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Disciple of the Creed -- Do I have to start over if I assassinate a target without a full DNA bar?

If I assassinate a target without a full DNA bar, do I have to start the game over to get Disciple of the Creed? Or can I just go back and replay just that memory block?


Hrsemn4 answered:

An interesting question to me because I got this achievement without a complete bar on Memory Block 3 (I was missing 2 investigations).

So, what I do know is that you CAN go back after finishing a memory block and replay it to fuller completion. All the mandatory objectives will show as uncompleted, but your memory block will remain as it was, with the exception of any new objectives you complete. I'm guessing that any optional objectives previously uncompleted will show up and allow you to complete them the second time around.

I replayed the entire Talal mission from Mem Block 3 and redid everything, including the assassination and escape. Now my bar shows as complete, but as I said before, for some reason I already had attained this achievement.

Good luck!
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jwr64 answered:

no only replay the mission That U want to do it in
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