Question from Willben20

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the baggage carrier car?

It's the only car i don't have imported. I've killed off all the gangs but I need to know where I can find it. Is there like an airport or train station somewhere? I know theres a shipyard in volk territory, but I searched high and low for it and came up empty.

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From: siege924 3 years ago

On the Oil Rig. Carry it on the pipe leading back to the mainland and throw it onto a catwalk on the building at the end of the pipe. If it doesn't land wheels-down, do it over. When it finally lands right, drive to Agency HQ.

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On the oil rig there are some. But you have to carry them for a while.

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There is one in Shai-Gen in the boss area that looks like a ring surrounded by water. Look around on the level where the cars are parked.

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On the heli pad at the oil rig

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There are 2 cars over on the oil rig. I think they are on top of the rig.

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