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What are the writings on the floors and walls supposed to say?

When you beet memory block 7 and go into eagle vision what are the writings supposed to say?

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JoopIvaLushin answered:

There's a LOT of writing, so really if you want to ask about a particular section be more specific. Overall, though, the writing is a collection of different conspiracy theories and predictions relating to the end of the world, the nature of God, etc. Particularly interesting is the writing found in the main Animus room opposite the exit you can never access: 12-21-2012.
Other writings refer to the "All Seeing Eye", The Nasca (sp??) Lines of Peru.... read Chariots of the Gods and google what you see in Eagle Vision. Hope that helps.
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krazystitch answered:

This is what helped me: h ttp:// (Remove the space between "h" and "ttp")
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