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What are some good links to MAPS of BOTH Templar and flag locations that ARE NOT from gamefaqs and are easy to read and ONLY the cities, not Kingdom?

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Spiritan answered:, the maps are numbered and the templars are green dots. Also if you move your arrow over a number or dot it will show you an in-game picture.
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rincewind1990 answered:

Well this one is alright, just scroll down to the achievement and click on the map you want and it'll show you a map with dots that show their locations:

but i found this one to be more helpful as it shows images of where they are:

to be honest with you though, if you think you've missed one and can't it no matter what, i suggest watching a video on YouTube like 'assassins creed damascus poor district flags & templars locations part 3' from kariookami44 the video quality's not very good but they are useful to find any that you miss
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