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Gaming after finishing story?

Is it possible, if I have finished the game, and saw all the credits, to play on? Like, not repeat missions, but just go to the cities you want, and run around freely and do whatever? Or can I only repeat mission by mission?

muzyk442 provided additional details:

Well, so how do I do it? Watch the credits? Only option I have is to repeat memory blocks and having to kill the same people again. I just wanna run around :)


Gantar180 answered:

Yes you can, but I had to re-watch the credits when I wanted to play though... Also, some people prefer to collect flags and stuff after you have beat the game because you can go anywhere in the city
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Alexracoon1 answered:

Go into any memory block you will be able to do all the missions in that memory block but just ignore them plus you get to kill innocents without losing sync and use eagle vision without full sync
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