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Templar stealth kill?

When I tried to kill a Templar on the way the 1st Assassin Bueru, the son of a gun knew that I was an Assassin...Can someone tell how to avoid that same problem and the best to assassinate them?

Spartan_Jedi117 provided additional details:

I've seen my bro manage to kill some without them knowing...But IF they DO know and attack...whats the best way to kill the Templar? (I recently started yeah.)

Spartan_Jedi117 provided additional details:

and blend with the crowd? because I tired that on 2 templars out in the kingdom and i had to fight them anyway.

Spartan_Jedi117 provided additional details:

correction on my last set of xtra details: there wasnt a crowd BUT I WAS in blend...and that didnt work

Accepted Answer

ZombieAids answered:

You need to find a way to get behind him without him seeing you to assassinate him but if he sees you just use the counter move on him till you kill him
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djfldjfl answered:

I think that all the templars know you're an assassin.
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1everdude answered:

You have to blend when you walk over, get behind him, unblend and immediately assassinate him.
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