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How do u do the co-op attack or trigger it?

Since i miss it do i have to start the game again?

asianpride528 provided additional details:

Im talking about the co-op technique not that the chain break

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opprobe answered:

When the line in the middle of the screen signifying switching characters while attempting a Chain Break appears, you hit right on the d-pad. Spamming right on the d-pad during that time works too. It only works with certain combos, i.e. Juto with 2h sword and Zephie with Fan.
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genie2476 answered:

It's really simple, actually:
When your stamina bar becomes full, you will enter OVERDRIVE, and, if you stop attacking, you will OVERHEAT.
Now, BEFORE you stop attacking, use a skill (X button) any skill will do (except maybe healing skills). The moment the skill has been performed, the lower bar (which is now red) will say: CHAIN READY! now press the Directional Pad to change characters (the direction you want is displayed to the right side of their name).
Then it says: CHAIN! and you will switch to the next character (the one you chose earlier).
When playing as the second character, enter OVERDRIVE mode again, and once again perform a skill while in OVERDRIVE mode. When the skill has been performed the chain will end and BOTH characters's stamina drops to 0 instantly.
Using a CHAIN in this way, your characters will do extra damage, and they wont have to wait for their stamina bar to drop back to 0.

I'm playing as Juto, and I just used an excessive amount of normal attacks, and my stamina bar becomes red!
Use a skill (like "Skyward Hammer")! Then I press left on the D-Pad to switch to Argo. I have Argo enter OVERDRIVE (red stamina bar) and quickly use "Burst Knucle"! The chain ends and both character's stamina will once again be 0!
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