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How do I solve locate bureau leader of damascus?

I am only on second level, and asked to speak with bureau of assassins leader in damascus....I cannot find him/her .....I cannot locate do i find them?

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bobbyrk answered:

You locate the Bureau Leader by finding a Viewpoint - one of those towers which, well, tower over the city, climbing it, and synchronizing with the Viewpoint (hit Y when at the top).

Once this is done, press the Back button to open the map - towards the center of the city there should be a marker open that looks like an upside down V with a curved line underneath it. This marker is the Bureau. Repeat this method for each time you enter a city, and go to the Bureau each time you reenter a city for the next target, and you should be good.
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PimpSkyline answered:

You have to "Eagle Eye" the whole town first....OR at least until you see the icon that resembles a "Flame" then just go to it once you found it and Bam....:)

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HonsyB answered:

When you first enter the city, since this would be at the start of the game, a viewpoint icon (looks a little like a bird, I suppose, my TV isn't great, so correct me if I'm wrong) should show up on your GPS and the game tells you to climb up there anyways, as part of a sort of tutorial.
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Nigman812 answered:

Once you get in the city, there should be a little eagle symbol, which is a viewpoint. If there isn't just find a really tall building and climb it. Then there should be a fire looking like symbol, which is the location of the bureau. then you go to where it says the bureau is (USE YOUR G.P.S.!!). Once you get there it should say "Entrance to the bureau is on the roof." or something like that. Then, find a way up, ladder or not. Once you are up there is like a wood frame thing with vines on it, and a hole on one side, and on the building in front of the hole should have the fire like symbol. (Bureau will NOT be open if you are being followed or attacked by guards).
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