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Asked: 5 years ago

DLC weapon question?

I was looking at getting the DLC for this.. but when can you actually use the weapons you get with it?

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From: goldlantern 5 years ago

Immediately - they appear in your inventory.

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for those who have the JPN ver. of this game...would anyone happen if this DLC will work with it or is it just for the US MC2 only...just curious is all because I am really curious about these Uber powered weapons

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XGsFei they are region lock DLC

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Yeah what goldlantern said. They automatically show up in your inventory and a lot of them (Juto's especially) look really friggin awesome.

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So you can only use them in a certain or certain areas?

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VietKnight thanks for the heads up thats what I thought as well just wanted to make sure =)

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You won't be able to change Juto's weapon until you complete the main quest at the Werewolf's hideout - once you receive Kaito's sword you'll be able to equip Juto with his DLC weapons. All the other weapons for the other characters will be usable as soon as that character joins your party.

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