Question from JamesSomerset1

Asked: 3 years ago

How can u beat level 3 ?

Is this game a 2 player?
Does this game have an arena?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I mean level three the one where u battle this AC, I dont know what weapon will be the best one two use against him

Additional details - 3 years ago

an ac is the giant robots youre in, And i think the level is called water gliding, if its not that then its the next level after that.

Accepted Answer

From: bjg48723 3 years ago

for 1 i no what an AC is but you said "I mean level three the one where u battle this AC" and what i meant was just saying "this AC" dose not tell me witch 1 as in name or type. Or talking about the Water Gliding mission and what i did was use 2 muchean guns with blades in storeage use machean guns to take out choppers then i used OGOTO back unites to take out the subs if u dont have them use YAMAGA backs best to take subs out from the air so u dont hit the water if u have shoulder EUPHORIA use it it helps a littel if not then use SM01-SCYLLA and i would use them for incoming missels i find it works better than flares or sutch....... hope it helps

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um lvl 3???? or chapter 3 i'm confused
head to head 2 player online from what i can tell
closest is the simulator in the ACSIS screen

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give me name of lvl just saying lvl 3 dose not help and what do you mean buy this AC

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