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Informer missions in Damascus?

Can anyone tell me how they managed to complete both Informer missions in the Middle district in Damascus? And are they required to unlock the "Disciple of the Creed" achievement? This also applies to the other missions in Acre and Jerusalem.

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I already finished the missions, so I don't need it answered now.


Hrsemn4 answered:

I had lots of trouble with these two, so I'll tell you what finally helped me.

On the 5 target informant mission, I don't think I left the rooftops at all, perhaps once. Otherwise, I was able to take out all targets with throwing knives and return to the informant with more than a minute remaining. Most of your time on this one will be spent waiting for your target to get within range. Stay on the higher rooftops to avoid even accidental detection. Maybe run this a couple times to find the path between targets that works best for you, this will also allow you to clear the area of any roof guards.

On the 3 target mission, I'm pretty sure you can stick to the rooftops as well, this made the timing much more flexible for me. I think I only used about half the available time, whereas sticking to the streets would have made the time limit all the more tight.

If you do choose to stick to the streets, make sure you are using the hidden blade, staying low-profile, and not re-visiting an area where you have already killed a target. This should allow you to quickly knife your target and walk off before anyone notices, if you've done well, you will hear a mild commotion begin just as you walk out of earshot. Running or climbing buildings, even on ladders, is likely to draw more attention than you would like.
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