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What are Tomikichi?

In Tenchu Z what are the Tomikichi... the guys needed to defeat in order to gain the 6 achievements involving them?

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SlayerKnot answered:

They are the guys with the rounded straw hats. They are different than the archers though. One way to find out if you have the right guy= To my knowledge , all of them drop an item when they are killed. Alot of times , the items they drop are "traps". Examples..... I have seen them drop smoke bombs and fireworks which can possibly alert nearby enemies. You may want to clear the area before messing with them, but that's up to you. Hope this helps.
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BloodFawkes answered:

They are the ones in a brown kimono with a dome shaped straw hat.
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temperedtooth answered:

Theyre guards with long dress like kimono and straw dowed hats that just walk around like normal guards
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jamieson09 answered:

Tomikichi are enemys that will drop stuff all the time like smoke bomes or bones or ninja stars anything good/bad and they carry bows.spears.and swords but they wear a brown shirt like a long girl ninjas shirt for trousers they wear a blue simpe girl ninjas pants and are set in weird locations you would might not go to and so when kill enough you get an achevment that reads ''killed 5 tomikichi'' and so on up to ''killed 50 tomikichi'' and the cool part is you can get clothes special clothes just to clear it out and sorry for the long speach just in deitals
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Blackninja305 answered:

Tomikichi are guards that wear round hats and drop items that can assist / hinder or neutrally affect the mission you are trying to complete
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digitalj8 answered:

In every level (50 levels in total) is 1 Tomikichi guy?!
And if you Kill them in all the 50 LEVELS you have all 6 achievements!!!
Thats is a faqt!!!
That can not go wrong, but looking very good at each level?!

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