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How do I beat (Juto)?

How Do you Beat Juto On the Second Disk

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Xionss answered:

Ok, after you have beated shuenzeit (dont know his name anymore lol) you have to fight juto right.
Try to stay far from juto while he is busy with that ninja girl.. dont remember her name either lol
Only thing you need to do is heal the ninja girl all the time, dont let her die or he will come after you.

Try to switch sometimes to the ninja girl to perform a stronger attack.

sorry for my bad english cuz im dutch lol.
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Rothon answered:

My party make up was Argo, Rue, and Celestine (healing). Swich between Argo and Rue for damage and set Celestine's AI to Healing when necessary (its the third option on the AI settings). Now if you have Rue's Omni-Slash it really helps. But like above if you can get Argo to use Armor Break its a big help, you'll go from doing two didget damage to triple didget damage. Then you basically just have to hack away untill Juto's health is roughly half. Oh, also set Rue and Argo's AI setting to use skills aggressively, again its the third setting on the AI list.

Hopefully this helps.

P.S. Try to make sure your other charaters are close to Juto in level. I found this to be a huge helping point. I would recommend about 2 or 3 level difference, but i did squeak by at a level difference of 4.
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goldlantern answered:

Fighting Juto on the Second disk means you only have two characters in your party: Rue, and Zephie. So, Rue is going to serve as your tank, and you're going to need to heal like mad with Zephie. It helps if Rue has some massive amounts of Agility, so she can dodge attacks better. As the second poster said: Don't let Rue die, or you're pretty much done.
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pipituga answered:

Yea this totaly fails.....
What game desided to put a tank fighting against 2 suport classes =_=
What I did was keeping zephie alive and hoping for heals when needed by the PC while kiting...
Yea... for 10% of his health it was a 1v1.. Rue vs Juto. Just run around and hope that he doesnt use abilities. if he does heal asap.
If he doesn't then he does a combo attack but while ur running away in "movement mode" u won't get in his combo. Thus get into combat mode and while he is attacking thin air. Attack him with Rue.
When he is done go movement mode again. And repeat it untill he goes down.
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Joshi69 answered:

i cant enven take 1000hp of him and he is on 36 my other chars are 38\33\34\32\33
this boss sucks!
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GnatB answered:

As others have said, Equip Rue with Katanas, and max her AGI. IIRC, you should have two Kamonds of wind at that point, put 'em both on Rue (assuming you can), which will boost both her HP and her AGI, and whatever other AGI kamonds/gear you can. Rue is arguably the best tank in the game, because properly decked out with AGI gear, she'll dodge pretty much everything. Simply have Zelphie heal when neccessary, which won't be as often as you'd think. If she's properly AGI'd out, this battle is fairly simple.
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Joshi69 answered:

fuc this! i dropped the game on this boss!
the last time i tried to beat it i left him with 12hp or so im so fuced up!
what the deal of putting 2 bosses and a half in a row?
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angel_of_dreams answered:

That Battle is pretty easy ya know
use argo , celestine and crocell
well i give you my strategy
first play als argo , and use the armor break technique
is you do that , juto will lose a lot of defense
and use chain breaks with argo and crocell ,and let celestine heal you allies

the weapons i had was the best you could get on that moment
have argo fight with an axe , celestine with aroma ,and crocell with fireballs

it was no 5 minutes and he was down
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lennexshujin answered:

first you need to armor break him with argo which makes it ALOT easier
then using celestine for healing and crocell for well he did his thing...
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Death_Ragnell answered:

Okay okay I know what you are going through here.
You actually do not need to max Rue's agility in order to kill him. I personally only do around like 80-90 damage in one hit.

Now for preperations:
Equip the Kan Miracle special Kamond on Rue's Katana (The one that reduces Kan usage by two).
Equip the Kan Control for Zephie's rod (The one that reduces Kan usage by one)

With these you should be able to heal anytime cause healing now only cost 1 Kan and it is always present in the area. Now let Rue fight Juto while you control Zephie. Just heal whenever Rue has less than 50% hp and you should be able to kill him easily
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Nightwind126 answered:

First switch to zephie then use your fan if you have one start to build your kan the nstart putting up those wind shield's for everyone
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AnimeFanNB answered:

What i did was have Rue with Shurikens and Zephie with her fan. I had Rue fight juto and when i could, trigger a chain with Zephie. Have Zephie stick with her normal attack and use her abilities (Unless healing is needed, if it is switch to rod to continue the chain, then heal). Dont have them use big moves unless you can rebuild their kan with the specific crystal!! Stick with something that only uses up one or two kan. When you can, exicute a co-op attack. Use items if their really needed.
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collin12321 answered:

All these bosses inside jutos mind were really easy. use zephies 'viel' move or whatever on whichever ally you want and stay back. theres no need to have all 3 allys alive before juto and if you do this correctly then all these bosses will basically kill themselfs if you keep up the veil and attack the boss with zephie from afar for the kan. honestly i used one or two healing items going against elgar the first, shuenziet, and juto put together. alot easier than it seems really.
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magus5500 answered:

Activate Argo's Armour Break [(B) Button] to lower his defense and it becomes extremely easy to deal with him.
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