice): Yes, Elise...  Don't cry, no matter what

(The child Elise begins to break down in despair as the screen fades to black
for a few seconds.)

Elise (offscreen voice): No... No!

(The scene returns to Elise, now an adult, weeping over Sonic's body, as the
promise made to her from her father is broken.  She lifts her head up to the
sky and cries out...)


(At her scream, the camera pulls to an aerial view of her and Sonic, and a
shockwave is emitted from her, and flames appear out of her.  Mephiles wards
off the shockwave, and looks up as a pillar of fire emerges, and the Flames of
Disaster, Iblis, is released.  Mephiles looks up to Iblis and gives out a
sinister laugh.)

Mephiles: Finally, the seal is broken!

(He raises his arms to Iblis.)

Mephiles: At long last, I will be able to join with you!  Iblis!

(A close-up of Iblis is shown for a few seconds, and Mephiles takes out the
purple emerald.)

Mephiles: Now, Chaos Emerald!  It's time for the final curtain call!

(He launches the emerald into the air with a glow as the scene fades to black.)

+iii. Shadow & His Friends Into the Light+

(Meanwhile, back at the Dusty Desert temple, Team Dark is stranded in the
middle of a huge, black puddle from the remains of Mephiles' clones.  After a
rest, Shadow gets up from the floor, picks up his power inhibitors, and puts
them back on his wrists.  He suddenly hears a glow and looks around to see two
Chaos Emeralds lying near the black puddle.  He and Rouge try to reach it, but
a force pushes them back as the emeralds emit a light that blinds Shadow, Rouge
and Omega, and the entire scene fades to white.)

+iv. The Resurrection of Solaris+

(Elsewhere in Soleanna, dark clouds gather in the night sky.  All seven Chaos
Emeralds light up, all gathered in a circle, and pillars of fire swirl upward,
surrounding Mephiles in a circle of the emeralds, his arms raised up high in
exultation.  Iblis' flames are wrapped around his body, which curls up in
metamorphosis.  As Iblis fuses with him, his body glows up, emitting an
explosion of white light, and the newly-formed Solaris descends from the clouds
above.  A blast of light starts descending upon the town of Soleanna, where
Amy, Tails and Knuckles are walking among the crowds, who look up in panic.
The leaderless Team Sonic looks up at the light with the crowds, and screams
are heard as the light blinds and envelops everyone.  It continues to consume
the residents one by one in every place, until the entire town is engulfed in
light, and the whole world is engulfed up with it, fading the entire scene to

+v. The Time-Space Rift+

(Somewhere beneath the darkness, a large circle of light brightens up.  Just
then, Amy, Tails and Knuckles find themselves standing on the ground and
looking around in confusion and awe.)

Amy (looks around): What is this?  Where are we?  What's going on?

Knuckles: Is this because of that light?

(The camera cuts elsewhere to Silver, looking around in confusion.)

Silver: The Chaos Emerald has disappeared...

Amy (offscreen voice): Silver?

(He hears Amy's voice and goes up to her, Tails and Knuckles.)

Silver: What are you doing here?  This is all so confusing...

Rouge (offscreen voice): It's all because of Solaris.

(The camera cuts to Rouge, Shadow and Omega, and both Teams Sonic and Dark look
at each other when Eggman's voice is heard.)

Dr. Eggman: It seems we were all caught by the spatial distortion.

(He looks up, and Shadow looks up as well.  Soon everyone looks up at the
glowing light that is known as Solaris.)

Dr. Eggman: Iblis' seal has been broken...

(He looks around before continuing.)

Dr. Eggman: Due to Mephiles' manipulation.

(They all look around to find a saddened Elise cradling Sonic's lifeless body.)

Amy: Sonic?

(She runs up to Sonic and Elise, followed by Tails, Knuckles and Silver, and by
Shadow, Rouge and Omega as well.)

Tails: No... You don't think...

Knuckles (in shock): Sonic!

(Amy kneels down and looks at Sonic's lifeless body, shown in close-up, and she
cries at the loss of her former blue flame.  Tails, Knuckles and Silver go into
mourning for Sonic, and Team Dark goes into mourning as well.  Omega walks
around, possibly for a closer look again.)

Dr. Eggman: Mephiles played us all for fools!  His plan all along was to cause
the Princess to be so consumed with despair that she'd cry.

(Eggman looks around at Sonic and even mourns for him.  Silver, Shadow and
Omega hang their heads in grief.)

Silver (looking at Sonic): So that's why he wanted me to kill Sonic before...

(He looks down at Sonic while Shadow crosses his arms and turns behind him.
Suddenly Solaris starts shaking up the time-space rift, and everyone looks up
to it except Elise.)

Silver: Solaris!

Dr. Eggman: This creature will consume all existing timelines.  And time itself
will collapse and disappear into nothingness.

Shadow (in wonder): The instability of time caused this time-space rift.

Dr. Eggman: It won't remain for much longer.

Knuckles (looks at Eggman): We've no time to waste!  We've got to defeat it

(Eggman looks at him, then looks up again.)

Dr. Eggman: No.  It is a transcendent life form that exists in the past,
present and future.  Defeating it here, now, would do nothing.

(The view of Solaris' light is shown again for a few moments.)

Silver: No!  I won't give up.  There has to be a way.

(Everyone looks at him as he continues.)

Silver: If you say it exists in the past, present and future, I'll destroy them
all at once!

Shadow: Certainly, it might have been possible.

(He looks around again before continuing.)

Shadow: If he was still alive.

(Elise looks at Shadow, then turns her focus toward Sonic's dead body again.)

Amy (sobbing uncontrollably): Sonic!  Sonic!

(Everyone grieves in disappointment over Sonic's death, and Elise hangs her
head in despair.  Suddenly a blue wind rushes by, and she looks up to see it,
then looks around to see where it went.  She then suddenly knows it.)

Elise: Sonic?

Silver: What's the matter?

Elise: I feel... Sonic's presence in the wind.  I don't think he's dead yet!

(Amy stops crying, then looks at her, and everyone looks at Elise in

Elise: I'm sure of it!  It's not too late!

Silver (realizing this): Of course!  Let's call him back with the power of the
Chaos Emeralds!

(Everyone looks at him in surprise as he continues.)

Silver: Focus your thoughts on using its power to perform this miracle...

(He runs up to Elise and kneels before her.)

Silver: You can do it, Princess!

Elise (listening): I can?

Silver: You were the vessel that was used to seal Iblis.  You should be able to
use the gems' power to rescue Sonic's soul!

(Silver gives a nod to her, and after a long pause, she nods.)

Elise: I'll do it!

(Everyone rejoices at her agreement, and Eggman checks his scanner glasses to
make sure they are working.  Camera makes a close-up of his right eye, and the
scanner glasses are on in scanning the location of the emeralds.)

Dr. Eggman: Solaris flung the Chaos Emeralds to the distant corners of this
distorted world.

Tails: To collect them all in time, we'll have to split up!

(Knuckles jumps around in a frenzy at the plan of finding the emeralds
separately.  Amy then gets up.)

Amy: I'll go too!  Because it's for Sonic!

(She looks at Elise.)

Amy: So Elise... Watch over him!

(She runs off, and one by one the others follow her.  Knuckles goes off in the
wrong direction before stopping, then turns around and follows the leaderless
Team Sonic and Team Dark.  Elise watches them go and wait for their return
while she looks over Sonic.  Scene fades to black.)

+vi. Wishing Upon the Chaos Emeralds+

(Hours pass in the time-space rift, and all seven Chaos Emeralds have been
collected.  They are now gathered in a circle around Sonic, whose body is lying
in repose in the sun-painted center.  Everyone watches for him in a ritual,
with Shadow crossing his arms, Eggman putting his hand to his face in 
curiosity, and Amy closing her eyes and clasping her hands in prayer for Sonic.
Elise is in a kneeling position as her eyes are closed, clasping her hands as
she begins her prayer.)

Elise: Oh Chaos Emeralds, gems of miracles.  Please heed my call.

(Camera turns to a close-up of the Red Chaos Emerald glowing up with all the
other emeralds as she continues her ritual prayer.)

Elise: I wish to save this world.  I wish to cleanse my father's sin.  And I
wish to talk to Sonic... once again!

(The emeralds begin to float up, and Sonic's body floats up along with them.
Elise then stands up, and walks up toward his floating body.)

Elise: You have given me so many things.  Now it is my time to return the
favor.  I care not what happens to me.  But please heed my voice.

(She gets closer to him and puts her hand next to his hands resting on his

Elise: Sonic, come back!  To me... To us!

(She closes her eyes, leans forward, puckers up and makes a gentle kiss on his
lips.  Her kiss glows up with a light on both faces, which soon turns the
scene white with radiant brightness; and moments later, the scene fades back
to the newly-resurrected Sonic, now transformed into Super Sonic, floating for
a few seconds before coming back down to the floor.  He looks up in front of
Elise, who is grateful that she has revived Sonic.  She walks to him and drops
down to her knees as he gives her a comforting hug.)

Super Sonic: Thank you, Elise.

(He takes a look at his friends: Tails and Amy cheering, Knuckles literally
jumping for joy, Silver giving a smile along with Shadow, Omega and Eggman
looking in wonder, and Rouge looking as if Sonic's resurrection has bored her.
Sonic and Elise continue their hug for a few moments, and then they slowly let
go of each other and look at their friends.  He walks up to Shadow and Silver,
who look and walk closer to him.  Joined in a circle, Super Sonic lifts up his
hands, and they join each other's hands with his.  His powers expand out to the
two hedgehogs, who both gain them from him.  Shadow gains his super form in a
flash of light, and Silver gains the same super form that makes him powerful.
All three hedgehogs unleash their glowing super powers in front of Elise and
her friends.  Now that his expansion of his powers are complete, Super Sonic
looks up, as if he already knows Solaris' plans and pursues his goal, and all
three super hedgehogs launch up to face it.  Everyone looks up at the hedgehogs
and is counting on them as they fly up toward Solaris for one final battle for
all time itself.  Scene fades to black.)

+vii. Solaris Destroyed+

(After a lengthy, hard battle, the three super hedgehogs - Sonic, Shadow and
Silver - have finally defeated Solaris.  Rays of light fly out from its body,
and everyone cheers: Omega and Rouge giving thumbs up, Tails and Knuckles
giving a high five, Eggman crossing his arms in astonishment, and Amy cheering
next to Elise, who clasps her hands in prayer for safety.  She then looks at
Amy and then at Solaris' lights, then stands up, and all three super hedgehogs
come back down behind them.  Solaris explodes in a flash of light, and the
super hedgehogs watch as brightness envelops the scene.  The light then shrinks
and vanishes into blackness.)

+viii. Embers of Solaris+

(Elise is shown floating along with Sonic and looks at him in blackness.)

Elise: Did you destroy it?

(He looks around and sees a light near him.)

Sonic: ...No.

(The camera cuts to Solaris' light as he continues.)

Sonic: That is the true Solaris.

(They look around at Solaris' light, and both are teleported into the white
portal as the scene fades to white.)

+ix. Elise Puts Out the Flames+

(A flashback appears out of nowhere, and the Duke of Soleanna and his little
daughter Elise are shown looking at the lantern of Solaris.  He kneels down
and shows it to her.)

Duke of Soleanna: Look, Elise.  This is Solaris, the flame of hope.

Little Elise: It's so beautiful...

Duke of Soleanna: When the flame has grown large enough, our world will change.
Solaris will allow us to control time and move through history.  People will be
able to rectify past mistakes and avoid bitter fate.

Little Elise: Will we be able to see momma?

Duke of Soleanna (nods): Yes, Elise.  We'll both be able to see your mother
once again.

(He pats her head, and she nods to him.  He then takes his daughter's hand and,
as she sees Solaris, she walks away with her father before they stop and look
around at it one last time.  They both nod and walk away hand in hand.  The
scene turns back to a bright color as Sonic and a now grown-up Elise return to
it and stop.  They see Solaris' white flame, long before the Flames of Disaster
have started, and she smiles.)

Elise: This is where everything began.  Who knew such a tiny flame could bring
such devastation?

(She walks closer to Solaris' lantern, then touches the glass, which disappears
in a second.  She reaches out her hands and grabs Solaris' torch, then puts it
closer to her chest.)

Elise: If we put out this flame, Solaris will never exist.  And then we'll
never have to worry about the Flames of Disaster, right?

(Sonic nods, and she looks down at the flame in her hands before continuing.)

Elise: But our encounter...

(She looks to him, and he wonders what's the matter in sadness.)

Elise: You and I will never meet.  It will never have happened.

(Sonic looks up at her, as if he knows their meeting will soon be over.  She
becomes very sad that they may never see each other again.)

Elise (as tears fall): I... To tell the truth, I don't care what happens to the

(She starts crying again.)

Sonic (comforting her): Elise.  Just smile.

(Elise hears him, then stops crying and makes a final smile to him.  He smiles
back at her and nods, and she nods back.  After a few seconds, as he watches,
she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and blows out Solaris' flame,
darkening the scene and fading it to black.)

+x. Parade: Past Memories+

(Everything starts anew at Soleanna.  Maids in dresses dance to each other in
the royal gondola as the crowd cheers and fireworks burst in the sky.  The
gondola moves on through the water as they dance and twirl around in the night
sky next to Elise and two hooded figures.  More fireworks brighten up the night
as the Festival of the Sun is just beginning.  The royal gondola rows on toward
the altar, and Elise waves to the cheer of the crowds, then looks around as
Sonic runs across the road on the water, then stops and looks at the gondola as
it passes under the bridge, and he smiles and runs off, goes onto the bridge
and crosses it.  She feels his breeze rush by her as her feather is blown off
her crown, and she looks at it as it flies off into the breeze near the giant
torch on the altar.  She looks at it for a long time before a voice

Hooded Maid #1: Miss Elise?

Elise (comes to her senses): It felt like... [script error adds another "like"]
someone was calling me.

Hooded Maid #2: I'm sure.  It's just the wind.

Elise: Of course.  But it felt so familiar somehow...

(She smiles as the crowd cheers again, and she waves at them as more fireworks
glow up the night sky atop Soleanna.  Scene cuts to an aerial view of the
gondola approaching the altar as her feather flutters upward towards the
cathedral where Sonic is standing on top.  He looks at the feather and smiles,
as if he knows that the feather is his reminder of her; and it flutters on
toward the moon in the night sky.  He gazes at the moon as the scene begins to
darken for a few seconds before finally fading to black for the last time.  End
credits roll once again, and "My Destiny" by Donna De Lory plays during the end

# 6. Updates and Revisions #

10/24 - Game Script has started.
10/26 - Sonic's Story started.
10/29 - Sonic's Story completed; Silver's Story started.
10/31 - Silver's Story completed.
11/1 - Shadow's Story started.
11/3 - Shadow's Story completed.
11/4 - Last Story started.
11/7 - Game Script finally completed!

# 7. Thanks #

My thanks go out to YouTube fans Shadowoffire123 and sonicshadowsilver15 for
helping me out on all the stories of the game by saving them and loading them
onto YouTube in video clips.  Also, my thanks go out again to
sonicshadowsilver15 for the Shadow's Story scene "The Sealing Revealed",
without which my script guide would not be complete.  Also, thanks to Angix for
the names of all the scenes in each of all of the game's four stories in the
unlockable Theater Room; and to Missing_My_Head for info on Sonic, Shadow,
Silver, Eggman, Elise, and others in the game as well.  Thanks go also to Sega
and its Sonic Team for making yet another good (well, maybe okay) game and
marking its 15th anniversary (even though the game is rushed and has drawn
criticism from game players :P); to GameFAQs for hosting the guids and being a
great resource on the Internet; and finally, to all the other in-depth FAQ
writers and game script writers for a good deal of inspiration!  You guys are
the best!

Copyright (c) 2008 by Deborah L. Kearns